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Solid gold refers to 24 karat gold, or fine/pure gold. In 1967 the Federal Trade Commission approved the use of the term solid gold for items that are not hollow and are made of gold alloys. These articles must have a fineness of at least 10k.

Solid gold refers to an item made of any karat gold, if the inside of the item is not hollow. The proportion of gold in the piece of jewelry still is determined by the karat mark.

Solid Gold
As per the rules of the Federal Trade Commission, the term 'solid gold' can be used for items which are not hollow and contain at least 10 karat or finer gold.
Stainless steel ...

Solid Gold
In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission permits any article of 10 carat gold or more that is not hollow to be called solid gold.
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14k Solid Gold Heart-shaped Ruby French Clip Earrings
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Amethyst is the birthstone of February and, when carved into the shape of a heart, makes the perfect Valentine's Day surprise (especially if the birthday of the recipient happens to fall in the month of February).

~ will not rust, but frequent use can cause it to lose some of its original luster and accumulate smudges and dirt. To help maintain your gold jewelry's radiant shine, we recommend cleaning it periodically with a mixture of gentle detergent and warm water.

~: A term that some would reserve for fine or 24K gold because it contains no other metals (alloys); however, in 1967, the Federal Trade Commission held that '~' may be used to describe articles that do not have a hollow center and are at least 10K or finer alloy, ...

"~" refers to an item that contains some gold (at least 10K) and is not hollow. "Gold-filled" is a process by which a layer of gold (at least 10K) is mechanically bonded to a base metal.

~Fine gold or gold of 24 karat. The term "~" should not be applied to articles of lesser quality. Sterling SilverMust be 925/1000 (92.5%) fine silver and 75/1000 (7.5%) copper. This proportion is fixed by law.

com can custom make 18 K ~ and diamond, 18K gold and opal or Swarovski crystal ID tags, pink sapphire and matching chantilly bell tags, Lavo Spectrum tags, Kaleidoscope crystal tags and jeweled Calliope bell tags in short Luxury Designer Pet ID tags with matching collars.

“In the year 1635 great rejoicings were made upon the birth of the Prince (Suliman Sheko), and the Emperor, on the occasion, mounted a new throne made of ~, embossed with precious stones.

Chain: Viridian Gold carries 14K and 10K ~ chain in a variety of popular styles. Chain may be worn by itself, or with a pendant or slide. For typical length uses, see table under Chain length below.

Be careful of phrases such as "~ plate" or "gold-filled". Though these sound okay at first, careful consideration of their true meaning shows them to be very misleading.

You will see the term ~ mentioned at online jewelry stores and at regular fine jewellery stores. Gold is normally named ~ when it is karat gold or fine gold. For example 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k gold is often said to be ~.

Muslim pieces were rarely made of ~, but were hollow and filled with lac, a dark red, transparent resin.

These two-tone rings are ~, over sterling silver. The rings, featured by Camelot Bridal, are made from two seamless die-struck pieces and fused together to create a comfortable, durable and substantial ring.

These were often of ~ and eight inches long or longer. Gold was the most popular in the making of bracelets, too. Bracelets were not only worn at the wrist, but on every section of the arm.

Vermeil Vehr-MAY - A substantial amount of gold chemically bonded to sterling silver and looks so much like ~ that it is difficult to tell the difference.
White gold - Gold alloy made of nickel; sometimes contains palladium or zinc; developed in 1912 to mimic platinum.

Usually there is a simple prong setting, along with a ~ or platinum band. The most popular stone shapes for solitaire rings include round, princess, emerald, marquise cushion, heart, pear and oval. Click here to learn more about diamond shapes.

The wealth and power of the Mycenaean civilization was well documented in Homer's Iliad, where King Agamemnon led the Greek army against Troy. The ~ funeral mask known as the "Mask of Agamemnon" (below, left) was found within the shaft graves at Mycenae, ...

Vermeil: (Vehr-MAY) A substantial amount of real gold which has been chemically bonded to sterling silver. The finish looks so much like ~ that, except for the price, it is difficult to tell the difference.

Commonly, the amount of gold used must make up at least 5% of the total weight and all exterior portions are ~. Most gold-filled jewelry pieces tend to be 18Kt, but every piece of Gold-Filled jewelry should be labeled with its Karatage.

Although not ~, this method produces items that wear well over time. Rolled gold pieces are often marked rolled gold plate, "RG" or "RGP". The proportion of gold is identified by weight in terms of total metal content (e.g. 1/20).

If there is no apparent change, the piece is probably ~. A green streak on an otherwise unaffected surface indicates a gold plated object made of base metal. If the entire area subjected to acid turns green, the piece consists entirely of base metal.

gold - A term that some would reserve for fine or 24 karat gold for the reason that an admixture of copper, silver or other elements results in a metal that is not solidly, or purely, gold. However, in an advisory opinion dated June 13, 1967, the Federal Trade Commission held that "~" ...

Gold used in jewelry is almost always alloyed with other metals since gold in its pure form is very soft and malleable, and would not wear well by itself. Much gold jewelry from the 19th century and before is not marked. Tests must be done to determine if it is ~ and to determine purity.

Tests must be done to determine if it is ~ and to determine purity. GoldplateA layer of gold applied to base metal, usually by electroplating. This is usually a very thin layer, only a few microns, which is likely to wear much more quickly than gold-filled.

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