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G.P." or "14 Kt. Gold Overlay." When such plating weighs less than l/20th of the metal in the entire article, the term "Gold Plate," "Gold Plated," "Rolled Gold Plate," or "Gold Overlay" is preceded by a fraction showing the relative weight of the plating to all the metal in the article.

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Silver, Sterling, R.G.P., Plat, 10%Irid 90%Plat
What is karat gold?
24 karat Gold (also stated as 24K or 24Kt.) is 24 out of 24 parts gold or 100% pure gold. Another way of expressing gold content is .999 fine gold (999 out of 1000 parts gold).

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Gold Plate, Gold Filled, G.P., G.F., Rolled Gold, 1/20 - All of these mean the piece is Plated and the different terms refer to the thickness of the gold plating.
Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions
How can I test pearls and care for them?

Rolled gold is a very thin layer of gold that is applied to a lesser or base metal usually brass. Rolled gold metal pieces are marked rolled gold plate or R.G.P. or RGP.
Rose Finish
A type of finished jewelry that resembles to rose gold jewelry but actually does not contain any gold content.

The two layers of metal are heated under pressure to fuse them together. The sheet is them rolled into a very thin sheet and then used to make jewelry or other objects. Jewelry made from rolled gold wear well over time. Rolled gold pieces are marked rolled gold plate, R.G.P., or plaqu? d'or lamin?.

G.P. is used when the method is applied to gold of lesser carat and carat weight. Gold-filled jewelry has a much thicker layer of gold than does gold plate jewelry.

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