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Demi-Parure: A partial set of jewelry. A full set usually includes a necklace, earrings, bracelet and brooch, all matching.

A demiparure is a matching set of jewelry, usually containing a necklace, earrings, and a pin. See parure.

A small matching set of jewelry consisting usually of a brooch and earrings, or a necklace and bracelet, etc.
A semi circular band worn around the head and usually jeweled and three dimensional ...

A small matching set or suite of jewellery, usually comprising a necklace and a bracelet, or a pair of earrings and a brooch
A semi-circular or circular piece of jewellery worn on the head. Also known as a tiara ...

Matching jewelry containing two or three pieces. See also parure.
dendritic ...

Demi-parure - refers to a matching set of jewelry - often a necklace, earrings and a pin, all of the same design and made to be worn together. See also Parure.
Depose - the patent or rights to exclusive jewelry made in France.

DEMI-PARURE A matching set of earrings, necklace and pin, a PARURE usually includes a bracelet.
DIAMOND CUT Small scallop like bright cuts in metal created with a diamond cutting tool that create the illusion of Diamonds being set into the metal..

Demi-Parure: The term for two items of matching jewelry.
Schreiner Demi Parure of Brooch and Earrings
Dendritic: Having a branching pattern like a tree.

the 1850's Cross facet Small triangular facets above and below the girdle of a brilliant cut stone Crown Part of a cut gemstone above the girdle Cut steel Faceted studs riveted into arranged holes to created a pavé effect Demi-parure ...

demi-parure A matching set or suite of jewelry consisting of three pieces, usually a pair of earrings and a brooch. diaper pattern A design composed of repeating geometric motifs particularly diamonds and lozenges.

A demi-parure is a less elaborate suite of jewelry with two or more pieces.

A large parure is a set of matching jewels comprising a necklace, brooches, bracelets and earrings. A demi-parure has just a necklace, a brooch and a bracelet.

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Parure means personal adornment in French. It consists of a matching necklace, bracelet, brooch and earrings. Demi-Parure consists of a matching necklace, brooch and earrings.
A brilliant cut glass stone to look like a real gem stone.

Parure: Term for a set of jewelry popular through the 19th century which consisted of several pieces of matching jewelry. In times, a complete parure consisted of two matching bracelets, necklace, earrings and a brooch. See also demi-parure.

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