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Silver purity

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Like gold, pure silver or fine silver is relatively soft and pliable. Because of this, fine jewelry can be easily damaged if created from pure silver.

Silver Purity
In its pure form silver is almost as soft as gold, and therefore is usually alloyed with copper for strength. Karatage is not marked because, legally, anything called "silver" or "sterling silver" is 92.5% pure.

Coin Silver - can have 80% or 90% silver purity.
(see full article on Sterling Silver)
Cone - (see Bead Cap) ...

The commonest British standard of silver purity, dating back to the currency in use in England in the 14th century, comprising 92.5% pure silver and the balance of copper and other traces. Now widely accepted as an international standard.

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Jewelry  Silver plate  Silver tone

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