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An example of a doublet. This could be a natural, undesirable color sapphire crown on a deep blue synthetic sapphire pavilion. Due to refraction of light this stone would appear blue all over when viewed in person.

Composite stone made of two pieces cemented or glued together.
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Opal doublets and triplets are thin slices of opal which are bonded to a matrix and sometimes covered with a quartz top (triplets).

This is technically a doublet ... a thin layer of natural, precious Lightning Ridge opal on
an ironstone base. This opal is found in seams running through the host rock, and sometimes
the opal seams are a bit too thin to cut solid stones.

Doublets and Triplets
Most gem lovers are familiar with doublets and triplets, especially the opal variety. Opal frequently occurs as thin seams of material within a host or matrix rock.

Doublet: A doublet is a gemstone composed of valuable gemstone material in combination with other materials. It is found most often in opal, where an opal doublet contains a slice of opal glued to common opal, glass or other material.

A doublet (also dublette) is a gem made from two layers in order to save expenses; the lower part of the composite stone is glass or a non-precious stone, the top is the more valuable stone.

A doublet is a layered gemstone with two layers cemented or glued together. This technique is often used with Opals to create a gem from a thin vein of precious Opal which would otherwise be too fragile to use.

Doublet: A stone made of two components, generally held together with a clear or colored adhesive.
Emerald cut: See Step cut.

Doublet: A method of combining two inexpensive stones and/or glass to imitate more valuable gemstones.

This type of synthetic rubies are not much in vogue nowadays. However they make great gifts. Doublets are usually stones of imitation backing with a natural corundum crown, generally made out of green or white corundum.

A stone consisting of two separate layers
Abbreviation for pennyweight

Edema collarettes
"Dog collar" meant for daytime wear which is usually made of a soft material laced to a series of jeweled bars ...

An assembled stone of two parts. Colorless cement or heat is used to join the parts together. Often used with Opals.

DOUBLET: Two gemstones cemented together for durability or enhanced visual appeal, such as opal and black onyx.

A form of gemstone trickery that was devised to allow inexpensive materials to imitate the more valuable gemstones before modern synthetics were available.

Assembled opals combine natural opal with other materials. A doublet contains a slice of
opal glued to common opal, glass or other material. A triplet contains a slice of opal
glued between a base and a crystal or a glass top.

A combination of a lesser value gemstone half glued to, usually, a half of colored glass, resulting in a gem that fakes the quality of a much more valuable stone.
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Doublet - A gemstone that is made from two layers to make the finished product more affordable. The lower part of the stone is glass or a non precious stone, and the top layer is the more expensive stone.

Doublet: Any stone made of two component parts, frequently genuine stones combined with glass, plastics, or synthetic stones.
Drop: A small ornament suspended from a piece of jewelry. Photo and additional information.
Ear Clip: See "Clip.

Doublet is a composite stone which is made of two components, usually cemented or glued together with a clear adhesive.
Drop Cut ...

Any stone made up of two component parts or sections, such as a garnet overlaying green glass. They are often used as pendants.

DOUBLET A stone made of two pieces. Any natural or synthetic materials may be used in any combination.

An opal doublet is a manufactured stone that is composed of two thin layers that are glued together.

hollow doublet - A doublet in which the lower side of the crown portion or the top of the lower section has been hollowed out and filled with a colored liquid. Rarely seen. See DOUBLET.

An imitation gems where one layer of natural stone is glued or cemented with a second layer of synthetic stone or stone of lower quality.
Seen on double refractive gem when viewed, like inclusions, facet edges and scratches.

A doublet is a layered gemstone comprising two layers cemented or glued together.

Doublet - an assembled gemstone with a crown portion of one material bonded to a pavilion portion of another material.
Double refraction - the separation of light passing through a substance into two rays.

Doublets and triplets
Doublets are stones that have been coated on the back generally to give it the appearance of having a black body color.

An assembled stone of two material bound together with a colorless cement

Doublets...A common method of building up sufficient thickness to permit a gem to be used in a setting. A non gem mineral is cemented to the top or bottom of the gem material. (See Opals.)
Dripstone...stalagmites or stalactites ...

An assembled gem with two main components.
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Doublet: A stone manufactured in two layers to save expenses. The bottom layer is usually glass or non precious stone while the top is a precious or more expensive stone.

Opal Doublets and Opal Triplets - these are sandwiched stones made up of 2 or more pieces. Further information is provided.
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Opal Doublet
Opal Inlay
A type of jewelry in which a solid opal is flush with the metal of a piece of jewelry.

Synthetic doublet
A composite stone consisting of a piece of red synthetic spinel or synthetic corundum cemented alongside a piece of blue synthetic corundum, forming a pseudo-parti-coloured stone.

and three dimensional Dog collar A wide collar of fabric, gemstones and or pearls worn high and tight on the neck Double clip Type of brooch consisting of two halves joined together on a frame which can be detached and worn singly Doublet ...

Doublet: A stone composed of two different stones sealed together by a cement. This type of stone is called a composite. It was sometimes done to strengthen a gemstone or to enhance a gem's appearance.

Doublet:A method of improving gemstone durability or enhancing the visual impact by sandwiching a more valuable gemstone with either colored glass or a stone of lesser value.

About cabochons, doublets and triplets
In order to best bring out the play of colour in a Fine Opal, the stones are cut and polished to round or oval cabochons, or any other softly domed shape , depending on the raw material.

1 Abalone high dome doublet gemstone cabochon 20mm diameter
1 Abalone high dome doublet gemstone cabochon 19.8 to 20mm diameter, 6.4 to 7.7mm thick. Natural abalone backing with glass dome.
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Diamond Pave Opal Doublet Pendant 18kt Yellow Gold & Silver
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Opal History And Lore: ...

Ammolite is usually treated with a colorless, hard material to increase the strength of the stone and is often mounted as a doublet or a triplet (with a quartz top layer and a shale underside). Ammolite is only found in southern Alberta, Canada.

DoubletComposite stone made of two pieces cemented or glued together.Dramatic JewelryJewelry that is sensational in its presentation. Many costume jewelry pieces were done in this style. Today, the most popular dramatic style is the cocktail ring.

Thin seams of opal are often assembled with backing of opal or black onyx to produce a doublet, and a clear quartz top is added to produce a triplet.

Ammolite is sold in its natural form, as a doublet or as a triplet. A triplet is made of a dark gray layer of shale on the bottom and a cap of clear optical quartz or synthetic spinel on top.

A doublet contains a slice of opal glued to common opal, glass or other material. A triplet contains a slice of opal glued between a base and a crystal or a glass top.

When the final gem is made of two different materials it is called a "doublet," and when made with three, a "triplet." Common doublet or triplet gemstones are emerald and Opal, usually combined with quartz or glass.

Opal Doublets
Opal Triplets
Opal Jewelry

Get down and dirty with real miners of opal as we take you on a journey to the outback of Australia.

Opals-(various Combinations) Doublets and Triplets
Garnet-Glass Doublets ...

Boulder opal is described as thin layer of valuable opal that is inseparable from its ironstone template, producing a natural doublet. It is cut into forms that pursue its usual fold. It is typically mostly found only in Queensland.

Ruby has also been produced by the flux, hydrothermal, floating zone and Czochralski processes. Doublets consisting of natural sapphire crowns and synthetic ruby pavilions are fairly common, particularly in mining areas.

It is also known as korite, calcentine, or Buffalo Stone. Ammolite is usually treated with a colorless, hard material to increase the strength of the stone and is often mounted as a doublet or a triplet. It is only found in southern Alberta, Canada.

Spencer the precious opal occurs as one or more thin layers within common opal partially filling gas cavities within a rhyolite-obsidian flow. About 10% of the material is thick enough to cut into solid gems; the remainder is fashioned into doublets ...

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