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The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gifts
by Mathew Abraham
Quite naturally, weddings and births are something special. Both are part of the all important process of continuation of the human race.

The Perfect Diamond Anniversary Band
The diamond engagement ring came first. The wedding ring followed. Now is the time for the most perfect triplet to these sentimental favorites: the diamond anniversary band.

Novelty Gifts Perfect For Any Occasions
by: Thomson1
Total views: 531
Word Count: 478 ...

How to Pick A Perfect Pearl
From pearl grading, pearl pricing, and pearl sizing learn all the important tips for buying your next piece of pearl jewelry from the experts at IGI.
(Information courtesy of IGI) ...

How to Choose the Perfect Ring
College Class Rings
Buying A Colored Diamond Engagement Ring
How To Care For Your Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Replica Jewelry - Affordable Jewelry
Buying Diamonds For Cut, Carat And Clarity ...

Your wedding ring has to be of the perfect size of your finger, otherwise it becomes difficult to adorn it all day. The most crucial aspect to comfort is the right sizing of the ring. So it requires to be taken much care of.

They will fit together perfectly and can be your own creative creation.
Premium Ruby Rings: In the mood for the best quality ruby? These premium rubies can put some of the larger diamonds to shame.

Perfect: Cleaving occurs along a perfectly smooth plane
Excellent: Cleaving occurs along a very smooth plane
Distinct: Cleaving plane is well defined
Good: The cleaved surface has some imperfections ...

The style pendulum swung back again after that, as the influence of the Renaissance focussed attention back on ancient Greece and Rome, on classical ideas of proportion and the perfection of the circle, ...

Perfect Proposals
Proposing to your special someone? You may be relieved to know the element of surprise provides you with many options. You can choose how you want the surprise to unfold, as well as the degree of surprise.

Perfect Proportions
Proportions affect how light travels within the diamond. Diamonds that are cut too shallow and wide, or too deep and narrow lose light out the sides or bottom, causing the diamond to lose brilliance.

Perfect Match
Phenomenal Variety of Designs. From classic to elegant, you will find earrings suited for every occasion and every skill level.

Perfect, Perfection Only D colour and flawless diamonds should be described as perfect.

Perfect Fit Guarantee
This wedding engagement ring will be custom made in your size to fit you perfectly.

Perfectly Matched Pair of Excellently Cut Topaz Gemstones, Pear Cut, 5.9 carats
Emerald Shape Precious Golden Topaz Natural Real Loose Gem Stone, Quality Grade, AAA 9.00 x 7.00 mm ...

Perfect - The Federal Trade Commission considers it an unfair trade practice to use the word "perfect" or any other word, expression or representation of similar import, as descriptive of any diamond that discloses flaws, cracks, carbon spots, ...

Perfect Cleavage - See cleavage.
Pewter - This dull silver-colored alloy is made from tin, antimony and copper.
Phenomenal Gems - Gems that display unusual optical properties such as color change gems.

perfect - Diamonds. It is an unfair trade practice to use the word perfect, or any other word of similar import, as descriptive of any diamond which discloses flaws, cracks, carbon spots, clouds, ...

Perfect Cleavage
See cleavage.
Peridot is a gemstone in the Olivine mineral family. It exhibits a range of vibrant greens from yellow-green to olive green to brownish green. On the Mohs’ scale of hardness, peridot is 6.5-7.

Imperfect (I3)
Obvious inclusions very easy to locate with the unaided eye and which may threaten stone's durability.

The diamond imperfection grade at the low end of the 'flawless-to-imperfect' scale.

An imperfect gemstone contains any external blemish or internal inclusion or flaw that is visible to the unaided eye or that has a serious effect on the stone's durability.
Inclusion ...

The Perfect Diamond Ring
The smart groom-to-be does his research before buying his fiancée a diamond ring! There are more styles and cuts to choose from than ever before. It.s not enough to be educated about the four Cs of diamonds .

The Perfect Platinum Ring
Has a perfect fit
Our easy-to-use guide will help you find the correct ring size
How to determine your ring size ...

Your Perfect Gemstone
Gemstones are typically described in two major ways: 'precious' and 'semi-precious.' The precious gems are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The semi-precious gems are, well, everything else.

Surface Perfection
Subtle blemishes and tiny marks are part of a pearl's natural texture and proof of its genuine origin. These blemishes result from sea particles that drift into the oyster and brush against the pearl as it forms.

hexagonal (rhombohedral, prismatic, and virtually all other shapes in the hexagonal system and many combinations.) It can easily be cleaved to form perfect rhombohedrons.

Perfect on one crystal face parallel to long axis (001), and nearly perfect on a second face (110).
Mohs Scale hardness
3 - 3.5 ...

Perfect in all types of jewellery, it is an ideal substitute for white gold. Palladium jewellery at H.Samuel includes a stunning range of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

Perfect for high neckline garments such as turtle necks and crew necklines.

over 45 inches ...

Perfect round pearls are most valued.
Pick any shape you like, just make sure of uniformity on the string.

FTC rules state that a diamond must be free from any and all imperfections when examined by a trained expert with a 10X magnifier in ideal lighting conditions.

Perfection in emerald, as in all things, is among the most rare of nature's treasures. When they are mined from the earth, almost all emeralds have unique birthmarks that distinguish them as truly natural gemstones.

Perfect natural opals are extremely rare and expensive. Many are treated to enhance their appearance.

Perfect in one direction
Cat's eyes are known. Many tanzanites display a color shift from blue in daylight to violet in incandescent light.

Perfect for making quick fashion bracelets or for childrens projects. Simply add beads and knot together the ends (add a drop of glue for extra security). It comes in a variety of colours including clear.

A perfect diamond with perfect clarity, or clearness, is rare, but the good news is that most flaws that exist in jewelry grade diamonds can't be seen without looking at the gemstones through a jeweler's magnifying loupe.

A perfect crystal is bounded by plane faces which meet at angles specific for each kind of material (angle analysis can identify minerals).

A perfectly round cultured pearl is worth the highest value. However, a beautiful symmetrical drop shape is also highly valued.
Shape is divided into the following:
round, semi-round,
oval, drop,
semi-baroque, baroque
circled ...

"A perfect garnet," he exclaimed.
Investigation proved that the rocks were filled with beautiful red garnets. Morgan learned that rock and earth taken from the subway excavation have been dumped at Sheepshead Bay, so he went there.

Two perfect jewelry making combinations - wire and beads - add them together to some up with a huge assortment of earring projects.

The Perfect Ring
Engagement Rings
Wedding Rings
Engagement Ring Settings ...

one perfect (Joel Arem); three perfect (Richard T. Liddicoat)
conchoidal, uneven, and brittle ...

Are perfectly round in shape.
Semi-baroque pearls
Typically are not round and not irregular but are somewherein between, such as potato, pear, drop, button and egg shapes.

The perfect way to prepare for wearing a solid Ruby necklace is to dress in the Ruby Dream necklace for at least numerous months.

The perfect accessory for sipping margaritas! We believe that this gemstone from China's Hubei province is a magnesite or similar white stone that has been dyed green. Some of the beads display a very light matrix, while others show none.

The 'perfect pearl' is generally typified by a smooth, blemish-free surface, but in reality, very few authentic pearls are completely unmarked.

It is perfectly reasonable as a gem customer to ask to see your stone with a loupe or under a microscope. Look to see if the inclusions adversely affect the overall look of the gem or if they are severe enough to threaten its integrity.

Girdle Perfectly Round
Girdle Out-of-Round
Profile Cut Grade: An evaluation of a gemstone's symmetry, proportion, bulge, table size, and girdle thickness while viewing the stone from the side.

Yet the perfect sapphire is as rare as the finest work of art. Thus, over the centuries, we have developed methods to enhance the purest hues of sapphire.

Find the perfect diamond at Blue Nile Buy RARE Yellow Diamonds : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Yellow colored diamonds ownership is a rare privilege and they are appreciated and sought out by collectors and specialist jewelers worldwide.

Round - A perfectly round pearl.
Unit of weight, generally used in reference to diamond carat weight. 1 point is equivalent to 0.01 (1/100) carats.

Due to the perfect cleavage of this stone, handle it with great care.
The color of tanzanite is most intense in sizes above ten carats. Smaller tanzanites are usually pale in color.
Chanthaburi ...

This little perfect figure may seem to be a trifling matter on which to found an essay; and yet we shall find it connected with history and poetry.

In an ideal perfect world, alexes change from red to green. However, this is not usually the case. They tend to change from a brownish reddish raspberry to a grayish bluish green. Some stones only partially change color.

Cleavage: Perfect in one direction, good in another (at right angles to each other)
Fracture: Uneven to splintery
UV Reaction: Usually inert ...

Choose the Perfect Anniversary Ring
When it comes to selecting the perfect anniversary ring, there are some basic factors to consider; ring style, metal and setting type, diamond quality and width.

MUDDY. Imperfect crystallisation which obstructs the passage of light; exemplified by mud stirred in water.

This style is perfect for chains
of all lengths, and is very strong -
a good choice for a pendant chain.
Our sterling silver chains are different.

How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring
Determine What She Wants
Engagement Ring Common Buying Mistakes
Finding Her Ring Size
Matching Engagement Rings
Men's Engagement Rings
Ring Metals Guide
Choosing a Diamond Shape ...

RELATED TERMS: See Baroque, Button, Keishi, Mobe, Off Round, Potato, Rice, Rondelle and Round PearlsPendant:A decorative ornament that hangs from a necklace, earrings, or pinPerfectina Chain:A type of chain style where very small, ...

Looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, but you don't know enough about purchasing diamonds? The Diamond Buying Guide presents the information you need on "how to buy a diamond.

Only opal with a perfectly aligned grid of silica spheres will show play of color, which is created through diffraction of light across those spheres. The size of the spheres determine the wavelengths and therefore the colors seen.

I -1 : The Imperfect categories are such called because their clarity flaws and inclusions can be seen with the naked eye, and without the use of a loupe. They are inexpensive and have very little relative market value as diamonds go.

It can be just as perfect if you're not feeling so wonderful, but you might not want to go out while you're wearing it. I recommend wearing it against the heart and allowing your feelings to be released.

Original Diamonds perfectly cut Hearts and Arrows Diamonds (Free Viewer) ...

Due to demand for perfectly matched white pearl strands, cultured fresh and saltwater pearls are often bleached to achieve a uniform color. They may also be polished in tumblers to clean and improve their luster.

Necklaces are the perfect way to complete any outfit. Eve's Addiction's sterling silver necklace collection offers a variety of personalized necklaces, cz necklaces, birthstone necklaces, infinity necklaces, monogram pendants and so much more! ...

You've found the perfect girl...now how do you find the perfect ring? Enjoy our useful hints and tips.
Read More
Learn the differences between metals, their value, and maintenance so you can find the perfect jewelry for you! ...

To fit you with the perfect ring, we offer free consultations. We can help you to select the right style for your budget or custom design a unique wedding ring.

Color: A chemically perfect diamond is perfectly transparent, though there are few like that. Color can be added to a diamond through chemical or structural defects.

How to choose the perfect diamond?
The happiest occasions of our lives are often those which are capped by the giving of something precious; whether a diploma for the excited grad, or a certificate of thanks for a job well done, ...

Cleavage: perfect
Fracture: uneven
Occurrence: common in U.S.
Actinolite ... See also Tremolite, Nephrite
calcium magnesium (iron) silicate: Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2 ...

Originally, shell was commonly used, but as they grew in popularity, artisans began using manmade materials or stones like onyx and agate because they offered many varied layers of color perfect for creating their designs.

It is said to help the mind and body to remember - the mind, to remember information brought to bear during astral travel and channeling experiences; the body, to remember the state of perfection during disease in order to return to the natural ...

The uncombined atoms of the metals act as perfect spheres and are relatively inert; they tend to form lattices of face-centered cubic, body-centered cubic or hexagonal close-packed structure.

If the surface of your anvil or bench block is not perfectly smooth, the imperfections on the surface can be transferred to your wire and will mark your wire. One way to add texture to your wire is to hammer the wire into a textured surface.

Natural freshwater pearls are seldom perfectly round or even nearly round, more often than not they are baroque, slugs, or wings. Many pearls, both natural and cultured, have beautiful color and luster.

The dress clip, the most popular 1930s jewel, was exceedingly versatile and fit perfectly into the thrifty woman's wardrobe. In 1931, Parisian jeweler, Gaston Candas, invented a mechanism that trebled the dress clip's versatility.

Upon close inspection you will find that round Pearls are seldom perfectly round due to the fact that they form naturally.

The most valuable pearls are perfectly symmetrical, relatively large and naturally produced. They have a shimmering iridescence which is called orient luster.

Mystical Properties: Both earth and fire energies are captured within the pyrite stone; a perfect tool to assist in balancing (or activating) the root (1st) or base chakra.

The perfection of hope. The brilliance of joy. All these are a part of a couple's love for one another - a love that finds its ideal expression in a diamond. No other stone offers the clarity, brilliance, and breathtaking depth of a diamond.

Why on earth would anyone want to drill holes into a perfectly good diamond? It may seem counter-intuitive, but drilling this type of hole into a diamond can actually raise its clarity grade.

There are diverse preferences when it comes to shape in radiant cut diamonds, from a perfectly square 1.00 length to width ratio (any ratio of 1.05 or less will appear square to the naked eye), to a more traditional rectangle.

When searching for the perfect piece of gemstone jewelry, buyers often place too much concentration on the item itself without considering how the jewelry will be worn.

Pearl: Pearls are organic gems grown within oysters and other mollusks, which are most valued and sought after when they are perfectly round and are lustrous.

The key to crystal is it's perfect shape, and weight. For more than 100 years Swarovski crystals have been famous for their exceptional quality and clarity. Swavorski is a brand-name of Austrian Crystal.

Usage: Considered one of the most precious and perfect gemstones, Ruby symbolizes the sun, freedom and power. It is a sacred gem to the Buddhists, and are called "tears of Buddha".

Shape " While pearls come in many different shapes, those that are perfectly round are the most rare and therefore the highest quality and most valuable. Only about 1% are actually perfect spheres.

The cut is essential: only a perfect cut will underline the beauty of this valuable and precious stone in a way befitting the 'king of the gemstones'. However, a really perfect ruby is as rare as perfect love.

A perfect pear shaped white pearl; La Peregrina was one and a half inches in length. It has a long history of owners starting from a slave who found it in Panama and gave it up in return of his freedom.

How to design your bracelet so that it fits you perfectly.
The kinds of supplies you'll need for bead embroidery, and how they fit in to the projects as a whole. And why some supplies are better than others.

Perfected in Japan by Kokichi Mikimoto just prior to World War II, cultured-pearl farming yields pearls that are also produced by mollusks but their production is scientifically controlled.

Hearts & Arrows diamonds have three distinguishing factors - perfection in polish, symmetry, and proportion. This effect is attained when all the facets are precisely aligned and the diamonds are cut and polished to perfection.

Absolutely perfect diamonds, i.e. stones which are entirely free from inclusions, are rare exceptions. The purity of diamonds is rigorously appraised and classified according to an internationally recognized evaluative system.

A perfect cleavage results in regular flat faces resembling growth faces such as in mica, or calcite. A less well developed cleavage is said to be imperfect, or if very weak, a parting.

Ideal Cut diamonds are also round diamonds that are perfectly proportioned (having depth percentages and table percentages that some people feel produce a "perfect" balance of fire and brilliance).

Faux Pearl A pearl that is fashioned out of imperfect pearls and reconstituted to create a gemstone with nearly perfect dimensions while retaining the same luster as an intact pearl.

See also: See also: Jewel, Jewelry, Stone, Color, Gemstone

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