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Couture - very highly fashionable jewelry and clothing that has been created by leading fashion and jewelry designers. Also referred to as Haute Couture.

Couture houses, especially those in Paris, dominated the fashion scene. Their edicts were passed on via the pages of fashion magazines that were directed firmly at the middle and upper classes who could afford the clothes.

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On couture’s cutting edge four decades ago, Rogerson cast a backwards glance in the 1890s, viewing the jewels of the Hapsburgs, such as 18th century’s Maria Theresa (above), as well as those in private European collections. But Rogerson’s designs are anything but Baroque… ...

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London-based Malaysian fashion designer Jimmy Choo is at the pinnacle of high-fashion "haute couture," and his exotic shoe designs are a favorite among Manhattan's glitterati. Prices start at around $1,000.
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Stylish dogs, Haute ~ for the K9, well established designer labels; trendy designs are all now an established part of dog culture. "It's a dog's life" is passť. No longer are the dogs treated with disdain eating scraps of food thrown at them or living in a dog's house! ...

Pastel delicate fabrics were highlighted by the haute ~ and this new 'white' jewelry suited it perfectly. Platinum and diamond brooches consummately complimented the fashion. Small brooches continued to be worn in large numbers.

F & K continued to supply all its ~ clients until production was restricted by the ban on non-military use of "white metal," the tin-based alloy used for costume jewelry, and by the shortage of rhinestones and other war-related materials. Faced with these shortages, Mr.

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Warm, Chic, Exotic, Alluring, sophisticated, sexy and Classical, Champagne diamonds are the haute ~ of natural colored diamonds & diamond jewelry. From light champagnes to the rich tones of cognacs, champagne diamonds make a statement about your style, about your personality, about you.

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Current speculation falls mainly on the designers Phillipa Lepley, Stella McCartney, and Amanda Wakeley. Phillipa Lepley is a ~ bridal designer who established her Chelsea boutique in 1990. According to recent rumor, Lepley's chances of being chosen to design Kate's wedding dress are very good.

Although many celebrities have owned or been connected with impressive or famous diamonds in the past, there is a modern trend for diamonds to be lent out to celebrities in return for the media attention which the pairing can attain, in a similar manner to designer ~.
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Description - This magazine offers information about various ornaments, creative work, enlightening articles on contemporary artists as well as emphasizing past traditions and technologies. It covers the very best of personal adornment: ancient, contemporary, ethnographic, jewelry, art ~, ...

Native Americans highly value turquoise. Traditionally, in the USA, turquoise was used primarily in southwestern jewelry. Today, turquoise is used by everyone from the home beader to the ~ jewelry designer to make jewelry for a wide variety of tastes.

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