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A demiparure is a matching set of jewelry, usually containing a necklace, earrings, and a pin. See parure.

A small matching set of jewelry consisting usually of a brooch and earrings, or a necklace and bracelet, etc.
A semi circular band worn around the head and usually jeweled and three dimensional ...

A small matching set or suite of jewellery, usually comprising a necklace and a bracelet, or a pair of earrings and a brooch
A semi-circular or circular piece of jewellery worn on the head. Also known as a tiara ...

Matching jewelry containing two or three pieces. See also parure.
dendritic ...

Demi-parure - refers to a matching set of jewelry - often a necklace, earrings and a pin, all of the same design and made to be worn together. See also Parure.
Depose - the patent or rights to exclusive jewelry made in France.

~ - Partial set of jewelry. A full set usually includes a necklace, earrings, bracelet and brooch, all matching.
Electro-plating - Electro chemical process of applying one metal to the surface of another.

~ A matching set of earrings, necklace and pin, a PARURE usually includes a bracelet.
DIAMOND CUT Small scallop like bright cuts in metal created with a diamond cutting tool that create the illusion of Diamonds being set into the metal..

~: The term for two items of matching jewelry.
Schreiner Demi Parure of Brooch and Earrings
Dendritic: Having a branching pattern like a tree.

broader at the bottom than at the top, popular in the 1850's Cross facet Small triangular facets above and below the girdle of a brilliant cut stone Crown Part of a cut gemstone above the girdle Cut steel Faceted studs riveted into arranged holes to created a pavé effect ~ ...

~ A matching set or suite of jewelry consisting of three pieces, usually a pair of earrings and a brooch. diaper pattern A design composed of repeating geometric motifs particularly diamonds and lozenges. Often embellished with flowers and foliage.

A ~ is a less elaborate suite of jewelry with two or more pieces. The French in particular were known to have delighted in wearing formalized and elaborate suites and indeed, the term parure comes from the French verb, parer, meaning to adorn.

A large parure is a set of matching jewels comprising a necklace, brooches, bracelets and earrings. A ~ has just a necklace, a brooch and a bracelet. They were large and expensive and were fashionable among women of substance from the middle of the 19th century.

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Parure means personal adornment in French. It consists of a matching necklace, bracelet, brooch and earrings. ~ consists of a matching necklace, brooch and earrings.
A brilliant cut glass stone to look like a real gem stone.

Parure: Term for a set of jewelry popular through the 19th century which consisted of several pieces of matching jewelry. In times, a complete parure consisted of two matching bracelets, necklace, earrings and a brooch. See also ~.

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