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Rolled gold plate is accomplished by mechanically plating or fusing a base metal sheet with a sheet of karat gold, at least 10K fineness. The karat gold covering is less that 1/20th of the total weight. Gold filled is the term used when there is a heavier coating of gold.

Rolled gold is a very thin sheet of gold that is laminated to a lesser metal (usually brass). The two layers of metal are heated under pressure to fuse them together. The sheet is them rolled into a very thin sheet and then used to make jewelry or other objects.

rolled gold
Gold plating that is laminated or rolled onto a base metal.
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Rolled Gold Plate Considerably thicker than regular gold plating or gold filled and it lasts longer.

ROLLED GOLD - The process in which a layer of carat gold alloy is mechanically bonded to another metal.
SCRAP GOLD - The broad term for any gold which is sent back to a refiner or processor for recycling
SILVER - Latin name Argentum. The chemical symbol is Ag.

Early 19th century type of goldplating
A pierced piece of metal or gemstone strung between the beads in a necklace ...

A sheet of a base metal is laminated with a very thin sheet of gold (which must be at least 10 carats). The two layers are heated to fuse them then the sheet is rolled into a thin sheet from which jewellery items are made.

~/~ Plate
The process in which a layer of carat gold alloy is mechanically bonded to another metal.

~ - gold plating which was popular in the early 19th century.
Rondelle - a piece of metal or gemstone which is pierced and then strung on beads in a necklace. Also spelled Rondel.
Rope Length Necklace - a single strand beaded necklace with is over 40" long. ...

Composite metal with thin gold cladding on brass or nickel-silver, rolled to thin strip for jewellery.
Scrap ...

This is a traditional process invented in the 19th century in which a sheet of gold is laminated to a base metal (usually brass). The two layers of metal are heated under pressure to fuse them together.

~ is a very thin layer of gold that is applied to a lesser or base metal usually brass. ~ metal pieces are marked ~ plate or R.G.P. or RGP.
Rose Finish
A type of finished jewelry that resembles to rose gold jewelry but actually does not contain any gold content.

R.P. = ~ or Silver Plate
E.P. = Gold or Silver Electroplate
G.F. = Gold Filled (usually preceded by numeral; i.e., 14K G.F. or 10K G.F.)
N.S. = Nickel Silver
G.S. = German Silver
B.M. = Britannia Metal
W.M. = White Metal
G.E.P. = Gold Electro-Plate ...

Gold-filled, gold overlay and ~ plate are terms used to describe jewelry that has a layer of at least 10 karat gold mechanically bonded to a base metal.

~-plating: The process of fusing gold to base metal was invented in the early 1800s. ~ plating achieves the look of gold at a fraction of the coast. Rondelle: A hollow metal bead that is generally strung in a necklace. Sometimes gemstones are cut into rondelles.
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The layer must be at least 10K gold and 5% of the total weight of the item. Gold Overlay and ~ Plate is the same as GF, except only 2.5% of the item must be gold. Viridian Gold does not sell gold filled products.

~ The fusing, or laminating, of a thin layer of gold over a base metal and then rolling it into a sheet. As the thickness of the gold can vary, the quality is expressed in microns if the layer of gold is uniform, otherwise in milli?mes.

punching the reverse side of the metal to form the design from the back side out Rhinestone Rock crystal which is faceted into beads, originally from the Rhine River Rivière Choker type necklace that is a continuous line of gemstones usually of graduated or equal size stones ~ ...

Gold - filled or ~ beads are usually 14 karat gold beads which have been heated and pressure bonded to a base-metal centre (such as nickel) and the gold layer is a thick coating of 14k gold which will not come off as time passes.

Thomas Lowe arrived in Providence from England in 1844, bringing with him the technique for forming ~ plate, a material that soon became crucial to the jewelry industry.

Synonyms: "Gold Plate," "Gold Plated," "Gold Overlay," "~ Plate." The term must be preceded by the karat fineness of the plating, such as "14 Kt. Gold Filled," "14 Kt. G.F.," "14 Kt. Gold Plate," "14 Kt. G.P." or "14 Kt. Gold Overlay.

Gold plate, ~ plate: The same as gold filled except the quantity of karat gold may be less than 1/20th of the total metal weight. (Typical quality mark-1/40th 12K RGP).

Gold Plate, Gold Filled, G.P., G.F., ~, 1/20 - All of these mean the piece is Plated and the different terms refer to the thickness of the gold plating.
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Welding is a process that joins two pieces of metal using very high heat. ~ is formed in this fashion.

" meaning 1/20th of the weight of the product is 12Kt gold. ~ plate is a form of gold filled commonly used in the manufacture of older watches. The backs of watch cases were marked 10K R.G.P or 14K R.G.P. to indicate the content of the gold in the outer layer.

Check that the watch is working properly and keeping good time. Repairs can be extremely costly. If the watch is sold as gold, look for hallmarks. Some watch cases were made of ~, or are marked 'gold back and front'; these are only plated with gold.

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Base Metal - Base metal is a mixture of non precious metals. Typically a metal from the group; copper, aluminum, nickel, tin, zinc and lead. It is frequently used as a base for gold-filled, gold plated or ~ plate coverings.

The term "~ Plate" or R.G.P. is used when the method is applied to gold of lesser carat and carat weight. Gold-filled jewelry has a much thicker layer of gold than does gold plate jewelry.

A confusing term that sometimes may be used to mean the same thing as gold fill, but also can mean a similar product that has a much lower gold content than the 1/20 required to be referred to as gold filled.
Rose Quartz
Another quartz semi-precious variety.

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