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Gold Plated: Jewelry with a layer of gold on top of a base metal.
Hoop Earrings: Earrings in the shape of hoops.
Inlay: Setting stones into a channel or space so they lay flush with the surface of the metal.

Gold plated: A piece of jewelry with a wafer thin coating of gold electroplated or mechanically plated onto a base metal. The gold plating is often coated thicker when applied over 925 Sterling Silver and can last for many years.

Gold Plated Swarovski Crystal Music Box
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Gold-plated metal has a very thin layer of gold on the surface, usually applied by the process of electroplating. Pieces that are gold plated are often marked G.E.P., gold electroplate, gold plated, or electro-plaqu? d'or.

Gold Plated
A thin coating of electroplated or mechanically plated gold on top of a base metal.
Green Gold
An alloy of gold, silver, zinc, and often cadmium.

~ Jewelry employs a base metal which is then electroplated with gold. Usually a steel or brass item dipped into a bath of electroplating solution that deposits a thin layer of gold on the jewelry.

~ refers to a thin layer of plating of 10-karat gold or better which has been bonded to a base metal. The karat gold content may be less than 1/20, but it must be properly identified by weight in terms of total metal content.
Gold Standard ...

~ - ~ refers to an item with a layer at least 10 karat gold bonded to a base metal.
Gold Tone - Jewelry finished with a gold color.

~ - In this type of finish, a very thin layer of gold is applied on the surface, usually by electroplating. Jewelry pieces with this finish are often marked G.E.P, ~ or gold electroplate.

Means that a Base Metal, such as brass, has been covered with a thin layer of real gold. This must conform to an industry standard thickness of .15mm to .25mm and of at least 10 carats.

~ A thin layer of electroplated gold on base metal. All ~ items are not plated with fine gold; some are only plated gold in color. A marking of 14K H.G.E. or 18K H.G.E. (Heavy Gold Electroplate) for example would indicate that some amount of fine gold was actually used.

~ Jewellery (also known as GEP or GP)
~ jewellery describes jewellery that has a layer of gold applied to a base metal by an electrolytic process. This gives a look similar to karat gold. The gold plating will wear off after time. ~ jewellery is a cheap alternative.

~ usually means there is no actual gold content unless it is preceded by the karat, such as 18Kt ~ or 18Kt H.G.E. (heavy gold electroplate). This process usually results in a very thin layer being applied to the base metal which is measured in thousandths of an inch.

~ over silver
Silver is the "base" metal
For information on the care and cleaning of jewelry, please visit this article: Jewelry Care ...

Gilt - ~
Girandole - Style of earring or brooch where one large stone or decorative element suspends three smaller, pear-shaped pendants of similar design.
Gold-Filled - Base metal which has had 0.025 mm of gold bonded to it's surface. More durable than gold plate.

~ or gilded silver
A small ornamental bottle, meant to carry smelling salts or other aromatics ...

Gold Filled, ~ & Vermeil
Alternative types of gold jewelry include gold filled, ~ and vermeil. Over time, gold plating and vermeil will wear off, requiring re-plating.

An item where the center is generally made of base metal and a very thin layer of gold has been applied, often by electroplating. Gold plating is not very durable, but it is much less expensive than gold filled items.
Goldstone ...

Synonyms: "Gold Plate," "~," "Gold Overlay," "Rolled Gold Plate." The term must be preceded by the karat fineness of the plating, such as "14 Kt. Gold Filled," "14 Kt. G.F.," "14 Kt. Gold Plate," "14 Kt. G.P." or "14 Kt. Gold Overlay.

McClelland Barclay was a costume jewelry company that made very high quality pieces, often ~ with colored rhinestones and a geometric design. He also made jewelry pieces in sterling silver and trays in anodized aluminum and bronze.

This type of finish is referred to as ~ jewelry and normally has a reputation of not lasting long. Manufacturers of these types of chains often rely on putting a coating onto their chains to extend the wearing life of the product.

Vermeil (ver-may), a special type of ~ product, consists of a base of sterling silver that is coated or plated with gold.
Pewter items may be described and marked as such if they contain at least 90% tin.
Gemstones ...

The amethyst skull iamges has hinged jaw made from copper or bronze that ha s been ~.
And dish in front was for offerings of incense or seeds.skull is 5 inches ntall and has turqouise gemstones as eyes
Incasand pre Incas used skulls in their ceremonies gemstones and real skulls.

There is also some mention of wire, though just colored wire; this I found to be a little confusing since some of the projects use silver (not sure if it was fine, sterling, or colored in some cases), copper, and ~.

Acrylic (PMMA) Bioplast Blackline Glass Glow In The Dark Gold ~ Natural Materials PTFE Silicone Silver Surgical Steel Titanium Ultra Violet (UV) Zircon Gold » All Jewellery Materials
Places on Body ...

LAUREN G. ADAMS Stylish Necklace With 46.25ctw Cubic zirconia Well Made in Two tone Enamel, 14K/925 ~ Silver and Blue Nylon. Total item weight 29.1g
Terms & Jewelry Trade Jargon
ALLOY: Metals that are added to gold to provide strength and color variety.

Like- plain eyebrow rings made of silver, gold, platinum, titanium, steel or any other cheap metal, ~ steel rings, captive bead eyebrow rings, eyebrow barbells or ring set with diamond or color gemstone balls in gold and silver or curved eyebrow barbells and so on.

Flower brooch, unsigned as the
"Eisenberg Original Sterling" signature was rubbed off in polishing, 1943.
Assuming this to be a ~ brooch over sterling this is
a wonderful example of vermeil.
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Pinchbeck A metal (not found in today's jewelry) made from the combination of copper and zinc to look like gold. Wears very well. Often, mistaken for gold filled and ~ items. When the jewelry has a particularly pinkish gold cast to it, the content of copper is higher.

Since 1931, Ciner began producing high-end costume jewelry with very good quality stones (including Swarovski rhinestones) and 18-carat ~ finishes. Their "pearls" are specially made by coating glass beads with pearl luster many times.

A term ordinarily used to describe jewelry comprised of imitation stones and base metal, however some older costume jewelry contains inexpensive gemstones and ~ sterling
Cultured Pearl ...

A layer of 14kt gold is put over brass by heat and pressure bonding. Gold filled has an actual layer of gold, while ~ merely has a microscopic film. Gold vermeil by FTC standards has a 100 millionths of an inch layer of 14kt gold over sterling silver.

Base Metal - Base metal is a mixture of non precious metals. Typically a metal from the group; copper, aluminum, nickel, tin, zinc and lead. It is frequently used as a base for gold-filled, ~ or rolled gold plate coverings.

Vermeil is Gold-plated Sterling Silver. Gold-plating of base metals such as Brass or Bronze are sometimes erroneously referred to as Vermeil. When base metals are plated with thin layers of Gold, they should be referred to as ~, not Vermeil. (Pronounced: ver-may)
Victorian ...

If there is no apparent change, the piece is probably solid gold. A green streak on an otherwise unaffected surface indicates a ~ object made of base metal. If the entire area subjected to acid turns green, the piece consists entirely of base metal.

Of course there is a lot of tradition in crown jewelry as well, but I think the wealthy people had access to new designs and new ideas earlier on. But also, if you want to look at a pair of Greek earrings in a museum, a pair from a royal burial are usually far more spectacular than some ~ ...

10 karat gold is still legally called gold, but is very cheap and should be avoided. Some jewelry is simply ~ (termed gold filled), and is very inexpensive. Gold is attractive, wears well and has been used in jewelry and for coins for millenia.

white, platinum, rhodium, silver, gold filled, ~ etc. Testing metals and manufacturing process (cast, hand fabrication, die struck, machined)
General jewelry: Mass-produced vs. custom, antique and period vs.

A problem with the initial "kp" has occurred as some buyers mistakenly believe the mark stands for "~".Point:An industry term referring to a unit of weight, generally in regards to diamond carat weight. One point equates to 0.01 or 1/100 carats.

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