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Dutch Tuigpaard, if translated, literally means "carriage horse," although it was once used in the fields for farm work. In fact, it was seen as a symbol of high status amongst farmers.

Dutch Tuigpaard
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Also called Tuigpaard, the Dutch Harness is a type of KWPN, but a different branch that is dedicated to harness animals. This breed is distinctive among warmbloods for their high, flashy action.
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*Draft Breton - commonly chestnut, bay, gray, red roan, black is not found, all colors allowed
Dulmen Pony - grullo and dun
Dutch Draft - usually chestnut, bay, or grey, sometimes black
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Prior to licensing, Tuigpaard stallions must undergo a thorough vet check. Any horse with defects of the genitalia or bite, sub-par semen analysis, or any evidence of a congenital disorder or defect is not permitted to breed.

In addition, there is the "Tuigpaardtype" or Show Driving Type - an extravagant, stylish, high stepping carriage horse which is shown rather like the American Fine Harness horse.

Another type is the Show driving Type, also called Tuigpaardtype. This type of Dutch warmblood horse is typically used as a show horse, in areas where high stepping, style, and extravagance is warranted.

since the late 1960s and has not been officially bred since that time except for a few breeders who still maintain this old breed. Gelderland horses have made a major contribution to the quality and style of the Dutch Warmblood and Dutch Tuigpaard, ...

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