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A bail is a loop of metal attached at the top of a pendant, stone or other jewelry object to allow it to hang from a chain or cord.
Turquoise and Diamond Pendant with a Simple Bail. Photo Courtesy of Lang Antiques.
A Fancy Curled Bail with Diamonds. Photo Courtesy of Frances Klein Classic Jewels.

Add the Bead Bail
Make a Seed Bead and Crystal Pendant. Tammy Powley
12. Now it's time to add a loop and some extra fringe (if you want). With fresh thread, weave back into your pouch so that your thread is coming out from the top of one of the bugle beads.

Bail Techniques
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A hoop-like attachment for a pendant that allows a pendant to be worn on a chain or necklace. Some pins or brooches are supplied with removable bails.

A bail is a triangular finding that attaches a pendant to a necklace.
BAND ...

~: A metal loop used for connecting a pendant, watch, stone or other jewelry piece to a chain or cord.

~: An oval-, teardrop-, or D-shaped metal component used to connect pendants to a chain. It is meant to slide onto the chain rather than to be soldered to it so that the pendant is not permanently part of the chain. Photo and additional information.

A metal finding that is folded closed, from which a pendant, watch, stone, etc., may be hung from a chain or cord.
bale ...

~: The loop of metal on a pendant or a slide through which the necklace chain passes. Chains must be sized to allow the chain closure to pass through the ~. Some slides and pendants do not have a ~--instead, the chain passes through the pendant itself.

An arched (often oval, teardrop, or d-shaped) metal component used to hang a pendant from a chain or cord. It is meant to slide onto the chain rather than being soldered to it so that the pendant moves independently from the chain and is not a permanent part of the chain or cord.

~ - A metal attachment used for hanging a pendant from a chain or cord.
Band - A ring made from precious metal and normally with a uniform width.
Bangle - A rigid bracelet that slips over the wrist.

~ - A loop of sheet metal or heavy wire attached to a pendant, used as the hanging device to connect the pendant to a necklace.
band - 1. A wedding ring. 2. A watch strap or bracelet.
bangle - A solid or hollow, non-flexible bracelet. A wire bracelet.

The finding on top of a pendant that allows it to be attached to a necklace
A ring of uniform width, which may or may not be set with gemstones ...

~ - a connecting piece at the top of a pendant or brooch so that it can be hung from a chain. Also referred to as bale.
Bar Brooch or pin - a long, narrow brooch or pin which is often set with gemstones.

A jewellery finding that is used to connect and position a pendant onto a necklace using clips, glue or a ring embedded in the pendant itself. It is meant to slide onto the chain rather than to be soldered to it so that the pendant is not permanently part of the chain.

A ~ is an oval or teardrop or D shaped metal element that is attached at the top of a pendant. It allows a pendant to hang from a chain in a free form.
Bead ...

~ - A finding, connected to pendants or stones worn as pendants, etc. to accommodate a chain, cord or thong.

Also the v-~, as shown here.
Ball Chain - (see Bead Chain)
Bead Cap - used to give further enhancing decoration and/or protection to beads, either at one or both ends of the bead. Can also be used to finish multi-strands in earrings, necklaces, bracelets.

A folded metal loop used to connect a pendant or watch to a necklace, chain or cord
Bali Sterling Silver Earrings
by Erika Price
Bali Beads
Sterling silver beads that are made individually by hand in Bali, Indonesia ...

~: A loop of sheet metal or wire attached to a pendant to hang it from.
Bangle bracelet: A circular rigid band that slips over the hand.

~ - A metal loop that is used to attach a chain or cord to a pendant.


~ - Connector at thetop of a pendant. Enables pendant to hang from a chain or jumpring.
Baroque - Bold, ornate, heavy looking ornamentation. Irregular when describing pearls ...

~ is the attachment at the top of a pendant, enabling the pendant to hang from a chain.
Bar Setting
Similar to the channel setting, it is a circular band of diamonds that holds each stone in by a long thin bar, shared between two stones.

A flat or round wire used primarily as a connecting loop between a pendant and chain
Bakelite ...

~ Making Pliers or Other Cylindrical Object (based upon size wave being made)
Hammer and Bench Block/Anvil
Optional: Tumbler ...

~: A jewelry finding that is usually triangular and attaches a piece of jewelry to a cord or a chain.

Double ~ Solitaire Pendant Setting in White Gold
Double ~ Solitaire Pendant Setting in Yellow Gold
Double ~ Square Solitaire Pendant Setting in White Gold ...

Ice Pick ~ This is similar to a prong ~. It creates a loop to attach a chain to when the prongs are closed into a cross-drilled pendant. I use ice pick bails with the Swarovski (TM) pendants on my sale page.

Squared-off ~ handles, each end with its own circular backplate, were a late 18th-century innovation that continued to be popular on Regency furniture. Another style popular at this time was to have a ring handle clasped firmly in the mouth of a cast brass lion's head.

A pendant with a ~ or loops on the back that allows the fashion jewelry to slide on a choker, chain, or cord. Slide and pendant are generally interchangeable, but the term, slide, seems to be more prevalent on the East Coast.
Snowflake obsidian ...

If you´re trying to reach the area inside a ~, you can use the old string method we were taught at the GIA. Tie about a 1´ long piece of string to your bench pin (or anything else handy!). Moisten slightly with lighterfluid. Rub a piece of Tripoli up and down the string.

As these stones were not commercial i hand polished them and glued a ~ on top with a chain. My mining mates laughed at me as they were a bit rough and low grade but after visiting 6 shops i had sold out.

Enhancer: A form of pendant with an enlarged solid or hinged ~. This permits the pendant to be worn on a wide neck chain or clipped over a strand of pearls. En Pampille (French): A style of design popularized in jewelry of the 19th century.

The hammered border extends above the setting in this unique design;
the soldered ring ~ passes through it and will fit a 3mm chain (Not included).
This gorgeous gemstone pendant is very fashionable!

Handmade Carnelian and Sterling Silver Hammered Border Pendant ...

Can be spotted with essential camouflage outfit, flashlights, lawyers phone number and ~ bond card. Never collects at any location open to the public. Only knows the back entrance into a quarry and has memorized the work hours of each quarry. This collector always has the best specimens.

Marriage (this pendant was converted from a ring, this brooch has had a ~ added to be worn as a pendant, etc)
Style number (if known)
Manufacturer (if known)
Signatures, hallmarks, and trademarks (if on item)
Provenance (If it can be proven: this ring belonged to Queen Elizabeth.

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