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Styles of platinum band
Platinum rings are a reflection of personal styles and the variations in style and shape of band can be chosen to create a ring that's perfect for you.

Band Width: Which Size Will Fit You the Best
Wearing a ring daily can feel strange to many men but the size of ring which is chosen can make this easy to get used to.

Wedding Band Buying Tips
Most men's rings are a reflection of his taste and style. No religious custom is involved in choosing the ring.

A plain gold, silver, platinum, or palladium ring. Sometimes includes inlaid gem stones.
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Mineral (band)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Mineral is an Austin, Texas emo band. After forming in 1994, they released two albums on crank! a record company, The Power Of Failing (1995) and End Serenading (1998).

Step4, add a band, repeat 3rd, then add a band again, repeat 3rd, you will get the situation as top left corner of below picture shows, then add a bead link , add a band and repeat 3rd; ...

A pave diamond band
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A platinum wedding band is as exclusive as that.
The metal Platinum itself has a royal behavior. It does not associate with other ordinary substances by reacting with them (not even with your sweat).

The Perfect Diamond Anniversary Band
The diamond engagement ring came first. The wedding ring followed. Now is the time for the most perfect triplet to these sentimental favorites: the diamond anniversary band.

Traditional wedding band designs abound in the collection, as do modern wedding bands.

Band: A ring, (such as a traditional wedding band), that has the same width all the way around.
Bangle: A rigid bracelet that slips over the hand, or hinged oval worn over the wrist that closes with a clasp.

BAND DESIGN: Engraving - Decorating metal by cutting lines into the surface with a sharp graver.Milgrain - A band of metal that is decorated with tiny beads of metal.

A ring that is the same width all around the circumference.
A stiff bracelet that slips over the hand or is clasped onto the wrist.

Band - A ring made from precious metal and normally with a uniform width.
Bangle - A rigid bracelet that slips over the wrist.
Bar Closure - Also known as a bar and clasp, this is a bar-shaped fastener that inserts into a catch with a pin.

A ring, usually uniform in width, with no distinguishable 'top'; may be set with gemstones.
Bangle Bracelet
A closed, rigid bracelet - with or without hinge and clasp - that slides over the hand.

A ring of uniform width, which may or may not be set with gemstones
A piece of jewellery in the form of a narrow band that is usually worn on the forehead ...

Band (Wedding)
A plain ring which fits like a band around the ring finger usually used as a symbol of marriage. This can occasionally be set with small diamonds.
Bangle ...

band - 1. A wedding ring. 2. A watch strap or bracelet.
bangle - A solid or hollow, non-flexible bracelet. A wire bracelet.

Band - A band is a type of ring that possesses the same width all the way round. This style is mainly used for wedding rings.

band - 1. A ridge or belt, usually plain but sometimes ribbed or decorated, about the main body of a vessel such as a coffee pot or a tankard.2. A wedding ring. 3. A watch strap or bracelet.

Watch Band
Overlooked by many when considering a watch, the watch band is perhaps the most visible component to a watch and one that can truly turn the timepiece into an interesting form of jewelry.

Cigar Band Style
A cigar band ring is the term used to describe a ring with a wide band.

Cigar band: A very wide band-style ring.
Citrine: Named after the French word for lemon, "citron". Citrine is often incorrectly called quartz topaz or citrine topaz.

Cigar band
A very wide band-style ring.
Ciner is a jewelry complany that was founded in 1895 by Emanuel Ciner, originally producing fine jewelry.

Band Detailing:
An added feature or element to a ring or band.
Band Detailing Types: ...

band; ring (jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal (often set with jewels) worn on the finger)
pin (a piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment) ...

A ring which is the same in width all around.
A stiff bracelet that slips over the hand or is hinged.

Band across widest part of a diamond; divides the crown and pavilion
Chemical element Au; most common metal for jewelry because of its beauty and durability ...

Band: A ring made from a flat strip of metal. A wedding ring is a band.
Banded Agate: An Agate with several distinct layers of color.
Bangle: A stiff bracelet solid or hinged. If is solid it must be slipped over the hand.

A band is a ring that is made from a thin, flat, ribbon-like strip of material (usually metal). The band can be unadorned or decorated. Wedding rings are often bands.
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A band style head ornament worn across the brow. Diadems were worn by men and women in ancient times and the motifs included garlands and wreaths. The term diadem is from the Greek diadein - to bind around.

2 band Silver Engagement Ring
by thebeadgirl
Engagement Ring
A gemstone ring traditionally given to a woman by a man to signify their intention to be married ...

broad band in yellow, green; weak bands at 5280 and 4550; weak lines in the red
Aqua Filter
brownish-red in private collection specimen ...

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