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Cinnamon stone

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Cinnamon stone: A brown or yellowish-brown variety of garnet more properly called "essonite".
Cire-perdue: see Lost wax.

cinnamon stone - Hessonite garnet, the name being derived from a similarity in color between the stone and cinnamon bark.

cinnamite - Cinnamon stone.

Also known as cinnamon stone is a variety of garnet which is yellowish brown in colour. Greek ‘hesson' meaning inferior - referring to the lower hardness and density to other garnets.
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Hessonite (also called "cinnamon stone") is a cinnamon-brown to orange gemstone variety of grossular garnet. Hessonite's formula is Ca3Al2Si3O12; manganese that gives it its characteristic brown color. This transparent stone has a hardness of 6.5 - 7 and a specific gravity of 3.6.

Hessonite, which is also known by the name "cinnamon stone," is a brownish-orange grossular garnet that is one of the nine maharatnas (major gems), or navaratna ("divine gems"), which is connected to the Vedic astrological sign of Rahu, or "head of the dragon.

Hessonite is also called "~" and is the cinnamon-brown to orange gemstone variety of grossular garnet.
Howlite is a soft, white to gray mineral that takes dye very easily, and can be dyed to imitate turquoise and Lapis Lazuli very well.
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This brownish-red to orange gemstone used to be referred to as ~. It is found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania and minor deposits lie in Brazil, Pakistan and Canada. Hessonites are typically riddled with crystal inclusions and may show a characteristic swirly effect.
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The yellow variety is called ~, hyacinth or jacinth. Transvaal "jade" is a type of green to gray grossular garnet from South Africa. Pink grossular garnets varieties include landerite, rosolite, andXalostocite. Tsavorite is an emerald-green grossular garnet.

Hessonite is usually cinnamon brown and has been called "~". In India Hessonite is called Gourmet and is one of the nine precious stones used a lot in astrology.

Other shades include cinnamon brown (~ variety), red, and yellow. Because of its inferior hardness to zircon, which the yellow crystals resemble, they have also been called hessonite from the Greek meaning inferior.

Belongs to the grossularite garnet group. Its vivd orange brown colouring has resulted in the nickname ~. Read more in our Gemstones & Minerals Glossary
Above is an example of Hassonite.

Orange variety of grossularite garnet. Sometimes called ~.
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Other grossular garnets are brilliant and unique gemstones; nevertheless they are not common. An orange variety of grossular is called hessonite; it is sometimes referred to as "~." ...

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