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Austrian crystal jeweled collars which come in two, three or five rows of hand set crystals in different hues and are meant for party wear. Colors available are pink, blue and green, yellow, purple in single tone or in rainbow colors. This is not meant for the active dog or those with long hair.

Austrian crystal: Trade name for lead crystal cut with precise edges and angles at the Swarovski factory, located in Wattens in the Austrian Tyrols, by a glass-cutting machine invented by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. Austrian crystals are known for their quality, brilliance, and clarity.

Austrian crystals
Lead crystals that are faceted with a glass cutting machine and renowned for their sparkle. The process was invented by Swarovski in Austria.
Aventurine ...

Austrian crystal
Glass imitation of natural or rock crystal (quartz)
Aventurine Earrings
by TheBrassHussy
The gemstone Aventurine is a form of chalcedony and a member of the Quartz family, along with Amethyst, Carnelian and Citrine.

Austrian crystal, which is human-made carved and faceted pieces of leaded glass, can be placed in any house. Avoid, however, any pieces with very sharp angles. In Feng Shui this is called cutting chi, and is not a harmonious conductor of energy.

Austrian Crystal: Lead crystal cut to precise angles at the Swarovski factory in Wattens in the Austrian Tyrols. Known for their quality. These days not all Austrian crystal is made by Swarovski.

Sparkling Austrian Crystal on sterling silver chain - Jewelry sold by the inch!
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Austrian crystal Imitation of natural or rock crystal (quartz). Azurite malachite A mineral which is characterized in appearance by bands of light and dark blue. Bail A metal finding that is folded closed, from which a pendant, watch, stone, etc., may be hung from a chain or cord..

austrian crystal A type of colorless glass which resembles rock crystal and contains between 10% and 24% lead oxide. Crystal glass can be colored by adding various metallic oxides to the melt and is used extensively in costume jewelry for beads and stones.

Everyone has heard of austrian crystal, but what, exactly is czech crystal? Czech crystal is a glass that is made in present-day Czechoslovakia, or the Czech Republic. Czech crystal jewelry is in fact, much older in origin than austrian-jewelry.

Swavorski is a brand-name of Austrian Crystal. Both the Czech crystal and the Austrian crystal are equally as bright. The Austrian colors are more intense. The Austrian facets have sharper edges.

Preciosa specialise in the production of machine cut beads, chatons and rhinestone jewellery components which compare extremely favourably with that well known Austrian crystal manufacturer founded by Daniel Swarovski, ...

I saw a picture in a magazine of Drew Barrymore wearing a Austrian crystal orchid bracelet at the Oscars on year. The bracelet reminded me of a wrist corsage.

Other types of bails include the pinch bail or prong bail which is most often used to hang things like drilled stones and Austrian crystals.
Also the v-bail, as shown here.
Ball Chain - (see Bead Chain) ...

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