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Styles of platinum band
Platinum rings are a reflection of personal styles and the variations in style and shape of band can be chosen to create a ring that's perfect for you.

Band Width: Which Size Will Fit You the Best
Wearing a ring daily can feel strange to many men but the size of ring which is chosen can make this easy to get used to. Narrow band rings, say of 4mm, can be easier to get used to but on many men's fingers these can look small.

Wedding Band Buying Tips
Most men's rings are a reflection of his taste and style. No religious custom is involved in choosing the ring.

Mineral (band)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Mineral is an Austin, Texas emo band. After forming in 1994, they released two albums on crank! a record company, The Power Of Failing (1995) and End Serenading (1998). They broke up up shortly after the relesae of End Serenading.

Step4, add a band, repeat 3rd, then add a band again, repeat 3rd, you will get the situation as top left corner of below picture shows, then add a bead link , add a band and repeat 3rd; ...

A pave diamond ~
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A platinum wedding ~ is as exclusive as that.
The metal Platinum itself has a royal behavior. It does not associate with other ordinary substances by reacting with them (not even with your sweat). Moreover, 90 to 95 percent pure platinum is used for crafting all types of ...

The Perfect Diamond Anniversary ~
The diamond engagement ring came first. The wedding ring followed. Now is the time for the most perfect triplet to these sentimental favorites: the diamond anniversary ~.

Traditional wedding ~ designs abound in the collection, as do modern wedding ~s.

~: A ring, (such as a traditional wedding ~), that has the same width all the way around.
Bangle: A rigid bracelet that slips over the hand, or hinged oval worn over the wrist that closes with a clasp.

~ DESIGN: Engraving - Decorating metal by cutting lines into the surface with a sharp graver.Milgrain - A ~ of metal that is decorated with tiny beads of metal.

~ - A ring made from precious metal and normally with a uniform width.
Bangle - A rigid bracelet that slips over the wrist.
Bar Closure - Also known as a bar and clasp, this is a bar-shaped fastener that inserts into a catch with a pin.

A ring, usually uniform in width, with no distinguishable 'top'; may be set with gemstones.
Bangle Bracelet
A closed, rigid bracelet - with or without hinge and clasp - that slides over the hand.

A ring of uniform width, which may or may not be set with gemstones
A piece of jewellery in the form of a narrow ~ that is usually worn on the forehead ...

~ (Wedding)
A plain ring which fits like a ~ around the ring finger usually used as a symbol of marriage. This can occasionally be set with small diamonds.
Bangle ...

~ - 1. A wedding ring. 2. A watch strap or bracelet.
bangle - A solid or hollow, non-flexible bracelet. A wire bracelet.
barrette file - A file with teeth cut on the lower side, its back uncut with a ridge. Also known as a safety back file.

~ - A ~ is a type of ring that possesses the same width all the way round. This style is mainly used for wedding rings.

~ - 1. A ridge or belt, usually plain but sometimes ribbed or decorated, about the main body of a vessel such as a coffee pot or a tankard.2. A wedding ring. 3. A watch strap or bracelet.

Watch ~
Overlooked by many when considering a watch, the watch ~ is perhaps the most visible component to a watch and one that can truly turn the timepiece into an interesting form of jewelry.

Cigar ~ Style
A cigar ~ ring is the term used to describe a ring with a wide ~.
Claddagh Ring/Pendant
This is a unique design with two hands clasping a heart topped by a crown. The design
is over 300 years old and used to symbolize faith, trust and loyalty.

Cigar ~
A very wide ~-style ring.
Ciner is a jewelry complany that was founded in 1895 by Emanuel Ciner, originally producing fine jewelry.

~; ring (jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal (often set with jewels) worn on the finger)
pin (a piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment)
necklace (jewelry consisting of a cord or chain (often bearing gems) worn about the neck as an ornament (especially by women)) ...

A ring which is the same in width all around.
A stiff bracelet that slips over the hand or is hinged.

~ across widest part of a diamond; divides the crown and pavilion
Chemical element Au; most common metal for jewelry because of its beauty and durability ...

~: A ring made from a flat strip of metal. A wedding ring is a ~.
Banded Agate: An Agate with several distinct layers of color.
Bangle: A stiff bracelet solid or hinged. If is solid it must be slipped over the hand.

A ~ style head ornament worn across the brow. Diadems were worn by men and women in ancient times and the motifs included garlands and wreaths. The term diadem is from the Greek diadein - to bind around. The methods of manufacture included repoussé and filigree and could be gem set.

2 ~ Silver Engagement Ring
by thebeadgirl
Engagement Ring
A gemstone ring traditionally given to a woman by a man to signify their intention to be married ...

broad ~ in yellow, green; weak bands at 5280 and 4550; weak lines in the red
Aqua Filter
brownish-red in private collection specimen ...

Round ~ of metal encircling a gemstone to hold it in place
A wide necklace encircling the neck from throat to chin ...

Watch ~
A strip of leather, rubber, cloth or metal that attaches to the case and wraps around the wrist. Metal bands can be resized by adding or removing links; leather bands offer several buckle holes for the best fit.
Watch Movement ...

Narrow ~ which circumscribes the edge of the plane separating the crown and pavilion of a polished diamond. The girdle can be bruted, faceted or polished.
Girdle Percentage
The measurement describing the percentage of the diamonds average girdle diameter.

A metal ~ is a ring with simple plain metal or a stylishly crafted one. As the lady wears the wedding ~ accompanying the engagement ring, you might want to consider a ~ of the same metal as the ring or another metal color creating a brilliant contrast.

Wedding ~ Sets
A fabulous collection of dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding ~s to signify your enduring love & fondness for your soul mate. Begin your journey of love with any of these beautiful symbols of eternal union.
Engagement ...

A cloth ~ worn around the neck, to which a metal or other ornament may be attached.

A metal ~ with an arch design that is similar to cathedral arches.
Any type of quartz which has a cloudy, noncrystalline appearance such as agate. Its common colors are blue-gray, white (cream), and red-brown.

A watch ~ made of leather, plastic or fabric.
A wheel on a watch partially shown through a cut-out window indicating a sun and moon on a 24-hour basis.

A round ~ of precious metal given to the bride and groom as part of the wedding ceremony, it may or may not be set with gems.
White gold
Karat gold that is alloyed with nickel and sometimes zinc, copper, tin, etc. It is tougher and harder than yellow gold.

A ring or ~ of metal that surrounds a cabochon or faceted stone. Also, the rim of metal surrounding the watch dial (or face).
Bezel Set ...

Rings are ~ of purity, sincerity and eternity. Gifting a birthstone ring to your loved one is a wonderful way to express your love and affection. In some cultures rings are believed to be the best way of wearing a birthstone as hands are man's tool for creation and thus are considered divine.

Eternity ~: A ring with stones all the way around the ~. This design symbolizes eternal love.
Facets: The flat polished surfaces of a gemstone.
Filigree: A metal design that looks like lace.

20 x [Gloom ~] - 20 Bronze Setting, 40 Shadowgem, 40 Delicate Copper Wire
Make [Ring of Silver Might] if Silver Bar is cheap on your server.
10 x [Ring of Twilight Shadows] - 20 Shadowgem, 20 Bronze Bar ...

Integrated ~ A watch ~ that is part of the permanent watch display. The ~ does not come off of the watch. It is all made as one piece.
Japanned metal Metal that has been treated to look black or gray usually used to give the stones a more defined and richer look.

ANNIVERSARY ~ Typically given for wedding anniversaries, a ring set with one or more rows of gems, usually Diamonds. The diamonds may go completely, three quarters or half way around the finger.

Beaded Watch ~
Make this beaded watch ~ with your favorite swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads.
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REEDS Ring and ~ Sizer ™ Use this when the eventual wearer of the ring is not available in person to measure his/her finger.

The ~ of light showing the succession of rainbow colors corresponding to the different wavelengths.

A metal cup or ~ that is attached to the end of a cord, thread or wire to prevent fraying or simply to add decoration.

Much more than a ~ of gold, marital jewelry covers everything from picking an engagement ring to what baubles to give, and wear, on the big day.
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Pearl strands ...

Eternity ring: ~ set with full or half circlet of stones given by a husband or wife as a pledge of undying love. Similar styles include: guard, caliber and insert rings.

Bezel SettingA method of setting gemstones in which the stone is held in the mounting by a narrow ~ of metal surrounding the girdle (outside perimeter) of the stone. BezelThe silver ~ that holds the stone in place and anchors it to the main part of the jewelry.

Ferronière (n) A headdress featuring a thin metal ~ adorned with a single large gemstone.
Filigree (n) Delicate jewelry or metalwork with wire soldered to a metal background in patterns. Also describes pattern-work made with twisted threads of gold and/or silver.

A typical wedding ~ may be 1mm thick and 3-5mm wide. If you are looking for a massive heavy style ring, you are looking at 3-4mm thick and 8-12mm wide. Don't be surprised that the price is 3-4 times that of an average ~.

In Persia, the Bazu-~ or armlet often contains a talisman.(back to text)
Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavigo to the Court of Timour at Samarcand, A.D. 1403-6. See Hak. Soc., p. 162. (back to text)
In the remote mountains of Badakshan there are the richest known mines of rubies and lapis-lazuli.

Shank: A ~ that forms the base of a ring. Shoulder: The part of a ring that connects the central design to the rest of the ~ or shank. Signet Ring: A type of ring bearing an engraved family crest, name, or marking that was used as a wax seal.

A piece of personalized jewelry is formed by linking individual charms on this stretchy ~ bracelet. The bracelets can easily be changed by replacing all or one piece at a time. Each Italian charm bracelet is totally unique since you put it together yourself! ...

Sudines states that in onyx one finds a white ~ resembling a human fingernail, as well as the colour of the 'chrysolith,' the sard and the iaspis, while Zenothemis mentions that the Indian onyx has several different colours, fiery red, black and that of horn, ...

The groom wears a diamond ~ to glorify their true commitment to their
bride, men prefers to wear a ring that is unique and stands out from the
rest, makes the right statement of who they are, which speaks a lot about
his personality. Fashion conscious bold men tend to wear zodiac wedding ...

Jewelers have continued to create new ways of presenting the diamond set in elaborate ~ designs and using advanced methods of diamond cutting and polishing to reveal the full beauty of the stone.

In 1874, Geronimo and his ~ were captured and forcibly moved to a reservation in San Carlos, Arizona. He escaped soon after and, for the next several years, lived a life on the run.

Tigereye: (also spelled tiger's-eye or tiger eye) is a semiprecious Quartz gem displaying chatoyancy (a vertical luminescent ~). Tigereye typically has alternating yellow or brown bands that roll across the surface and catch the light, resembling the eye of a tiger..

Girdle: The narrow ~ around the widest part of a diamond. It divides the crown and pavilion facets. The girdle itself is described by its appearance. The descriptions of girdle thickness range as follows: extremely thin; thin; medium; slightly thick; thick; extremely thick.

His continuous jade and gold wedding ~ was a little loose on his ring finger, so he slipped it onto his somewhat larger middle finger to avoid losing it. Well, the finger had become swollen, and he could not remove the ring.

If you have big hands you must get a solid ring because chances are your hands are strong & you use them accordingly & you don't want the ~ to brake. Also don't choose something too tiny it will look out of proportions.

Displays a thin ~ of reflected light on its surface when cut as a cabochon
The optical effect, known as chatoyancy, is caused by the reflection of light from thin, closely spaced filaments in parallel arrangement within the mineral.
Most cat's eye on the market is synthetic ...

A collet is a thin, round ~ of metal that goes all around the stone. One edge of the metal is crimped over the edges of the stone and the other edge is soldered to the metal of the jewelry, holding the stone in place.

8 Take one end of the wire and wrap it once around the ring ~ on the side of the swirl. Start this wrap on the top of the ring ~. Use your chain nose pliers to gently press down this wrap down on the ring ~.
9 Repeat step 8 with the other wire end.

this is the narrow ~ around the outer circumference of a diamond. This is where a jewelry setting holds the diamond in a ring.
Good Cut
Diamonds cut with acceptable, but not perfect, proportions. They generally have very good brilliance and fire and make excellent jewelry.

On a ~ that does not taper across the top, each diamond should be exactly the same size. The diamonds are placed in rows, but in such a way that they fill as much of the space of the surface as is possible without actual touching.

Engagement Ring: Traditionally, this is a "solitaire" diamond, meaning that it consists of a single diamond set in a simple ~. However, this diamond can be augmented with smaller diamonds on each side, forming a popular "three stone" setting.

Similar to the channel setting, it is a circular ~ of diamonds that holds each stone in by a long thin bar, shared between two stones.
Barion Cut
This has a traditional step-cut crown and a modified brilliant-cut pavilion. A square barion cut diamond has 61 facets, excluding the culet.

Girdle -
The thin horizontal ~ that forms the widest part of a diamond.
Gold (Metal) -
The classic metal used for most jewelry. Pure gold (24K) is too soft to be used for jewelry, so it is often combined with other metals to enhance its durability.

Flat Top Setting: Like the Gypsy setting, this setting has a ~ that is one continuous piece that gets thicker at the top. A flat top setting grows broader at the top so that a faceted stone can be inserted into the ring at the broadest part.

The Colton Hill Formation, a coarse-grained metasedimentary formation with complex folding, outcrops in a narrow ~ extending from Portland through Bolton. It is largely made up of biotite schist, and is sparingly interlayered with micaceous quartzite and amphibole gneiss.

Moissanite Wedding ~ Collections
Moissanite Wedding ~s
Classic Moissanite anniversary ~s in various styles and a range of carat weights ...

A semi circular ~ worn around the head and usually jeweled and three dimensional
Dog collar
A wide collar of fabric, gemstones and or pearls worn high and tight on the neck ...

Cold Weather Face Mask - Polar ~-it
Combination cold weather face mask and neck up for all outdoors cold weather occasions such as jogging, hiking, biking, camping. Warm up from the neck up.

2: Rings with a particularly thick ~ will feel tighter than a thin ~; in these cases, we recommend buying a full size larger than your normal ring size.

Sometimes referred to as "fiber-optic", these man-made beads changes hue as they capture the light and have a ~ of light running through the center that resembles a 'cat's eye'.
The optical illusions within each Cat's Eye bead create a stylish movement when worn on the wrist.

Buying a major piece of diamond jewelry such as an engagement ring or anniversary ~ is one of the most expensive purchases many of us will ever make. That's why it's so important to understand the elements behind the quality and cost of a stone, so you can make an informed buying decision.

Black Ceramic
Black Ceramic is a modern alternative to the traditional, gold wedding ~ and is among the hardest materials known to man. Only a few things in the world, including diamonds, can scratch this beautiful piece of jewelry - thus enabling an exquisite and permanently polished piece.

Girdle: The narrow ~ around the widest part of a diamond.
Pavilion: The bottom portion of a diamond, extending from the girdle to the culet.Culet: The facet at the tip of a gemstone. The preferred culet is not visible with the unaided eye (graded "small" or "none").

This is where you'll find the projects that use wire with a few that use some polymer clay or metal clay. For example, the "Textured Sterling Silver ~" ring shows how to use half-round wire and low-fire metal clay to create a very simple ~ ring.

It is found in a variety of colours, including a broad ~
of hues of its most typical green colour.
It also varies in habit - from the typical, hexagonal crystals to acicular and botryoidal forms.

Bezel - this is a setting used in jewelry, in which a stone is held in place by a ~ (either plain or with a fancy edging, around the outside of a stone. See also Prong settings.
Biwa Pearls - Pearls that come from a specific region found in Lake Biwa, in Japan.

A bezel setting is a way of setting a stone in which the stone is held by a ~ of metal around the outside of the stone.
A bib necklace (also known as a collarette) is a short necklace with flowing ornaments in the front.

Cat's-eye chrysoberyl has a pupil-like ~ of light that sweeps across its dome. The "eye" is caused by fibrous inclusions that reflect the light in a sharply defined pattern. The effect is uncanny and quite cat-like. Although other gem varieties can display this effect, none is as dramatic.

A torque (also spelled torc) is a necklace that consists of a narrow, twisted ~ made of metal. This type of ornament was worn by the ancient Celts, Britons, and Gauls.

A torsade is a necklace made of many strands that are twisted together.

CAT'S-EYE. A term applied to gem minerals which, when cut convex (en cabochon), display a ~ of light, usually across inclusions of parallel fibres of as­bestos; name derived from resemblance to the eye of a cat.
CEYLON RUBY. A ruby having a pink tint.

A term used for fiber optics and gemstone jewelry that have a changeable luster and a ~ that seems to move resembling a cat's eye. Fiber optic beads used in costume jewelry are often referred to as cat eyes.
Chandelier earrings ...

Should the wearer gain or lose weight, a new ring must be purchased, as the original ~ cannot be re-sized. In case of emergencies - they generally must be broken or smashed off of the wearer's hand.

A method of setting gemstones in which the stone is held in the mounting by a narrow ~ of metal surrounding the outside of the stone.
Stones associated with specific months of the year. They are as follows: ...

The part of a ring connecting the ~ encircling the finger to the setting at the top. Often decorated or stone set to complement the main part of the ring. See also shank and head.

The outer edge or the widest part of the diamond forming a ~ around the stone.
Hammer set
A setting technique used to set diamonds so that they are flush with the metal.

This gem is really something special with its narrow, bright ~ of light on a shimmering golden background, which seems to glide magically across the surface when the stone is moved.

Cathedral Ring Setting
A cathedral ring setting is a simple ~ that arches when seen from the side (like the arches of a cathedral).

The cat'seye effect: When the reflective fibers that create chatoyancy are aligned within a single crystal axis, and when the gem is properly oriented and cut as a domed cabochon, the reflections concentrate into a single ~ of light on the dome known as an "eye".

A term sometimes used as a broad quality ~ in grading rough diamonds.
The diamond wedding anniversary is often stated as the seventy fifth (75th), but a diamond jubilee is generally recognised as the sixtieth (60th) anniversary.

For example, after many years of wear, a gold wedding ~'s shank will wear down and become thinner. This is not the case with platinum. As with all precious metals (gold, silver, etc.), platinum can be scratched.

Chrysoberyl mineral from the Greek 'chrysos' and 'beryllos' meaning a Gold-White Spar. A stone with a distinctive, sweeping ~ of light across the centre, ranging in colour from green to brownish gold.
Carnelian ...

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