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Estate jewelry refers to previously owned jewelry. The category of estate jewelry includes antique and vintage jewelry as well as modern and contemporary.

Antique Estate Jewelry
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By definition the term simply means "previously owned", although many people today have confused the term to be interchangeable with antique jewelry.
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Estate Jewelry: The term does not necessarily refer to jewelry that has come from an estate, but simply jewelry that has been previously owned.
Etched: Very faintly carved decoration scratched onto the surface of a piece.

Estate jewelry - a term that refers to jewelry which has been previously owned, not necessarily from an estate.
Etching -A process which creates a design on metal or glass by using an acid. .

ESTATE JEWELRY Any previously owned jewelry offered for sale again. Also describes jewelry purchases from the estate of someone who is deceased.

Estate jewelry or vintage jewelry is often known as period jewelry too. Jewelry thus classified may belong to many eras such as Georgian, Victorian and Art Nouveau. What do all these terms mean?

Estate Jewelry: Jewelry [usually fine] from the 50s to present day that was previously owned. Estate jewelry is also defined as any pre-owned jewelry that is not costume. This is NOT the same as jewelry purchased at an estate sale.

Estate jewelry, watches and contemporary pieces
Japanese and Chinese decorative arts including export porcelains
European, American and Contemporary Paintings
Rugs and carpets including desirable Heriz and Tabriz highlights ...

Our estate jewelry buyers sometimes happen upon beautiful spinel rings from the mid-century, and because spinel is so rare and expensive, we are particularly delighted when they find a wonderful spinel necklace.

Briolette diamonds necklace Briolette diamonds are found in antique and estate jewelry from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras. Briolettes are one of the earliest diamond cuts.

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On December 13th 2011 in New York City, the estate jewelry sale of our lifetime took place at legendary auction house, Christie's, ...

Demantoid, found in Russia's Ural mountains in the nineteenth century, is one of the most sought after prizes of estate jewelry.

A fine untreated cab is usually seen in antique estate jewelry or from specialists such as ourselves. We try to find fine, untreated cabochon sapphires, but they are part of a rare breed very seldom seen.

Not to be confused with the ubiquitous Pyrope dark red garnet usually associated with much estate jewelry, this gorgeous purple, pink red garnet is a beautiful gemstone.

It should not be confused with the ever-present Pyrope dark-red garnet, which is typically connected with estate jewelry. Also, this beautiful plum, cherry-red garnet is an attractive gemstone.

Jewelry Retailer: One who sells to the public (final consumer). The jewelry retailer takes on many different forms (e.g. chain stores, family owned stores, estate jewelry dealers, and discount outlet type stores).

Old-mine and old European cuts are deep-cut with small tables and relatively large culets, whereas the English round cut has a shallower crown and pavilion and larger table. Theses cuts are still commonly seen in estate jewelry of that era.

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Jewelry  Essonite  Etched

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