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A pave diamond band
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A stone setting where the entire surface of a gem is covered or "paved" with tightly set stones. Commonly seen with diamonds, but may be used with any gemstone.
See also: Setting Sidestone
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Pave setting
The best way to compromise the quality with your lower budget is the Pave setting. Small pieces are paved inside the setting. Small pieces are carefully set with beads or grains of metals, usually gold or platinum to define a carpet of brilliance.

Stones are set closely together, separated by little beads of metal. Pave set accent stones can enhance a modest center stone. Traditionally, pave refers to a field or expanded area of beaded metal and stones. Above is a row of bead-set diamonds on each side of a cushion-cut diamond.

The pave setting allows light to reflect off the many facets of a diamond because it uses numerous small diamonds set with tiny prongs that create a continuous surface of radiance and shimmer. This setting type is preferred for engagement rings and earrings.

Pave settings are stones set very close together. The stones hide the underlying surface. In better pieces, claw settings are used; in less expensive pieces, the stones are simple glued in.

Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold
This Pave setting minimizes the appearance of the metal so the diamond band appears delicate on the finger. The diamonds are at least H color and SI2 clarity and are mounted on a 2mm band.
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Pave': (pah-VAY) A kind of setting in which small gemstones are set very close together resembling the paving done with bricks.
Pavilion: The pointed section of a cut gemstone just below the girdle ending in the culet.

A type of setting where a number of small stones are set together to resemble a cobble-stoned street. It literally means 'paved with diamonds.
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Pave Setting The method of setting stones very close together so that very little metal shows between them. My wedding set is a pave style. In the right light, it has quite the bling!
Precious Stones Rare and costly gems: diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Pave' Rhinestones or paste stones that look like a paved diamond road. They are glued in, not prong set but are so close together that they give a continuous pavement of sparkle ...

Pave Setting: This setting has tiny balls (10, 14, 18 k or platinum) to secure many gemstones in a pattern. Pave settings create the look of a path or field of gemstones. It has a high sparkle factor.

Pave setting-
Pave setting is an apt choice if bold design and huge ring are your priorities. The close layout of diamonds creates an illusion of one big diamond and also gives the impression of size.
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Pave-Set Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum for Men (0.40 ctw)
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Pave Setting
A setting in which small stones are set as close as possible, so that the piece literally looks "paved" with stones.
A transparent gemstone which is light olive green in color.

Pave: A type of setting where a number of small stones are set together. It literally means paved with diamonds.
Pavilion: Bottom of the stone, under the girdle, measuring to the culet. It is the area below the girdle consisting of 23 facets in the round brilliant cut diamond.

Pave Setting
(Pronounced 'pah-vey') A jewelry setting in which small gems (usually diamonds) are set very close together.
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Pave' Setting
A setting in which small stones are set as close as possible, so that the piece literally looks "paved" with stones.
A smooth, round growth formed naturally within the shell of a mollusk due to an irritant and used as a gem.

Pave: Pronounced 'par-vay', is when numerous small diamonds are mounted as close together as possible to create a diamond overlay that covers the metal on which it's set.
Pavilion: This is the bottom portion of the diamond, under the girdle, measuring to the culet.

Pave--A type of jewelry in which the setting is completely covered, literally "paved," with gems such as pearls.
Pearl--A nacreous growth inside a mollusk's shell, which forms around intruding irritants to protect the creature's delicate body.

Small stones set in the surface of metal as close together as possible.
The portion of a facetted gemstone below the girdle.

PAVE' SET: Stones placed so closely together that almost no metal shows between them.

(pah-VAY) very tightly set stones, as in a pavement; a gem setting technique in which the stones are set low and very closely spaced, so that the surface appears to be paved with gemstones. Most commonly seen with diamonds, but may be used with any stone.
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Pave Setting - This unique setting looks as if the piece is literally paved with stones.

Pave - the process of setting stones (notably rhinestones), where a number of small stones are set as closely together as possible. Better pieces use a claw setting. Less expensive pieces often have the stones simply glued in.

An attractive style of jewelry setting in which numerous small stones are mounted as close together as possible to create a sparkly stone shell.

pave, pavement, paviment - (pah-vay', pahv'mawn', pahv'i-mawn) A type of setting in which a number of small stones are set as closely together as possible.

Pave setting
Setting used to accommodate many small size Diamonds. The stone is hold in place by so called bead (short prongs). Sometime the beads are shared from two Diamonds at the same time. This setting is used to make the piece look richer in setting.

Pave set diamonds (1.30 carats in all) completely cover the top of this black ion-painted stainless steel ring. The ring is about 1" in width and will look right at home on your index or middle finger.
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Black Diamond Eternity Ring in 18K Yellow Gold ...

Pave Set Roman Numeral Wedding Band, 6mm
in 14k or 18k gold and platinum & natural gemstone and diamond
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Pave - French for pavement or cobblestone; a field of small gems set so close together they create a continuous paved effect.
Pearlescent - Term used to describe a surface with lustrous cloudy spectral colors like one might see in an oil slick or mother of pearl. Synonymous with iridescent ...

Pave Setting: A choice of confidence and individuality.
Like a metal honeycomb, small gemstones are placed very close together in tiny holes of the frame. No metal shows through so the effect is a paving of stones.

A style of gem setting where the stones are set very close together with a minimal amount of metal showing between them
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A process of gluing stones to cover a surface, like a "pavement". Pave' stones are popular in rhinestone, crystal, and bridal jewelry.
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Pave Setting
A type of setting where several small gems are set together to give the appearance of an uninterrupted surface.
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The pave setting, where the band is studded with diamonds seamlessly, is elegant and is becoming more popular. The idea is that smaller stones are set so close together that no metal can be seen between them. This maximizes the wattage of the ring without pushing the cost too high.

The word pave (pronounced as 'pa vay') came from the French word 'Pavé' means pavement. Pave setting is a setting method in which the surface of a jewelry item appears to be covered with tiny diamonds.

Learn to Pave a Cobblestone Fan for Dollhouse Streets and Patios
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Pave Setting:A style of setting where multiple, small gemstones are tightly clustered and adhered with beads of metal, giving the appearance of a "paved" surface.

Pave Set: Literally, paved-stone setting. A style of setting in which many small gemstones are set in extremely close proximity. The gemstones are generally all the same shape. They are bead set into a mass formation that effectively coats the metal surface.

Pave -A form of setting in which an entire area of metal is covered or paved with small stones set close together and secured with beads of gold. Prong - A setting consisting of a series of prongs or claws to hold a stone. Such settings usually consist of 4 or 6 prongs.

Jewelled watches, pave-set with diamonds, would have narrow straps of black moire silk or cord. Cartier introduced a square wristwatch, the case set with diamonds and onyx,
the bracelet strap consisting of rows of seed pearls interspersed with diamonds.

These earrings are often pave set with the gemstones.Diamond Station Eternity BandA piece of jewelry like a ring or bracelet wherein diamonds are set in a pattern repeatedly throughout the piece design.

Celluloid items for wear were often set with pave rhinestones. Celluloid is flammable and deteriorates easily if exposed to moisture, so care should be taken in its use and storage. CelluloidOrganic natural material that can be cut, rolled, folded, perforated, ironed, turned or embossed when heated.

These rings can also be combined with other setting styles like channel or pave settings for a unique look. These rings celebrate your past, present and future together. You can also find pendants and earrings in this style.

Hear how synthetic diamonds might pave the way for the electronics of the future.
The Culture of Freshwater Pearls
The least expensive cultured pearl product today rivals the quality of the most expensive natural pearls ever found.

A boule ring is a ring with a domed head which is usually set with pave set gemstones. It came in fashion around 1935. See also bombé.
1950's Gold and Diamond Boule Ring. Photo Courtesy of Lang Antiques.

[Ring with diamonds and Tsavorite pave' melee of .70 ct. tw., pendant with rubellite tourmaline and diamonds: .66 ct. tw.]
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Setting - A suitable setting for the diamond is selected and the mechanism used to hold the stones in place, such as the bezel, pave, channel and prong settings is chosen.
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Setting refers to the style in which a gemstone is held by precious metal into a mounting. Common settings include bezel, pave', channel or prong. Setting also refers to the part of jewelry in which one or more stones are set.
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The method of securing a gemstone to a piece of jewellery, usually metallic. There are nummerous kinds of settings, inlcuding arcade, bezel, channel, coronet, collet, chaton, and pave
A piece of jewellery usually in the shape of a bow, worn as a bodice ornament ...

Pink sapphires are a current fashion favorite. Jewelry designers are setting sapphires in bubblegum and powderpuff hues in platinum or white gold in exquisite styles adorned with pave diamonds.

Generally, designs are simpler and settings are designed for every day wear. You won't find many prong settings designed for men's rings. Instead, you'll see rings with channel, invisible, pave, bezel and other settings which are suitable for an active lifestyle.

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