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Enhanced Diamonds
Diamond "enhancements" are specific treatments performed on cut, polished natural diamonds, which are designed to improve the visual or gemological characteristics of the stone, but not necessarily increase its value.

Enhanced: Nearly all gemstones available today have been enhanced to bring out their best color or to strengthen them. For example, an accepted industry practice in the polishing process for sapphires involves heating the stones to bring out their color.

A gemstone that has been treated to improve one or more of its characteristics including colour, clarity and strength. Some common enhancements are heating, oiling or coating the surface, irradiation, filling cracks and dyeing ...

Enhanced This indicates that this type of gemstone is routinely enhanced.

Enhanced: an enhanced gem has received some type of treatment to change its characteristics: Ex. irradiation, heating, dyeing, oiling, laser drilling, etc.

~ stones are stones that have been treated to improve their color, clarity, finish, strength, or other characteristics.

COLOR-~: Any treatment process that enhances or changes the color of a gemstone. This may include heat-treating, irradiation, dying, bleaching, oiling, to name a few.
COMFORT FIT: The inside shank of a ring that is slightly rounded (convex) to provide a more comfortable fit.

Clarity ~: A diamond that has been treated to improve its appearance by filling fissures or fractures with a transparent substance.

clarity ~ See fracture filled.
clarity grade The position of a diamond's clarity grade falls on a GIA scale that ranges from flawless down to I3. The lack of or amount of inclusions and blemishes, along with size and location, designates the clarity grade.

~ by beautiful pictures of vineyards, wine labels, and Stevenson himself demonstrating the art of wine tasting, from examining and nosing the wine to spitting it out, this a visually beautiful as well as an informative volume.

~ Moissanite
Amora Moissanite
Forever Brilliant Moissanite
Amora Moissanite Jewelry
Forever Brilliant Jewelry ...

~ sometimes to improve the colour.
Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Zambia, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka and USA.

~ rubies using glass and jelly fills should be cleaned in a different way and the vendor is expected to inform buyers regarding cleaning methods of such stones.
Open drain should be covered with a sieve while cleaning of jewelry or it may slip through down the drain.

~: Modifying a stone's characteristics such as color, finish of strength to name a few. Most gemstones found today have been ~. Common enhancements include: oiling, bleaching and dyeing.

Not ~ (N)
The "N" symbol is used on our invoices to indicate one of two situations. First, there are certain gemstones that are not currently known to be ~ (alexandrite, some garnets, etc.).

Some gemstones are known not to be ~ at all. Some of these stones are Garnet (excludes Demantoid), Iolite, Peridot, Spinel, some Chrysoberyl, Tourmaline (excludes Paraiba) Malachite, Hematite, Feldspar (can exclude Andesine and Labradorite).

[N] Not ~.
Calibrated Mexican Fire Opal
Specify size, shape and quality when ordering. Prices are subject to change without notice. Actual carat weight may vary from the average carat weight listed.

Clarity ~, Clarity Enhancement
The "improvement" in the apparent clarity of a diamond usually by filling surface cracks with glass. Not recommended.
Clean ...

Treated or ~ gemstones are generally available in less price as compared to natural or non-treated gemstones.
When you buy a treated or ~ gemstone then you must ask the jeweler that whether the treatment is permanent or temporary and whether the stone requires any special care.

Whether color ~, lasered, or cut from the most perfect raw state, your jeweler will inform you of the magical journey your diamond has followed, from deep within earth's mantle to the fine, finished gemstone you see before you.

Bright red AB ~ red crystal beads are combined with brass flower elements. More »
Ceramic Dragonfly and Fiber Bracelet. Tammy Powley
Ceramic Dragonfly and Fiber Bracelet ...

Color-~:A treatment process that alters a gemstone's color. Heat, irradiation, dying, bleaching and oiling are among possible treatments that enhance gemstone color.

This energy may be ~ by the use of affirmations. In our consultations, we customize affirmations for our clients. Some examples might be:
Resentment (Willow)
I take responsibility for myself
There's a lot in my life to appreciate
The universe has my best interests at heart ...

Retro Cuff Bracelet ~ by Applied Charms and Stickpins c.1945.
Photo Courtesy of Christie's.
Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin "Reflection" Emerald Bracelet. c.1940
Photo Courtesy of Sotheby's.

This new cut ~ the fire and light of the stone; it had a small table, a high crown, wide step facets, a deep pavilion and square culet. This cut became very popular in Art Deco jewelry and was a forerunner of the emerald cut. Recently, the Royal Asscher Diamond Co.

ANHYDRITE Communication with angels and guides, ~ psychic perception, self acceptance and forgiveness
ANGELITE Serenity, angelic communication and expanded awareness
APACHE TEARS Grounding, protection, emotional cleansing ...

It facilitates balancing of the mental process such that the attunement to the higher-self can be attained, and ones awareness and spirituality can be ~.

Pictures are ~ to improve the colour and they add all sorts of tags like "super AAAAA Tanzanite" and equally subjective and meaningless terms to entice the buyer.

In 1990s, a new type of ~ topaz made its appearance. Not all colorless topaz can be ~ to a good blue color. This situation left a large quantity of low value colorless topaz material on the market, with little demand for such gems.

Although opal is rarely ~ by methods other than cutting and polishing, opals can be treated to bring out their play of color.

Another question to ask: has the emerald been treated or ~? For example, emeralds have long been treated with color-less oils such as linseed or cedarwood oils to soften the visible effect of the inclusions.

Diffusion treated stones are color-~ (not naturally colored) stones. The diffusion process only colors the outer surface of the stone, so chipping or repolishing will result in a loss of color.

Today, many emeralds are ~ with colourless oils or resins. This is a general trade practice, but it does have the consequence that these green treasures react very sensitively to inappropriate treatment. For example, they cannot be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.

Approximately 1 in 3 diamonds sold has been treated or "~" in some way. A variety of techniques exist to artificially improve the natural clarity of a diamond. By drilling a pathway to an internal inclusion with a laser beam, acid can be poured into the tunnel to bleach the inclusion.

The combination of large volume commercial operations on the Missouri River, and to some extent Rock Creek, plus the advent of successful heat-treating techniques for the material has greatly ~ the acceptance of these sapphires by the gemstone industry.

Those which are not normally ~.
The "E" symbol indicates that the gemstone has undergone its traditional enhancement process. The type of enhancement process covered by this symbol is indicated on the following chart.

Ethidium bromide's fluorescence is greatly ~ when it binds to DNA, so this compound is very useful in visualising the location of DNA fragments in agarose gel electrophoresis. Ethidium bromide can be toxic - a safer alternative is the dye SYBR Green.
The DNA microarray ...

In recent years, a new treatment for corundum has appeared, in which poorly colored corundum is heated in chemicals to deposit a thin (less than 0.5 mm) layer of ~ color on the surface of the stone.

Given the rarity of South Seas black cultured pearls, there are ~ black cultured pearls that can be used as an alternative.

The green coloration is caused by small amounts of chromium and ~ by traces of iron.
Gemstone Physical Characteristics: Unlike other Beryls, Emeralds often contain inclusions and other flaws.

The un~ rubies and sapphires are usually the rarest and most costly; many of these have documentation from gemological laboratories attesting to their untreated condition, and buyers will pay a premium for them.

Iolite is a beautiful blue gemstone whose appeal is ~ by its natural Pleochroism - that is, it reflects light in different colors depending on the angle it's viewed from.

Mystic Fire Topaz is a colorless topaz that is ~ with a patented Azotic Coating producing a permanent and stable blue-green appearance with a rainbow of color accents. The Mystic Fire Topaz is similar to the rainbow topaz but is ~ in a completely different manner.

For example, of the top ten blue sapphires in the world, two through nine may be heat ~, but number one will be natural color. The exact opposite occurs when ruby is subjected to heat treatment.

Anjolee never sells treated, ~, or lab-created diamonds. Quality is our top priority and we ensure our master jewelers hand select each diamond before setting them in the piece of jewelry. There is a high and low range for each diamond color/clarity combination.

Gemstone Shape: As gemstones in their natural state are rather shapeless, their beauty is greatly ~ by cutting them into geometrical shapes, most of which provide numerous facets to reflect light that enters the stone back out to the eye.

However, with the use of diamonds in jewelry, sometime in the 13th century it became known that a diamond's appearance could be ~ by grinding and polishing [later by cleavage (below)] along the four octahedral faces (below) of the rough crystal.

A smaller diamond can always be ~ with baguettes, trillians or smaller same-shape stones on either size. As we stated earlier, two smaller stones won't cost as much as an equally-weighted single stone, so you can increase the importance of the ring you're buying without doubling your cost.

Do you sell treated or ~ gems? How about synthetic ones?
We do not sell any diamonds that are known to have undergone any enhancements. These would include treatments, such as clarity or color enhancing, fracture filling, or laser drilling.
What makes 18K gold more valuable than 14K?

While the color green can occur naturally in banded Agates, the majority of the solid colored beads sold on the jewelry market are usually color ~. According to Feng Shui, green is a benevolent and humanistic color. Like all color, it affects us even when we don't know it.

The all-time favorite way to pass off fracture-filled diamonds as perfect stones is to call them 'Clarity-~ diamonds'. You can be certain that 'clarity-~' automatically means fracture-filled and that the stone should be worth a lot less.

Its natural un~ colour ranges from chocolate to mocha to golden green. Zultanite is an exclusive and rare gem, as there is only one mine suitable for the ethical mining of the stone and the amount of fine quality yield is limited.

A charm bracelet is essentially a chain-linked bracelet ~ by fitting to it such charms, pendants, birthstone gems, trinkets etc. Another implementation to a charm bracelet is the embossment of amulets or talismans to the bracelet for luck, prosperity etc.

At Brilliance, many of our fine jewelry pieces are ~ by premium ruby gemstones. Rubies serve as a striking complement when set in a diamond engagement ring, and also impart a simplistic beauty when worn as stud earrings or a pendant.
Emerald ...

Hematite is not ~. The term "enhancement" is defined to be any treatment process other than cutting and polishing that improves the appearance (color/clarity/phenomena), durability, or availability of a gemstone.
Composed of iron and oxygen (FE2O3).

Eye-clean, untreated stones are available on the market, but the majority of these have had their clarity ~ by heat treatment. Because pink sapphires are rare, stones half a carat or more are not cut into calibrated sizes. Instead, each will be cut to retain as much of the rough as possible.

Rainbow topaz (also called mystic topaz or mystic fire) is topaz that has been color ~ by coating it with a fine layer of metal atoms (in a process called vacuum deposition). This stone has red, green, violet, and blue streaks. Mystic fire has a hardness of 8.

Emerald's precious green color is caused by small amounts of chromium and some vanadium impurities, and ~ by traces of iron. Unlike other beryls, emeralds often contain inclusions and other flaws called jardin.

Most Black Onyx that is commercially available today is color ~ (heated and dyed) to increase it's depth of color.
see other December birthstones
Onyx Jewelry and Cabochons ...

They did not have equipment to facet or shape gemstones so the cabochon was the first shape of ~ gems. Carved jewelry beads date back to about 7 thousand years BC.

The latter is the rarest and most of the blue on the market has been ~. Take care not to let Topaz strike a hard surface as it may split and do not clean is in a home ultrasonic cleaner. Soapy water is best for cleaning.

A design made from pieces of gemstones often using different gemstones to create a detail ~ by each gemstones color. A mosaic may also be made from one gemstone such as opal. In the photo here, a gemstone which is a mosaic of several gemstones, was designed for use in jewelry.

Mystic Fire
Mystic fire (also called mystic topaz or rainbow topaz) is topaz that has been color ~ by coating it with a fine layer of metal atoms (in a process called vacuum deposition). This stone has red, green, violet, and blue streaks. Mystic fire has a hardness of 8.

This malleability means silver is suited to creating vessels and utensil, their value ~ by the antimicrobial properties of silver. However, these days, silver jewelry is more popular, and more valuable than ever before.

It's important to understand how and if the gemstones in your collection are ~ to help you properly care for and keep them looking their best for generations.
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It was believed that a person’s energy and power was ~ when the birthstone gem was worn. Birthstones were chosen based on the qualities associated with the month. So depending on when you were born, pick up an elegant piece with your birthstone on it and wear it for luck.

The loving powers of garnet tend to reflect the attributes of devotion and it is strongly associated with the balancing of the sex drive and emotional disharmony, bringing love, compassion and an ~ imagination.

An optical effect which appears in certain gemstone materials. Often revealed by or ~ by proper fashioning.
A continuing glow exhibited by some gemstones after the source of illumination has been removed.

Treatments: Almost all emeralds have been oiled for clarity enhancement. That’s fine. Ask if a stone has been epoxy ~. This practice has lost stature in recent years and is now considered not acceptable. Always get treatments in writing.

The letter codes below indicate whether they
are known to have been ~.
N - Natural stone and color.

For less costly alternatives to the rare South Seas type, try ~ black cultured pearls from China and Japan that are actually white cultured pearls, either exposed to radiation or dyed all the way through using a process called "French dying.

Shape of the Sapphire- Often enough, people mistake the cut of a sapphire to refer to its shape. Cut implies how well the natural features of a gem have been ~, and the facets on the gem. Shape refers to the outer contours of the gemstone. Common shapes are as under.

Lustrous Beauty - The naturally intense color and distinctive luster of gold combined to give this precious metal its unique and lasting beauty. Gold's natural beauty is further ~ by the soft and exquisite shades of color achieved by combining it with small amounts of other special metals.

This stone is not ~ - massive stones are often found. Sugilite is Potassium Sodium Lithium Iron Manganese Aluminum Silicate; its formula is KNa2Li3(Fe, Mn, Al)2Si12O30. This stone was named for Ken-ichi Sugi, the Japanese geologist who discovered it in 1944.

This is where gemstone material has been mixed with a clear resin to further "stabilize" the hardness and clarity of the stone. When a stone has been stabilized it also can at times be color ~. Turquoise is a good example of a gemstone that is often stabilized.
Simulated Gemstones ...

Bonding is a process in which a colorless bonding agent (like plastic) is applied on and into a porous gemstone to make the stone more durable and have an ~ appearance.
BONE ...

Larimar has a hardness of 4.5 - 6.0 and a specific gravity of 2.7 to 2.9. Larimar is not ~. Larimar was named for Larisa (the daughter of Miguel Mendez, a geologist who helped reintroduce this stone) and mar (the Spanish word for sea) ...

dictum 'form follows function', but contrary to the further principle that 'decoration weakens structure, the simple designs are perfected by the clear colors and versatile material malleability of galalith. This simplicity and clarity of design as well as the technical workmanship were ~ by ...

Marquise Diamonds
An elongated shape with pointed ends inspired by the fetching smile of the Marquise de Pompadour and commissioned by the Sun King, France's Louis XIV, who wanted a diamond to match it. It is gorgeous when used as a solitaire or when ~ by smaller diamonds.

The process of artificially changing or enhancing the colour gemstones, especially a porous stone (e.g. agate), by causing a colouring chemical (or carbon) to enter the pores of the stone, or of imparting a colour to certain colourless stones, in either case sometimes ~ by heat treatment.

The most popular color is an ~ blue treated with heat to develop it into a rich "Tiffany" blue color which resembles aquamarine, but is more affordable. (see blue topaz rings )Yellow quartz is sometimes called topaz, but is considered "false topaz".

of filling the fissures that may be present in a diamond with a solid substance, such as a glass, that reacts to light in ways similar to diamond. As a result, the fissures become much less visible, which improves the apparent clarity of the diamond. Gem Nation does not sell clarity ~ ...

Iron is the source of its color and as a result it can be easily heat treated, (even by the sun's heat alone,) to darken red tones as the iron is oxidized. You should assume, unless informed otherwise, that any piece of carnelian has been ~ in this way.

Fortunately, China has taken over this role, and recent harvests have yielded breathtaking sizes and qualities of cultured freshwater pearls, in natural pinks, mauves and peaches, as well as color-~ blacks, bronzes and greys.

If an emerald looks high quality and has no inclusions, it is most likely synthetic as no natural emerald can be that perfect. Many emeralds that are used in jewelry are low quality and have been artificially ~ to improve their appearance.

Pink topaz is found in Pakistan and Russia. Today we also have blue topaz, which has a pale to medium blue color created by irradiation. Pale topaz which is ~ to become blue is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and China.

in the example here, the translucency in the crystal resulting from the white background when photographed, looks unnatural. By airbrushing in a white glow around the crystal the translucency looks more natural. Again, this is done with only the background pixels selected so nothing is ~ on ...

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