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Gold Tone: Jewelry finished with a gold color with almost no appreciable measurement of weight in actual gold.

Gold Tone
In its pure form, gold has a metallic luster with deep yellow in color, but when it is mixed or alloyed with other metals, such as silver, copper, zinc, nickel, platinum, palladium, etc.

Gold Tone - Jewelry finished with a gold color.
Golden Beryl - The colors of yellow beryl range from pale lemon to rich gold. Beryl with lush golden hues is sometimes referred to as heliodor.
Golden Finish - Jewelry with no actual gold content but finished with a gold look.

Gold toned - jewelry which is finished to look like gold, but has no actual gold content.

Gold Tone
Gold colored or electro-plated, not gold as in measurable in karats.
Gold Washed ...

~ is jewelry that is electro-plated with gold and has no measurable karat weight, or is gold colored. Provides an expensive look with a fraction of the cost of real gold.

Jewelry done in a gold color.
Golden finish
Jewelry done in a finish so that it has the look of gold.

119 - 4mm Hematite beads
4 - 5mm Hematite star beads
8 - 4mm Clear crystal beads
2 - 3mm ~ beads
2 - 15x6mm Oval shaped metal flower beads
*2 Eye glass holders
2 Bead tips
2 - 6mm Jump rings
About 2 1/2 feet of .014 or .015 Beading Wire
Wire cutters
Chain-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers ...

Warm: Choose gold jewellery or ~d pearls over white gold or platinum. Gemstones with earthy tones in brown, orange, green, yellow, peach and turquoise are a good choice.

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Trifari Leaf Pin
The leaf brooch above is beautifully-detailed ~ metal.

Trifari Poured Glass Pin
The brooch above is yellow poured glass and gold-tone metal.

A base metal that is electro-plated with gold or an alloy of gold. Also known as gold flash, gold finish or ~.
A layer of gold adhered or bonded to metal. The weight of gold must be 1/20 of the total weight or better and must be 10kt or better.

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While the color of a pearl is really a matter of the wearer's preference, usually rose or silver/white pearls tend to look best on fair skin, while cream and ~d pearls are flattering to darker complexions. There are also multi-colored pearl strands that have recently increased in popularity.

GOLD PLATE: A base metal that is electro-plated with gold or an alloy of gold. Also known as gold flash, gold finish or ~.

Oils, glasses and other fillings are also sometimes used, especially in Ruby. Occasionally irradiation is used, but most irradiation induced corundum colors are temporary and quickly fade in the sunlight. The most common radiation-induced color is a yellow to ~.

Gold Plate:A type of metal obtained by depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of a second, less expensive metal using chemicals or electrolysis. Also known as gold flash, gold finish or ~.Graduated Multiple Length:A necklace consisting of several chains in varying lengths ...

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