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Genuine: Unless the word "genuine" is included in the description of a piece of jewelry, it could simply be using the term to describe the color of the piece rather than its actual content. For example, "gold" meaning gold toned, rather than actual gold.

Genuine Stones
Genuine stones are treated or untreated natural stones. They may be kept as natural or untreated or may be treated to improve their appearance.

Genuine Cab Mozambique Garnet Pendnant Sterling Silver & 14K Yellow Gold Genuine Cab Almandine Garnet Pendnant
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It is common to see the following words when describing costume jewelry: amethyst, diamond, garnet, emerald, ruby, sapphire. These words should not be interpreted to mean the precious stones with these names.

~ Stone
A gemstone that is produced by nature without interference from man, other than cutting or fashioning. Do not confuse 'natural' with untreated gemstones.
The narrow band or edge separating the upper and lower faceted portions of a gem.

A ~ precious topaz is a rare, expensive and beautiful stone. This transparent variety of colored gemstones has an orthorhombic crystal structure with two or three phase inclusions.

CORAL (~): Skeleton of the coral polyp which was highly popular in fashionable English Victorian circles. Most coral used in Victorian jewelry came from the Mediterranean.

~ Swarovski ®
Crystal and Silver Chain by the Inch
This ~ Swarovski® Crystal and sterling silver chain is gorgeous!
Available in Crystal AB in any length from 4" to 36" (longer by request).
Swarovski® Crystal and sterling silver chain jewelry makes a great gift, ...

~ leather cord , brown, about 3 mm, 2 mm
~ leather cord , beige, about 5 mm in diameter(optional)
The ends of the ribbon , iron, nickel-free , antique red
Natural agate beads strands Mixed color, 10mm
Waxed Cord polyester , black
Brass magnetic clasps , oval , red copper ...

~ sapphires, including Ceylon sapphires are part of the Corundum gem family and are second only to diamonds in hardness. This strength makes them an excellent choice of jewelry because of their durability.

~ Gemstones are nothing but natural gemstones which are treated in some way to enhance its appearance. A large percentage of natural gemstones are treated to enhance their appearance for jewelry manufacturing.
Synthetic Gemstones ...

~ Pearl
A smooth, round growth formed naturally within the shell of a mollusk due to an irritant; used as a gem.
Gilt ...

~ foil backs: to improve the performance of a gemstone
False foil backs: to give a different color to a gemstone so to mimic another
Imitation foil backs: the same as a false foil back, but applied to glass (for example a chaton) ...

One ~ diamond (.005 carat) is set into each piece of 14K gold. The piece is then paved with diamond dust crystallized in enamel.
Diamond Table
The uppermost flat surface and biggest facet of a cut stone.

We offer ~ wholesale prices and, with our reduced administration fees for sellers, we ensure buyers are getting the best deals. Our No Reserve $1 auctions are also popular and offer good value for buyers.

Since all ~ pearls are grown over time by the oyster, they will vary in shape, luster and color. Because of this, there have developed over the centuries terminology to quantify a pearl's characteristics. These are not always consistent from one source to the next.

How to tell ~ from fake
Necklace Lengths

What's the best size to wear during the day or evening?

Prices of ~ Jewels
The prices of jewels are not stable. There is no law governing their prices, and there is no reason why these prices should not fluctuate with time and place. Each country, each nation carries its own temper.

You can have ~ly happy holidays if you take a long look at your holiday plans, and identify the areas which are making you uncomfortable or setting off alarms. For example: ...

ZIRCON A ~ and natural gemstone not to be confused with Cubic Zirconium, which is a synthetic. Zircon is common in colorless, blue and pink or rose varieties. Colorless Zircon was used as a Diamond simulant until Cubic Zirconia came along.
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Member American Gem Society ...

Cuillin Marbles
~ & distinctive Isle of Skye Marble.
A small craft company making gifts and jewellery
from polished Isle of Skye marble.

Trained individuals, despite claims of cubic zirconia manufacturers, also have little trouble distinguishing a ~ diamond when it is examined under at least 10 power magnification.

If you arrive early, you have a better chance at finding ~ bargains before another buyer recognizes their "true" value.
As with any purchase, you will be able to negotiate a better price if you are purchasing a larger quantity.

Jadeite and nephrite are both regarded in China as 'zhen yu', '~ jade'.

~ Star Rubies are usually not heat treated because heating can dissolve the rutile (silk) which causes the star to form in the first place.
Beware of Synthetic (Lab-made) Star Rubies! Synthetic star rubies jump out as way too perfect looking, i.e.

When one asks why ~ natural gemstones are so expensive, it is usually by way of comparison with synthetic stones, and other cheap man made imitations which are produced by the ton in factories.

~ turquoise; if the prefix were forgotten entirely much confusion would have been avoided; it is a strange anomaly that the ~ should sometimes have to have its ~ness accentuated by the meaningless prefix. o. vermeille. Bright carmine red to reddish sapphire.

Synonyms are "gold topaz," "Madeira topaz" or "Spanish" topaz, although these citrines only superficially resemble ~ topaz because they share a similar color with that gem.

Each ~ Orchid content has been carefully filtered to remove the junk from the ~. Each is formatted to make the list content as clean and readable as possible. Flames are not allowed (though sometimes comments come near that boundary).

~ natural gems are mined, not grown in a laboratory. If you are looking at a very clean and brilliant one carat Ruby or Emerald for two hundred dollars in a gold mounting you can bet it is lab created.

Xui Jade: (also called "Xiuyan Jade") is not a ~ Jadeite or Nephrite, rather a form of Serpentine - Mg6[Si4O10](OH) - named after Xiuyan city in LiaoNing province of northeastern China where it is mined.

And we know that some people don't want to invest in ~ gemstones, or are perhaps looking for low-cost jewelry that is safe for travelling. That is why we offer a budget-friendly alternative to the real thing with our imitation gemstone jewelry.

Susan Lenart Kazmer comes across as a ~ artist who wants to share her love of cold connections and jewelry art. She is also amazingly knowledgeable.

Opal triplets are composed of a rock quartz layer over ~ opal joined to a base. Triplets resist marring, and the quartz acts to play up the brilliance of the ~ stone.

On the whole, though, I would be wary of buying unsigned pieces, because much of what I have seen offered online, does not appear to be ~ McClelland Barclay jewelry.

How do I know if a diamond is ~?
You will not. You need to be an expert and use specialised equipment to make sure a diamond is real. Do not trust ideas like scratching a beer bottle (it may damage the diamond too), thermal conductivity, looking through, comparing weight, etc.

Gemstones set in gold or platinum merchandises are made entirely of gold or platinum and containing diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emerald, or other ~ gemstones.

They can be distinguished from ~ stones by several tests:
by revealing a ring around the gridle, especially when immersed in water or certain liquids and then viewed from the side
by having different specific gravity
by microscopic examination ...

Black glass stones used to simulate ~ jet.
fruit salad
Descriptive term for stones or jewelry containing stones which are molded in the shapes of fruit and/or leaves.

BOMA Majestic Earrings With ~ Turquoises in 925 Sterling silver. Total item weight 5.4g Length 38mm
PILGRIM SKANDERBORG, DENMARK Attractive Heart Necklace With ~ Crystals Made of Silver Base metal, Green Enamel and Blue . Total item weight 66.4g ...

A natural pearl (also called a ~ pearl) is a pearl that was produced in an oyster, freshwater mussel or other mollusk as a reaction to a tiny invading object that happened to be caught inside its shell.
A navette is a gemstone which is cut as a marquise.

Often intricately carved, ~ cinnabar is a soft stone that is bright or brick red in colour. It is made up of mercury sulphide, and often formed into beads.

Absolute is HSN's exclusive brand of high-quality simulated diamonds. Absolute is often combined with precious metals and ~ gemstones to create dramatic designs. Absolute stones are listed with diamond equivalency weights - to help you compare Absolute to ~ diamonds and gemstones.

We guarantee that all items offered in this schedule are ~ fossilised mammoth ivory and are exempt from CITES control. Information from CITES indicates that our suppliers are the only known UK importers of mammoth ivory.
See our full Mammoth range
Manicure Set ...

Much quartz is passed off as topaz on the market. Make sure to get "~ topaz" clearly written on your bill of sale. Look out for names like "Bohemian Topaz," or "Occidental Topaz."
A lot of topaz is irradiated and heat treated for color change. Have all treatments printed on your receipt.

You know that the customer who can afford a 10-carat, ~ stone is rare but a customer who can afford the same stone done in a synthetic is possible because it is affordable to them. This brings up the question, "what is a synthetic stone?

Imitation Stones...Substances used to look like a ~. ie: glass, plastic, etc.
Inclusions...Solid, gaseous, or liquid material of various types incorporated in a crystal during its formation and growth.
Intaglio...Incised carving; a sunken design, ie: cameo ...

Single-Cut Diamonds
~ diamonds, commonly used in watchcases, that contain only 18 facets.
Silver Tone
Jewelry finished with a silver color with very little appreciable measurement of weight in silver.

Turquoise ranges in color from sky blue to bluish green and can be clear blue or with black or copper matrix. Costume jewelry uses ~ turquoise, reconstituted turquoise, turquoise chip, treated stones, and synthetic stones. ~ stones can be identified by their cool feel.

The owners and principals must demonstrate that they are ~ly interested in high business ethics and that the firm exemplifies this belief.
The firm must have been in business for at least two years and must demonstrate financial stability.

Documents issued by gem labs attesting the ~ness and stating the quality of a diamond or other gemstone.
A diamond which has been laboratory graded, and certified as to quality. We offer certified diamonds for sale.

Certificates, Certification
Documents issued by gem labs attesting the ~ness and stating the quality of a diamond or other gemstone.
Certified A diamond which has been laboratory graded, and certified as to quality. We offer certified diamonds for sale.

Simulated stones - Natural or synthetic substances meant to resemble a ~ gemstone. Cubic zirconia is a diamond simulant.
Snake chain - A chain made up of round wavy metal rings joined side by side to form a flexible tube with a smooth, scaly texture like snake skin.

We use ~ parts and manufacturer suggested repair techniques and testing methods in all of our repairs.
Movements are completely disassembled during the overhaul process to fully check the condition of all parts.
We offer case and bracelet refinishing for most models of many brands.

Paste - A brilliant cut glass stone which has been made to resemble a ~ gemstone.
Patina - this term refers to the change in the surface layer of jewelry as a result of the aging process. Sterling silver is particularly susceptible to developing a patina over time.

Inlaying of gold or silver into ~ tortoise shell, ivory or horn.
A soft, heavy, gray metal that can be highly polished. At times platinum has a higher value than gold.

Geology of Helium
The gas in your party balloons is a ~ Earth product.
Phosphate in a Nutshell
This underappreciated substance is more important than you know.

Manufactured imitation of ~ diamond - see Diamantaire
Simulated Pearl
Glass beads coated in ground up iridescent nacre from fish scales ...

Constructed to look like the ~ article whether it be gem or metal, but lacking the crystal structure and chemical composition.
Insert: ...

Also known as Cubic Zirconia, this is a substance often used as a substitute to ~ diamonds. It is a carborundum substance and easily told from diamonds due to being heavier than diamonds.
To Top of Price of Diamonds ...

The two stones (2 5/8 and 1 3/8 carats) were immediately sent to a Little Rock jeweler named Charles S. Stifft, who soon confirmed that they were ~ blue-white diamonds of a "fine grade.

German term confirming that the item is made from ~ copper.
A design raised from the base in sheet metalwork, see embossing.

"French Ivory" is synthetic (imitation) ivory. It is molded from plastics (like celluloid) and is also called Ivoride, Ivorine, and "~ French Ivory."
French jet is black glass (pyrolusite glass) designed to imitate real jet. It was frequently carved.

This term, when applied to jewellery, usually relates to something having the signs or appearance of age. This can be ~ through the oxidation of metal, or artificially applied in order to make a component or beads look old.

Good quality Coral has an even color and has no fissures, spots, bands or cavities. Since ~ untreated Coral is rare, it is valuable.

There are however, gem quality green beryls which are not emeralds. All emeralds contain inclusions, which are evidence as to the ~ness of the stone. The name is derived from the Greek word Smaragdos, meaning "green stone". Emerald is the birthstone of the month of May.

Reconstructed stones - Stones made by fusing together small particles of the ~ stone.

In fact, some buyers prefer to purchase emeralds with inclusions rather than perfectly clean ones as the inclusions, which occur naturally, are a mark of ~ness. The inclusions are sometimes referred to as jardin or garden, and are considered natural features of the emerald.

In addition to the karat mark, every piece of gold jewelry should be stamped with a hallmark or trademark of its maker, and sometimes its country of origin. These designations assure you that you are buying ~ karat gold jewelry. Heavier pieces contain more gold.

" In 1954 a synthetic grainy spinel, colored with cobalt oxide, with a good lapis color made an appearance on the market. Inclusions of thin gold pieces simulated the pyrite and improved the character of the ~ stone.

laboratories give a report of their evaluation of a diamond that influences the price of the diamond. Certificates are minute details and characteristics of a diamond that are not visible to the naked eye. For a buyer, diamond certificate is an assurance that the product bought is ~ and is ...

Many thousands of inexpensive synthetic sapphires with an alexandrite-like color change have been sold as "alexandrite" for several decades, especially to tourists in resort areas. If you have serious reason to believe your stone is ~, ...

This type of inclusion is referred to as Jardin. It is extremely rare for any natural emerald to be free of Jardin, and some consider it to be a natural part of an emerald´s beauty. It is part of your gem´s character, and helps identify your emerald as a ~ gemstone.

Be careful of excellent man-made star sapphires that have been created 100% synthetically since the 1950's. 'Star Lindy' as they are referred to are not at all rare or expensive. These synthetic sapphires can be very attractive and in some cases deceptive, as they can look very similar to ~ ...

to accept precious gems such as rubies and sapphires in smaller sizes. Tiny gems that accent precious metal jewelry can be found for well under $500.00. If someone is offering to sell you a large precious gemstone (one carat or above) for less than $500.00, be wary. The gemstone may not be ~.

Chatham produces ~, quality gemstones that are identical physically, chemically, and visually to those produced by nature.Chatoyancy:A single streak of light, generally seen in a cabochon that resembles the slit in a cat's eye.

Vegetable ivory comes from the inner seed of the South American ivory palm and was used for small items, like dice. Synthetic ivory is made from plastics (like celluloid) and is called "French Ivory," Ivoride, Ivorine, or "~ French Ivory." ...

Thank you for taking the time to do all of the things that you do to help other people. Your generous spirit & ~ interest in helping others are qualities that I haven't seen very much of in this online stuff! I get this good vibe from you when I'm watching your videos! ...

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