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A measure of Troy weight, dwt. is the abbreviation for pennyweight, a measure used to weigh Gold, Silver, and jewels. In Troy weight, the pound = 12 ounces, the ounce = 20 pennyweights, and the pennyweight = 24 grains.

dwt: The symbol for "pennyweight", or 1/20th of a troy ounce, approx 1.555 grams.
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Abbreviation for pennyweight

Edema collarettes
"Dog collar" meant for daytime wear which is usually made of a soft material laced to a series of jeweled bars ...

Dwt is used as a symbol for 'pennyweight' that is 1/20th of a troy ounce or approx 1.555 grams.
Electroplated ...

Abbreviation for pennyweight. There are 20 pennyweights in an ounce (troy). See Pennyweight.
Ear Trim
An earring designed to follow the contour of the ear.

~ See pennyweight.
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dyamaund An old English word which was the precursor to the modern spelling of diamond.

The abbreviation for penny-weight which equals 1/20 of one troy ounce.
Ear nut ...

and three dimensional Dog collar A wide collar of fabric, gemstones and or pearls worn high and tight on the neck Double clip Type of brooch consisting of two halves joined together on a frame which can be detached and worn singly Doublet A stone consisting of two separate layers ~ ...

Pennyweight (~.), a measure of weight, used to weigh precious metals. 1 pennyweight is equivalent to 1/20 ounce (troy), or 24 grains, or 1.55517384 grams, or 7.7758692 carats.
Point, unit of weight. 1 point is equivalent to 0.01 (1/100) carats.

In the Troy system, long used for precious metals, 24 grains (gn.) = 1 pennyweight (~); 480 gn. or 20 ~. = 1 ounce Troy; 5760 gn. or 240 ~. or 12 ounces Troy = 1 pound Troy (1 Ib t). 1 grain = 64.798 milligrams; 15.432 gn. = 1 gram. 2.

(An English ounce = ~ 142 ct. whereas a Troy ounce = ~ 156 ct.) Troy ounces are subdivided into smaller units called pennyweights, abbreviated "~.". There are 20 ~./ troy oz. Jewelers generally buy their gold casting grain, by the pennyweight.

Pennyweight: see ~.
Peridot: Another name for chrysolite and olivine. Peridot is the birthstone for August. See Peridot Rings and Peridot earrings.
Perfumed Beads: Beads that release a scent when warmed by the body.

PENNYWEIGHT A unit of weight equal to 1/20th of an ounce. ~ is the abbreviation for Pennyweight.
PERIOD JEWELRY Articles of jewelry that exemplify the design style of the times in which they were created. Examples of well know periods are Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco.

Troy Pound
Abbreviation: lb. t.
1 lb. t. = 5,760 gn
1 lb. t. = 240 ~
1 lb. t. = 12 ozt ...

Pennyweight: A unit of Troy weight for precious metals. Generally shortened by ~, it contains 24 grains or 1/20th of a troy ounce.
Photo Etching: See "Metal Etching." ...

troy weight
A system of measure for the weight of precious metals. 1 troy pound is equal to 12 troy ounces or 240 pennyweights (~) or 576 grains
Gold plated or gilded silver ...

The final price is determined by the base price of gold today in London; finishing cost per piece by weight; shipping, handling and insurance by weight. 1 Troy Ounce = 31.1033 Grams (gms) 1 Troy Ounce = 20 Pennyweight (~) .9114 Troy Ounce = 1 Ounce Avoirdupois 1.5552 Grams = 1 Pennyweight 28.

Usually the addition of silica, zinc, and deoxidants in very small amounts relative to the pennyweight (~.) of gold are processed into gold from as low as 8kt to as high as 23.5 karat gold.

Many females like pendent and rings with large size of bloodstone. Brooches made up bloodstone are also preferred. The suitable diameter of brooch can be 2.80 cm or 1.10 inches that can hold pure bloodstone brooch of 11.50 gram (7.39 ~).

Gold and silver are measured in Troy weight, a system that includes pennyweights, ounces and pounds. The ounces and pounds do not equal the Avordupois or customary U.S. system that other common goods are measured in. Gold is also commonly measured in metric grams. A pennyweight (abbreviated ~.) is ...

A pennyweight (abbreviated ~.) is equal to 1.5552 grams. TurquoiseA hydrous aluminum phosphate colored by copper salts, it is a precious stone generally found in desert regions throughout the world.

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