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Hallmarks are small impressions, struck in jewelry by official assay offices which serve as a type of consumer protection. Once a specific mark was impressed in the metal, the assay office would guarantee the fineness of the material used.

Hallmarks from around the world
In India jewelry is stamped with a Pt950 mark, shown on the right.

As with all precious metals, silver jewellery will carry a hallmark declaring its quality and authenticity.
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Silver Hallmarks
The four marks that can be found impressed on a piece of silver show its purity and where, when, and by whom it was made ...

Hallmarking is an official designation that can only be added to an item after it has been assayed to determine its purity by an Assay Office.

A stamp on gold, silver, or platinum by assay offices after the metal has been tested and determined to contain the proper amount of precious metals required by law.

Check the hallmarking on the piece (ie 14K stamped on inside of ring), and be sure it matches what the salesperson tells you the piece is. Be careful of phrases such as "solid gold plate" or "gold-filled".

A hallmark is the official mark stamped or inscribed in metal which indicates the fineness of the metal and the manufacturer. For example, a hallmark of 925 indicates the piece is 92.

A hallmark is an official mark (or a series of marks) made in metal that indicates the fineness of the metal and the manufacturer's mark. For example, a hallmark of 925 indicates 925 parts of gold per 1000 weight.

The hallmark depicted here is a French hallmark that was struck in jewelry in finished condition that were brought to be examined by the French assay office.

Hallmark: A form of consumer protection against fraud, hallmarks are simply marks stamped onto a precious metal by a legally appointed official after assaying to denote the amount of precious metal contained in a piece.

The most reliable method of ascertaining the purity of a sterling silver piece is to examine it for hallmarks.

Hallmark: A mark stamped on jewelry throughout much of the world to attest to the purity of the metal after assay. European hallmarks are legally required, and date back to the Early Middle Ages, an early form of consumer protection against fraud.

HALLMARK - A mark or number of marks made on gold or silver jewellery and other fabricated products to confirm that the quality is of the fineness marked on the item.

The mark stamped on some items of gold and silver, certifying the purity of the metal.

Hallmark Stamp -
The mark(s) stamped on most articles of gold and silver jewelry that designates the precious metal content and attests to the purity of the jewelry's metal.

See assay mark
The measure of how resistant a gemstone is to being scratched. The Mohs Scale of hardness ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest. Diamonds are rated 10 on the Mohs Scale ...

Hallmark - a mark indicating quality or excellence; in jewelry, a mark used to stamp gold and silver articles that meet established standards.
Hammered Finish - refers to an uneven finish, typically on a metal such as silver.

HALLMARKS: An official mark first adopted in England. The mark is incised, punched, or stamped on gold or silver to show quality and to signify purity of metal according to "sterling" or "carat" standard.

A quality mark indicating precious metal content (10kt, 14kt, 18kt, platinum, etc). Typically stamped on a jewelry item in an inconspicuous location (back, inside ring shank, etc.).

A mark, or number of marks, made on gold, silver items to confirm that its quality is up to the correct standard.

hallmark - today it refers to the mark placed on a piece of jewelry by the maker.
hard platinum - see iridium
hardening - the process of heating and working metal to reduce its malleability.

Hallmark - this is the term used for an official mark made on metal. It is used to indicate the metal content. Sometimes, the year of manufacture will be noted. Examples are 925 which indicates silver content, or 18K for gold content.

Hallmarking Association - International organization of administrative members of state-recognized hallmarking authorities for precious metals (bureaux de garantie)', established in 1965, to promote uniformity, ...

A mark stamped into precious metals to indicate its purity or fineness, the maker or sponsor, the Assay Office where it was tested, and the year that it was tested.

The mark stamped on the back of jewelry indicating the fineness or purity of the metal content. e.g. 925 for sterling silver.
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A Hallmark consists of five components -
The BIS Mark
The fineness number (corresponding to given Karatage)
The Assaying and Hallmarking Centre's mark
The jeweller's mark
The year of marking denoted by a code letter and decided by BIS (e.g.

Search hallmark Marks punched onto a piece of silver or gold that identify the place where the object was assayed for purity, the maker, and date.

Hallmarked Hand Made Fine Tanzanite Jewelry
The Tanzanite jewelry collection showcased here has been hand made to the highest standards. Each piece was designed around a fine Tanzanite Gemstone by Sheelagh Zagoritis.

Hallmark showing the office which assayed the metal used in a piece of jewelry (English)
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Hallmarks should not be confused with a manufacturing stamp which is unique to the manufacturer.
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Hallmark - A mark stamped on to attest to the purity of the metal after assay.

Hallmark - A mark or impression made on gold and silver bullion which indicate the producer and purity of the particular item. (See Assay, Mint Mark)
Ingot - A generic term used to describe a gold or silver bar. (See Bar) ...

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