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Gold finish

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A Russian gold finish is a matte, antique-look finish. Miriam Haskell jewelry often has a Russian gold (plated) finish.

Jewelry Making: Gold Finishing, Scribing & Assembly
Pickling & Acid Dipping Gold ...

Both yellow gold finish and white gold finish are equally popular. If you know the person, observe what kind they usually wear.10k and 14k are gold standards, 10k being more affordable than 14k.

The aquamarine with a textured gold finished with rustic look makes a bold fashion statement globally. Then the combination of aquamarine and platinum which is regarded as the purest of all metals, can become a festive statement, and can still retail its casual value much after the season is over.

A base metal that is electro-plated with gold or an alloy of gold. Also known as gold flash, gold finish or gold tone.
A layer of gold adhered or bonded to metal. The weight of gold must be 1/20 of the total weight or better and must be 10kt or better.

GOLD PLATE: A base metal that is electro-plated with gold or an alloy of gold. Also known as gold flash, ~ or gold tone.

New techniques for finishing as well as patterning and texturing on gold, added new dimension to jewelry design. Granulation, Florentine finishes, matte surfacing,( including a process that involved a scratch brush on a lathe lubricated with beer) and gilding were among the new ~ing ...

Gold Plate:A type of metal obtained by depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of a second, less expensive metal using chemicals or electrolysis. Also known as gold flash, ~ or gold tone.Graduated Multiple Length:A necklace consisting of several chains in varying lengths ...

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