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A bail is a loop of metal attached at the top of a pendant, stone or other jewelry object to allow it to hang from a chain or cord.
Turquoise and Diamond Pendant with a Simple Bail. Photo Courtesy of Lang Antiques.

A metal hooplike element, or finding, that is used to attach a pendant to a chain or cord.
See also: Findings Chain
Custom Jewelry ...

A hoop-like attachment for a pendant that allows a pendant to be worn on a chain or necklace. Some pins or brooches are supplied with removable bails.

A bail is a triangular finding that attaches a pendant to a necklace.
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Bail: A metal loop used for connecting a pendant, watch, stone or other jewelry piece to a chain or cord.

Bail: An oval-, teardrop-, or D-shaped metal component used to connect pendants to a chain. It is meant to slide onto the chain rather than to be soldered to it so that the pendant is not permanently part of the chain.

A metal finding that is folded closed, from which a pendant, watch, stone, etc., may be hung from a chain or cord.
A ring that is the same width all around the circumference.

Bail: The loop of metal on a pendant or a slide through which the necklace chain passes. Chains must be sized to allow the chain closure to pass through the bail.

Bail - A metal attachment used for hanging a pendant from a chain or cord.
Band - A ring made from precious metal and normally with a uniform width.
Bangle - A rigid bracelet that slips over the wrist.

bail - A loop of sheet metal or heavy wire attached to a pendant, used as the hanging device to connect the pendant to a necklace.
band - 1. A wedding ring. 2. A watch strap or bracelet.

Bail: The connector at the top of a pendant, enabling the pendant to hang from a chain or jumpring ...

Bail: Suspension loop on a pendant or locket.
Bangle: A non-flexible bracelet that may be hinged or continuous. Cuff bangle bracelets are open at the wrist underside or shaped like a long tapered sleeve cuff.

The finding on top of a pendant that allows it to be attached to a necklace
A ring of uniform width, which may or may not be set with gemstones ...

Bail - a connecting piece at the top of a pendant or brooch so that it can be hung from a chain. Also referred to as bale.
Bar Brooch or pin - a long, narrow brooch or pin which is often set with gemstones.

A jewellery finding that is used to connect and position a pendant onto a necklace using clips, glue or a ring embedded in the pendant itself.

Also the v-bail, as shown here.
Ball Chain - (see Bead Chain)
Bead Cap - used to give further enhancing decoration and/or protection to beads, either at one or both ends of the bead.

A folded metal loop used to connect a pendant or watch to a necklace, chain or cord
Bali Sterling Silver Earrings
by Erika Price
Bali Beads
Sterling silver beads that are made individually by hand in Bali, Indonesia ...

Bail: A loop of sheet metal or wire attached to a pendant to hang it from.
Bangle bracelet: A circular rigid band that slips over the hand.

Bail - A metal loop that is used to attach a chain or cord to a pendant.


Bail - Connector at thetop of a pendant. Enables pendant to hang from a chain or jumpring.
Baroque - Bold, ornate, heavy looking ornamentation. Irregular when describing pearls ...

Bail: A finding, connected to pendants or stones worn as pendants to accommodate a chain, cord or thong.
Base Metal: Any non precious metal.

Bail is the attachment at the top of a pendant, enabling the pendant to hang from a chain.
Bar Setting
Similar to the channel setting, it is a circular band of diamonds that holds each stone in by a long thin bar, shared between two stones.

The loop or ring at the top of a pendant by which it hangs
bench pin ...

A flat or round wire used primarily as a connecting loop between a pendant and chain
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Bail: A jewelry finding that is usually triangular and attaches a piece of jewelry to a cord or a chain.

Ice Pick Bail This is similar to a prong bail. It creates a loop to attach a chain to when the prongs are closed into a cross-drilled pendant. I use ice pick bails with the Swarovski (TM) pendants on my sale page.

Squared-off bail handles, each end with its own circular backplate, were a late 18th-century innovation that continued to be popular on Regency furniture.

A pendant with a bail or loops on the back that allows the fashion jewelry to slide on a choker, chain, or cord. Slide and pendant are generally interchangeable, but the term, slide, seems to be more prevalent on the East Coast.
Snowflake obsidian ...

If you´re trying to reach the area inside a bail, you can use the old string method we were taught at the GIA. Tie about a 1´ long piece of string to your bench pin (or anything else handy!). Moisten slightly with lighterfluid.

As these stones were not commercial i hand polished them and glued a bail on top with a chain. My mining mates laughed at me as they were a bit rough and low grade but after visiting 6 shops i had sold out.

Enhancer: A form of pendant with an enlarged solid or hinged bail. This permits the pendant to be worn on a wide neck chain or clipped over a strand of pearls.

The hammered border extends above the setting in this unique design;
the soldered ring bail passes through it and will fit a 3mm chain (Not included).
This gorgeous gemstone pendant is very fashionable! ...

Marriage (this pendant was converted from a ring, this brooch has had a bail added to be worn as a pendant, etc)
Style number (if known)
Manufacturer (if known)
Signatures, hallmarks, and trademarks (if on item) ...

See also: See also: Jewel, Metal, Stone, Gemstone, Ring

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