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Irish Tinker Horse Breed & Video
Introduction Nowhere is the history of humans and horses more closely intertwined than in nomadic societies, with the Arabian breed being perhaps the most widely known example.

Gypsy Horse (Irish Tinker horse, also known as Irish Cob, Piebald (in Ireland), or Gypsy Vanner (in USA)) is a breed with its origin among the traveling Gypsies of the British Isles.

Here are pictures of Morpheus my Irish Tinker Horse. I'm very happy with your course because Morpheus had sweet itch. He scratched all his mane out and then his skin bled, and then he was even MORE troubled by insects.

The names are Gypsy Cob (USA and UK), Colored Cob (UK), Gypsy Vanner (USA), Tinker Horse, Irish Gypsy Cob or Gypsy Horse. This is a multitalented horse breed. The exact origin or history of this horse breed is not known. This horse breed has several characteristics of draft horses.

The breed of horse known as gypsy vanner horses (aka Tinker horse, Irish Cob, Piebald) were originally bred to pull gypsy caravans throughout the United Kingdom. Although the gypsy vanner horse is growing in popularity, it is still quite a rare breed in the United States.

Also called Gypsy Vanner, ~, the Vanner is a relatively recent breed on paper, and their bloodlines have been carried through oral tradition from generation to generation of the families who bred them.

Because term "Tinker" is considered a slur by travellers, the term "~" is not generally used by English-speakers to describe the horse.

These horses are also called a Gypsy Cob (USA ), Irish ~, (in Germany and Netherlands), Irish Cob, Piebald (in Ireland), or Gypsy Vanner (USA). Bred for strength and docility. The typical horse measures 14.0 - 15. hands.

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