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Aurora Borealis: The term "aurora borealis" is Latin and means "Northern Lights". Aurora borealis rhinestones are glass stones that have a special iridescent coating that shines with many colors (iridescent).
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Aurora Borealis Named for the northern lights, aurora borealis is a term for crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface.

Aurora Borealis
(abbreviated AB) A name for faceted glass beads that have an added iridescent coating. Also, a multi-color-producing light coating on part of beads.
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Aurora borealis - (see AB effect)
Bail - Jewelry bail is a piece of finding used to hang a pendant to a chain. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

Aurora borealis a rhinestone that has a metallic finish to produce sparkling colorful reflections.

Aurora Borealis
Lustering process using very small metallic particles.
Abalone is a mollusk whose shell is iridescent on the inside; abalone is a source of mother of pearl, which is used in jewelry making.

aurora borealis
An iridescent rhinestone effect produced by a treatment with metals.
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Aurora Borealis is a sparkling finish usually applied to crystal beads, but may also be found on some glass beads.

Aurora Borealis Bugle Bead or AB
An iridescent rainbow effect finish applied to the surface of the bugle bead
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aurora borealis
Refers to iridescent, faceted glass beads.
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Aurora Borealis: Aurora borealis means "northern lights". AB rhinestones have a special iridescent finish that shines with many colors.

Aurora borealis (meaning "northern lights") rhinestones have a special iridescent finish that shines with many colors.

Stones or beads coated with an iridescent finish that shines rainbow colors. Aurora borealis means northern lights. This coating technique began in 1955.

Aurora Borealis
A Latin term that refers to the northern lights and denotes iridescence in costume jewelry. The term is most commonly used in reference to crystals, rhinestone, or synthetic stones that are iridescent.
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Aurora Borealis: Means Northern Lights. AB rhinestones have a special finish that is iridescent. A thin layer of metallic atoms are deposited at the lower levels of the stone causes the stone to show several colors.

AB [aurora borealis] - an iridescent coating on beads to enhance colors, light and texture creating a rainbow effect.
Bead - a component made of a variety of materials with a hole drilled through it.

The Aurora Borealis (AB) finish on a Swarovski crystal starfish component is intense, so I decided to keep the design of this necklace on the simple side and let the sparkle do all the work.

AB: See Aurora Borealis. Gem description taken from the aura seen around the North Pole called the ‘northern lights'.

AB stands for Aurora borealis (which means "northern lights"). Aurora borealis rhinestones have a special iridescent finish that shines with many colors.

Pearl peacock aurora borealis baroque rectangle beads 14 to 20mm 16 inch
Pearl peacock aurora borealis baroque rectangle beads 7.4 to 9.9mm wide, 14 to 20mm long, 3.1 to 5.4mm thick. 16 inch.
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Aurora Borealis - is a name for a particular type of rhinestone which has an iridescent finish which sparkles with a great variety of color.

A Brief Glossary of Jewelry Related Terms AbAB stands for Aurora borealis (which means "northern lights"). Aurora borealis rhinestones have a special iridescent finish that shines with many colors.

Jewelry Glossary AbAB stands for Aurora borealis (which means "northern lights"). AbaloneA deposit made from inside a seashell, also called mother-of-pearl. AcroiteAcroite is a rare, colorless variety of tourmaline.

Lisner pieces often have colorful rhinestones (including aurora borealis stones) and molded plastic stones. The Lisner pin above has delicate enamel work, an aurora borealis stone, and imitation pearls.

A rainbow-like iridescence reminiscent of the weather phenomenon called Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

Next break through was year 1956 when crystal got the colors and alluring Aurora Borealis crystal upshot was produced with the cooperation of French Designer Christian Dior. Later, year 1976 brought the famous silver crystal collection.

Colorful or clear prong-set rhinestones or cut crystal beads (sometimes with an aurora borealis finish) adorn most Sherman pieces; the metal is rhodium-plated or gold-plated. "Jewels of Elegance" by Sherman was written on some carded Sherman jewelry.

In 1956, Swarovski introduced the AB crystal which reflected multiple colors when exposed to light due to a special coating. These special crystals were named after the Aurora Borealis or AB for short.
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One way to work with labradorite in order to develop faith in your intuitive powers is to remember the Inuit legend. Labradorite's flash reminds you that for every small sense you may have received of your abilities, a dazzling aurora borealis waits ...

In mythology, it was said that Labradorite fell from the Aurora Borealis and was connected to ancient magical practices. Labradorite has been said to help provide clarity and insight and to attract success.

Each company became known for its specific look, whether it was simulated pearls, tailored gold, whimsical aurora borealis rhinestones, or timeless clear rhinestones. This was the height of costume jewelry in America.

In 1955, Swarovski and Christian Dior developed the iridescent aurora borealis stone. The company began a line of rhinestone costume jewelry in 1977. Since 1988, the Swarovski logo has been a swan (before 1988, the logo was an edelweiss flower).

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