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Silver Facts
Silver shining beads have an allure that makes jewellery sparkle and liven up the dullest outfits. Pure silver is extremely malleable and lends itself to making very thin sheets and wires.

Silver plating in the 18th century and electroplating in the 19th century offered affordable alternatives to silver that were barely distinguishable from the real thing.

Silver Purity & Composition
Due to its high level of inherent softness, pure silver is actually too malleable to be used alone in jewelry making-it is easily dented and scratched when exposed to daily wear and tear.

Silver Jewelry
1: Warning - don't buy silver jewellery before reading this ...

Silver Pins
These top quality silver pins
are made in Mexico and are
guaranteed to be .925 sterling.

Silver and Crystal Autism Adjustable Puzzle Necklace
By Tammy Powley
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Silver Significance
Silver is relatively inexpensive today when you compare it to other precious metals like gold or platinum. This could lure one into believing that it isn't an important metal. That is a false assumption! ...

Silver Wire Tips
Tips for making jewelry using sterling silver jewelry wire ...

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Silver in its natural unalloyed state is 999/1000 pure, making it highly malleable and difficult to use. Thus in order to be used in jewelry, it is often combined with metallic alloys, such as copper to increase its strength and durability.

Silver is a precious metal and is always associated with success, glamour and wealth. Silver has been used in fashionable and glamorous jewellery throughout history.

The silver jewellery and accessories available at Blue Nile are made of beautiful sterling silver. For our collection, we have chosen classic designs created by some of the finest silver craftsmen.

Silver Selection
Silver jewelry comes in nearly every style and design imaginable. From assembly line Bali jewelry, to the finest designer pieces.

Silver Education
All About Silver
Jewelry.com is your source for silver jewelry information.

Silver has been known and used for thousands of years and was believed to have magical properties which could promote healing and bring good luck.

A soft white, lustrous metal, silver has been used in jewelry for ages. In its pure form, silver is a lustrous metal, which turns dark easily due to oxidization.

Silver Finish
Silver is also the brightest reflector of any metal (except for liquid mercury) and can be polished to a high sheen that even platinum can't achieve.

SILVER from Alva, Clackmannan, Scotland.
In the last couple of decades, waste dumps were scoured on a small and forgotten occurence of cobalt and silver ore that was worked at the start of the 18th century (around 1715).

SILVER CAPES. Diamonds having a very slight tint of yellow.
SKIP. A bucket employed in narrow or inclined mine shafts, where the hoisting device must be confined between guides.

Silver: Gold Ratio
The number of ounces of silver that can be bought with one ounce of gold. Historically, the ratio has found equilibrium of around 15:1.

Mens Silver Bracelets
Mens Silver Bracelets are an attractive way to enhance the personal style and add a touch of elegance to a man's wardrobe.
Invisible Cut CZ Mens Sterling Silver Bracelet ...

Sterling silver Dove brooch by McClelland Barclay,
very clear 2 name signature and sterling silver quality mark.
It must be almost impossible not to run your hands over these soothing lines.

Silver is a lustrous, soft transition metal that is number 47 on the periodic table of chemical elements. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any element, and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal.

Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace Customizable
Sterling Silver Engraved Couples Message Ring Engravable
Gold Vermeil Monogram Necklace Customizable ...

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Copper improves the hardness of the metal without affecting the color. The copper provides durability and strength since 100% pure silver is too soft.

Body and Silver Jewelry Glossary
# (Top)
316L: 316 Low Carbon Steel, also known as surgical steel, is a steel alloy, widely used for body piercings in the United States.

Silver Topaz is colorless. Colorless topaz is often irradiated and heat treated to form blue topaz. Silver Topaz is sometimes called "white topaz".
Silver topaz is not enhanced.

Alpaca SilverThe same as nickel silver. No silver content. The term used most to describe some jewelry from Mexico and South America. Base MetalsNon-precious metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, etc.

See also: Sterling silver Alloy
Custom Jewelry
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Silver . . . will tarnish naturally through oxidisation, with higher silver content items tarnishing more slowly than sterling silver for example.

Silver has been used for jewelry since 3500 BC, when the Egyptians created ornaments out of silver. The word "sterling" is short for "Easterlings," a form of money used in 12th-century England.

Silver on gold
See our: Silver jewelry.
This technique was very often used with jewelry containing diamonds because jewelers of that time believed that only a silver mounting could render the true beauty of a precious stone.

Of all precious metals, silver reflects the most light and is therefore the brightest and whitest. This beautiful charecteristic make it very popular among jewelry lovers.

Silver - Silver is the most commonly used metal outside of Gold and Platinum in the jewelry industry.

silver-gilt - (see Vermeil)
Snake chain - Like the omega chain, the snake chain (also known as Brazilian chain) is also not made up of traditional linked rings.

Silver, also called fine (pure) silver, is the queen of metals and, Re gold and copper, is a versatile metal with thousands of different uses.

Silver Jewelry
Silver has been used by man in jewelry nearly as long as gold.

Silver, Sterling, R.G.P., Plat, 10%Irid 90%Plat
What is karat gold?

Silver: One of the three "precious metals" along with gold and platinum which has been used to make jewelry for thousands of years.

Silver Plate
Silver plated is where a base metal usually copper is coated with a layer of silver to stop it from corroding, also known as electroplating or EPNS.

Silver Necklaces and Chains
Our Silver Necklaces and Chains range includes a selection of fashion necklaces, chains and collars made from Mexican .925 silver and produced by small, independent workshops by hand.

Silver Plate A fine silver film deposited on a base metal by electrolysis, in the same kind of electrically-charged bath used to make gold electroplate. The film can be as thin as seven millionths of an inch.

Silver has a long history of being a popular and valuable precious metal having been mined in Europe as long ago as 4000BC. These days Peru, Mexico, US, Canada and Australia are the main sources of mined silver.

Silver Plating
Silver plating is a method of depositing a silver layer on other metal surface mainly for decorative purposes on household and jewelry items.
Rhodium Plating ...

Silver and Gold
Tradition demands a wedding ring made from precious metals.

Silver-lipped oyster
A South Sea type found usually around Australia which produces large and beautiful white and silvery white South Sea pearls.
South Sea cultured pearls ...

Silver is possibly the precious metal with the widest variety of uses. From electricity to photography and jewellery to artefacts, silver can be found in several different forms in both the modern and the ancient worlds.

A 'white' precious metal that is extremely malleable and combines well with other metals. Other 'white' precious metals include platinum, palladium, and white gold.

Silver Mist Jasper
This type of jasper is found in neutral colors with bands of gray, tan and cream. Some silver mist jasper is more green, with gray and tan-colored bands.
Silver Smoke Jasper ...

SILVER - Latin name Argentum. The chemical symbol is Ag.
SMELTING - The process of melting ores or concentrates to separate out the metal content from impurities.

Silver Tone
Jewelry with the look of silver.
Simulated Aquamarine
Manufactured imitation of a genuine aquamarine"a greenish-blue semiprecious stone.

silver plate
A fine silver film deposited on a base metal through electroplating. Base metal may be nickel, silver, copper, or brass.
simulated pearl ...

Silver - Lenox sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% copper, and is identified by the number 925 on the hallmark.
Kiln - oven used to fire or bake ceramics.

Silver (fine Silver) - .999 or 99.9% pure silver, occurring naturally in the earth. In this form, it is too soft to be used in jewelry.

SILVER GILT (see VERMEIL): Process of applying a thin coat of gold or yellow lacquer over silver, to produce a rich golden color.

Silver is a white, shiny, readily malleable and ductile metal. It has a number of superlative characteristics: for example, it is the most highly reflective of all metals and the best conductor of heat and electricity.

A precious metal that is commonly alloyed to create the more durable alloy known as sterling silver.
Signet Ring
A ring with letters (usually one's initials), or a design carved into it. A college ring is an example of a signet ring.

Silver plated or coated, not sterling silver.
Split Ring ...

Silver - A versatile metal, silver is used in multiple applications including jewelry. It is found in ore and is often associated with other metals.

Silvertone - jewelry which is finished to look like silver but has no actual silver content.

silver - n. 1. A metallic element, used in jewelry, coinage, dentistry, photography, as an electroplate, and in many other applications.

Silver solder
High strength copper-based soldering alloy containing silver to give good wetability and fluidity.
Sinchu ...

Silver Leaf Jasper: is a finely patterned and banded Jasper containing shades of cream, black, browns or reds. It is believed by some to provide protection and good luck.

Use Silver Alcohol Ink Sparingly
I was using this method to make some 'mottled' red and blue beads, intending to add silver splashes here and there. When I had used the dauber technique
Continue reading "Use Silver Alcohol Ink Sparingly" ...

980 silver The highest quality sterling silver with 980 parts out of 1000 parts pure silver (not used very often) and it tarnishes less than regular sterling.

Coin Silver: 90% (900 parts) pure silver and 10% (100 parts) metal alloy. A process of melting down coins done in the 19th century, and mostly discarded today.
Pricing ...

Black Silver: A black, naturally-occurring silver ore which is 68.8% silver, combined with antimony and sulfur.
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Nickel silver (also know as German silver) is an alloy consisting of mostly copper (roughly 60 percent), and approximately 20 percent nickel, about 20 percent zinc, and sometimes about 5 percent tin (then the alloy is called alpaca).

Agate, Silver Leaf
Silver Leaf agates are very grounding and balancing, they open the wearer for acceptance, protection and abundance. Brown, gray and creamy white with interesting patterns.
Amazonite ...

Nickel Silver: An alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc, which is a white metal but contains no actual silver.

German Silver - A misleading name as it has no silver at all. It is the same a nickel silver which contains nickel, copper and zinc.
Gold Electroplate - Gold electroplate is usually made by depositing a fine gold on a base metal, like brass.

Liquid silver: The term given to strands of small silver beads which were made by carefully slicing tubes of sterling silver into 1/8" pieces and stringing them together. A form of Heishi.

Nickel Silver - Alloy of mostly nickel. Resembles sterling silver with a deeper grey tone.
Also called German Silver.

Silver Jewellery cleaning
Line up a non metallic container with aluminium foil, fill out with hot water adding
a handful of washing soda, put all your jewellery and the tarnish will be gone in a few minutes.

Silver is much more plentiful than gold; however, silver tends to tarnish, making it less popular in some forms of jewelry. Like gold, silver is too soft for use in its pure state and must be combined with other metals for durability.

Silver is a beautiful choice as well. More affordable than gold and platinum, silver has been extremely popular lately with the recent trend toward white metals. Silver is not typically used for necklaces which contain expensive gemstones.

Silver is often associated with the feminine characteristics of compassion and empathy. Because of these traits, it helps to channel the positive energy of gemstone-including sapphires-into the body.

Silver does tarnish, although frequent wear will minimize tarnishing. Often silver takes on a "patina" or finish that results from the contact of the silver with the person's unique skin chemistry.

Silver Figure Eight Earrings
by TraceDesigns
Figogucci Chain
A chain with twisted, diamond-cut links that lie flat like a curb chain ...

Silver"Wiry specimen of the rare native metal.
Smithsonite"Carbonate of zinc appears in many forms.
Sodalite"Deep blue feldspathoid and a rock-carver's staple.

Silversmith: another almost extinct career but because of that some good options for independent service or original work, requires good marketing skills and probably training in Art School.

Silvertone - Jewelry finished with a silver color and looks like sterling but has no silver content.
Simulated stones - Natural or synthetic substances meant to resemble a genuine gemstone. Cubic zirconia is a diamond simulant.

Silver was used in Chinese traditional jewelry more often than gold and was gilded to prevent tarnishing. Silver and gold were frequently enameled in blue, a favorite color, and often decorated with blue kingfisher feathers.

Silversmith: is a person who works primarily making objects in solid silver; historically the training and guild organization of goldsmiths included silversmiths as well, and the two crafts remain largely overlapping.

A soft, white metallic element used in the manufacture of jewelry, silverware, coins and many branches of science, usually alloyed to harden it for use in jewelry and tableware
Single cut ...

Silver plated or coated.
Simulated Tortoise
Imitation of the mottled brown and yellow color found on tortise shells.

Silver tone
A term that generally denotes silver or rhodium plating that gives a silver color.
Simulated stone ...

Silver Certificate - A note (paper money) once redeemable for its face value in silver. (See Currency, Certificates) ...

Silver Select™
Anti-tarnish coating appied to sterling silver.
Simulated (stone) ...

Silver Finish
Jewelry finished to have the look of silver.
Slide Bracelet ...

Silvery gray precious metal often used for setting or mounting high quality diamonds as jewellery.
A sealed plastic packet containing a diamond or diamond.

A silver white metal that is lightweight and malleable
An opaque form of feldspar ...

A silvery white character is what makes white gold jewellery so appealing. In order to make the gold white, it is combined with metal alloys that are white in nature and plated with an extremely hard element called rhodium.

A silvertone alloy of tin, cadmium, lead and zinc, also known as base metal or white metal.
poured glass ...

A silver-colored gold caused by the presence of nickel, platinum or zinc.
white hearts
A core of white, wound glass found in the center of red eye and cranberry carnelian beads.

The silvery glow that floats across the surface of a gem somewhat like a moonbeam across a fog enshrouded lake, is called Adularescence, or the Moonstone effect.

Pure silver is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily damaged, so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. The most popular of these alloys is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% silver and 7.

AgCl Silver Chloride
colorless, pearly gray to brown, decomposes to violet or black upon exposure to sunlight streak: white ...

Hold silvery hematite and look at its shiny, reflective surface. Imagine that it's deflecting all negativity from others, leaving you in a place where your own positive emotions are a lifeline that others reach for.

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