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Engraving is the process of using a sharp tool, usually a graver, to cut a design, pattern, monogram, etc. into metal.
A Master Engraver uses Gravers to Decorate the Movement on a Swiss Watch.

A technique in which metal is cut away to form a decorative design or letters, done either by hand, machine, or by using a stamping tool/drill. Also refers to inscribing a dedication or monogram to identify a piece.

Platinum doesn't wear away over time so the possibilities for engraving are endless: from inscriptions on either the inside or outside of the band, to line designs and symbols, your chosen message will endure for a lifetime.

Engraving: The process of decorating metal by etching a design into its surface ...

Engraving is a method of surface decoration in which a design is etched into the surface with a sharp tool.
Faux means false. A faux gem is an imitation gem.

Engraving: Any pattern design or mark that is cut into a piece of jewelry with a special engraver's tool; The process of cutting or carving lines into a surface.

Engraving and carving should be considered lapidary arts rather than crafts, as the vast majority of styles and pieces can only be done well if the maker has some degree of artistic talent, an ability not required of those doing tumbling, cabbing, ...

ENGRAVING: Cutting lines into metal which are either decorative or symbolic. Method used in monogramming a crest, cartouche or escutcheon.

Refers to creating a pattern (including writing) on metal.
estate jewelry ...

Engraving - the process of making a design in a hard surface, often metal, by cutting grooves into it.
Estate jewelry - a term that refers to jewelry which has been previously owned, not necessarily from an estate.

ENGRAVING A process of etching a design, initials, family crest or anything else into the surface of metal. The traditional method of hand engraving is becoming less common as it is replaced by sophisticated computerized techniques.

Engraving copper
Excellent quality copper sheet with good surface finish suitable for engraving. For printing plates it may contain a little silver.
EPNS ...

Hand Engraved Monogram Necklace
by JBowerEngraving
Engraving is a method of surface decoration in which a design is etched into the surface with a sharp tool.

The process of making lines or decorative work into a piece of metal by using engraving tools.
Epaulette shape
Same shape as a bullet only shorter. The Bullet has a long rectangular base a Epaulette a short rectangular base.

Engraving (right): B. Fawcett (c.1878)
Many of the jewelry accessories seen throughout ancient Rome had functional, as well as decorative value. One of the most common jewelry item of early Rome was the brooch, which was used to secure clothing items.

Engraving can make the difference between a so-so and a WOW gift. We are happy to offer this service to you! ...

Engraving is a method of surface decoration in which a design is etched into the surface with a sharp tool.

Engraving - Process of decorating metal by gouging a design into its surface
Filigree - Thin wire strands intricately interlaced or fashioned into rosettes, scrolls, vines or spirals. Wire is often gold or silver, plain, twisted, or braided.

Engraving - A pattern made by cutting away the surface of metal, wood, or other surface.

Eye Beads - Decorated to resemble an eye, these beads date back to antiquity and have symbolic meanings. Often used in amulets.

Engraving: The art of cutting designs in any substance; in the jewelry trades, particularly made of the precious metals.

A technique in which metal is cut away with a tool known as a graver to form a design, done by either hand or machine
Etching ...

Engraving and Etching
Brittain, A., and P. Morton. Engraving on Precious Metals. London: N.A.G. Press, 1958.
Chamberlain, Walter. The Thames and Hudson Manual of Etching and Engraving. London: Thames and Hudson, 1972.
Other Techniques ...

Commonly used for decoration and inscriptions on trophies or presentation plaques. The recipient's name, date and further details are engraved onto the surface.

Incising designs in metal or stone with sharpened steel gravers.
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Enhancer ...

Details of the engravings on the spinel beads from the above necklace. Photos courtesy of Christie’s. From Christie’s London (1997) Important Indian Jewellery. Wednesday, 8 October, 1997, Catalog #5858.

Decorated metal surface made by moving the surface of the object against the blade

A technique in which metal is cut away with a tool known as a "graver" to form a design, done by either hand or machine ...

Engraving:The art of cutting decorative lines in metal, wood, or other materialsEspiga Chain:A type of chain style also known as Spiga or Wheat Chain. Espiga is the Spanish word for wheat.

BAND DESIGN: Engraving - Decorating metal by cutting lines into the surface with a sharp graver.Milgrain - A band of metal that is decorated with tiny beads of metal.

Made by intaglio engraving in metal or semi-precious gemstones.
Branded by Artcarved®, this is a fine jeweler’s stainless steel that is over 95% recycled.

A section from an engraving showing glass being drawn. A plate from the Grands Hommes et Grands Faits de L'Industrie 1880 ...

10) No Sizing or Engraving!
Here's a mistake that many men make, they buy an Engagement Ring with an intricate mounting, and then they proceed to get it sized and engraved already so she'll be able to put it on and wear it the day she gets it.

The enamel may be translucent with fancy engraving on the metal underneath, which produces guilloche (ghee-YOSH) enamel. Popular during during the mid-Victorian period was a solid black blue or white enamel used to fill engraved designs.

intaglio Gemstone carved into a cameo, but instead of the engraving raised above the background, as in the cameo, the engraving is etched into the background. intermediary Describing a mineral midway between two mineral of a series.

5: Engraving & Carving
Sec. I, Ch. 6: Precious Stones as Objects of Commerce
Sec. I, Ch. 7: Burning & Colouring of Precious Stones
Sec. II, Ch. 1: Diamonds
Sec. II, Ch. 2: African Diamonds
Sec. II, Ch.

Laser Inscription The process of engraving in a ring or a stone using a laser. Diamond engraving is usually done on the girdle and consists of the certifying company and the certificate number.

The technique involves, first, establishing a design in metal, whether through carving, engraving, stamping or chasing. The surface is then covered with transparent enamel and fused by firing.

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And now to resume: the gemstone displayed as that of Polycrates is in its natural state, unmarked by engravings. In the time of Ismenias, many years later, it seems evident that it had become customary to engrave even 'smaragdi.

You may also create a unique college class ring by engraving your personal information into the inside of it. The most common inscriptions are graduation year, degree, initials or full name.

1890, 336 pages, 8 colored plates (excellent ones too), many engravings, is a very complete account of all published finds of precious stones in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, giving a popular description of their value, history, archeology, ...

British target pistols were decorated with fine scroll engraving. They were made by leading British gun makers, including James Purdy.

Many of our bracelets let the metal speak for itself, with little ornamentation, sometimes relying on texturing or engraving.

On page 80 of Gems and Precious Stones of North America was the same engraving created by Mr. Chamberlin except for one small change - The Chamberlin signature was removed from the engraving.

Such pieces have been made of gold, silver or other metal, decorated with enamelling or engraving and often set with gemstones. The locket was a development of the hinged reliquary pendants of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Basse-taille (meaning "low cutting" in French) is an enameling technique in which the underlying metal (usually gold or silver) is carved in low relief (the metal's surface is cut away by engraving or chasing, producing a sculpted surface).

A sharp steel tool used for engraving and stone setting
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As these rings are designed to be worn for life, it is important that you choose a metal that you are comfortable wearing. Also consider engravings or inscriptions on your wedding rings.

They have been treasured as gemstones since their use as religious icons in ancient India and usage in engraving tools also dates to early human history.

BASSE-TAILLE Basse-taille (meaning "low cutting" in French) is an enameling technique in which the underlying metal (usually gold or silver) is carved in low relief (the metal's surface is cut away by engraving or chasing, ...

The art of engraving or carving gems.
Two or more chemically related gemstone materials, similar in structure and physical properties.

Popular Gemstone Shapes
Choose an Engraving Method
What Should the Engraving Say?
Fall in Love with Colored Gemstones ...

- Citrines were largely used for engraving intaglio, and as decorative. They were a prime choice for decorating tools and jewelry for thousands of years.

Cartouche: Symmetrical ornamental shape, generally used for decoration or engraving - from Egyptian tablets used for royal names.

Case screw: Small screw with full or three-quarters head, designed to fasten a watch movement to its case.

Glyptography is the art of engraving gemstones, making intaglio and cameos. Stones are engraved using grindstones with powdered emory or diamond as an abrasive ...

Acid Etching - method of customizing a product via etching; first, the image is transferred from a steel engraving plate with a tissue lifting.

Engrave - A pattern or design cut or carved into a jewelry piece using an engraving tool.
Epoxy - A resin used in strong adhesives and enamels.
Etched - A decoration or design lightly scratched onto the surface of a jewelry piece.

Silver is significantly softer than Gold or Platinum making it less than ideal for intricate stone setting or engraving; it is more commonly used for less expensive jewelry. Silver has long been used for costume and fashion jewelry.

Silver Gallery - Sterling Silver Jewelry Wedding Art Baby Gifts Pewter
The Silver Gallery features silver personalized gifts of sterling and pewter. We offer personalization & engraving on most of our product line.

It was also during this time that it became popular to customize a locket by engraving a design or initials onto its outside case. The most popular shape of all the lockets was and still is the heart shaped locket pendants.

Industrial-grade diamonds are either unsuitable for use as gems or synthetically produced, which lowers their price and makes their use economically feasible. Industrial applications, especially as drill bits and engraving tools, ...

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