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Solitaire Diamonds
When we talk of solitaires, these are single precious stones or a piece of jewelry with a single precious stone in it. Diamond solitaires are so unique---as though indicating that the person is confident and exciting in a way that deserves respect and attention.

Classic Solitaire Ring in Yellow Gold
Comfort-Fit Solitaire Ring in White Gold (2mm)
Comfort-Fit Solitaire Ring in Yellow Gold (2mm) ...

Pearl Solitaire
Floater necklaces on invisible cord started the trend, and the solitaire pearl is taking center stage. One exquisite pearl, suspended by seemingly invisible line floats in the hollow of your neck.

Diamond Solitaire Ring
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Customize This Solitaire Engagement Ring with Gemstones in Gold and Platinum
Build Your Own 3 Stone Engagement Ring with Natural Gemstones and Diamonds
Customize This Halo Engagement Ring Set in Petite Pave Diamond Ring in Gold or Platinum ...

Solitaire Setting
The solitaire setting is timeless - perfect if you want a classic look or are hesitant to go with a more elaborate style. A central diamond is raised, making it visible from all sides and permitting a maximum amount of light to pass through it.

Solitaire Cathedral Setting - This ring is very popular. There is a band, very similar to the Solitaire Tiffany Setting. The difference is where the diamond is. To the left and right of the diamond, the band splits into two. On the bottom it meets to join and create the inside "band".

Solitaire Rings (Diamond Engagement Rings with a Solitaire)-
If a classic diamond engagement ring is something that you have in mind, there is nothing better than a Solitaire ring. It has always been one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring.

Solitaire Engagement Rings
A classic solitaire engagement ring puts a lot of emphasis on the diamond. Usually there is a simple prong setting, along with a solid gold or platinum band.

Solitaire wedding bands
Solitaire wedding bands generally have a single stone studded in either of 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver or some other metal. The diamond in these wedding bands may be of any shape like heart, oval, emerald, round or any other.

Solitaire: A pendant or ring with a single gemstone.
Spring Ring: One of the most common clasps on necklaces and bracelets. A clasp that features a ring which opens via a small, internal spring. Sometimes called a lobster claw when the clasp is stronger and more oblong.

Solitaire: Solitaire is the general descriptor of a single diamond or gemstone, mounted alone on the band. The setting varieties could include bezel, prong, or other styles.

Typically used to describe a ring or pendant set with a single gemstone.
Step cut ...

Ring containing a single diamond or gemstone.
symmetry ...

Solitaire Engagement Platinum Ring With Blue Diamond
Tapered Four Prong Solitaire Platinum Ring With Fancy Orange Yellow Diamond
14K Yellow Or White Gold Mens Engagement Ring With Fancy Orange-Yellow Diamond ...

Solitaire -
A single diamond in a metal setting, such as a rings, earrings, or necklaces.
Stainless Steel -
A strong metal that is less likely to rust or corrode than regular steel or other metals. Stainless steel is often used for watch cases and watch bracelets.

Solitaire: A single, (solitary), gemstone mounted in a simple setting, often found in a ring or pendant.
Sparkle: A measure of the light reflected out by a diamond or stone as it is viewed from different angles.
Spessartite: A red to brownish-red garnet composed of alumina manganese.

A solitaire is a ring set with a single stone, usually a diamond.

Solitaire: A single diamond or stone set by itself in mounting.
Step Cut: With rows of facets that resemble the steps of a staircase. The Emerald cut and Baguette are example of the step cut.

A simple piece of jewellery, usually a ring, set with a single gemstone, most often a diamond
A large, triangualr piece of jewellery, usually extending from the neck to the waist and worn as a bodice ornament ...

Solitaire A ring or other piece of jewellery containing a single diamond, or sometimes a single major diamond with smaller diamonds as embellishments.
Spotted A clarity grade below P3 (I3), now in danger of become obsolete, as P3 appears to have been extended to include lower grades.

Solitaire A solitaire, often found in rings and pendants, is a single stone in a simple setting. Compare Center Stone and Side Stone.

A ring set with a single stone, usually a diamond.
Sterling Silver
To qualify as "sterling" a given piece must be composed of at least 92.5% pure silver.

solitaire - a ring with a single gemstone as its prominent feature.
stripping - the process of removing a thin layer of metal from a surface. This can be done by immersion in acid or by reverse electroplating.

The word "solitaire" is derived from the French language, in which it means "solitary," "alone," or "eremite." When used in the jewelry context, the term refers to a piece of jewelry which features a single, usually large diamond as its focal point.

Solitaire - Often found in rings or pendants, a solitaire focuses attention on a single stone in a simple setting.
South Sea - Sometimes referred as the "queen" of cultured pearls, South Sea pearls are unusually large regal pearls primarily from Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Used to describe wither a ring with a single central stone or the central stone itself.

Solitaire: Generally used to describe a ring with a single center stone, or the stone itself.

Snake chain: Machine chain, round square, rectangular or oval; joints between links are curved to suggest snakeskin.

solitaire - French word meaning "alone," applied in jewelry-especially finger rings-to the mounting of a single diamond or other stone. Many engagement rings are thus mounted; the ring itself is also called a solitaire.
sonic watch - Watches with vibrating reeds or tuning forks.

Moissanite Solitaire Ring Collections
Moissanite Solitaire Rings #1 ...

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Solitaire diamond pendant have a timeless beauty that will complement all kinds of outfits and on all occasions.

Solitaire Ring: A solitaire ring is a very classic ring style. Often seen for engagement rings, solitaire rings feature a band with a single gemstone set above the band in a prong setting.

Solitaire rings are also popular as are matched pairs for stud earrings and side stones for diamond rings. There is a noticeable increase in demand for heart shaped diamond around Valentine's Day.

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Solitaire sets with pretty Nailsea or other colourful marbles are also likely to have received childish attentions; once again, set the board up to make sure it is complete.

Rings, earrings or necklaces that feature a single diamond in a metal setting.
South Sea Pearl ...

A term used to refer to a ring containing a single diamond or other gem.
Sparkle ...

A solitaire (single-stone) setting for a faceted stone consisting of six long, slender prongs.
Tiger's eye
A black quartz stone that, due to staining from iron oxide, contains yellow and golden brown stripes.

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Solitaire:A piece of jewelry, usually a ring, with a centerpoint, primary gemstone. Although the term solitaire implies one, there may be smaller, supporting stones on either side of the principal stone.

Solitaire: Solitaire simple means one stone. It can refer to a pendant, but is generally used in terms of rings, especially engagement rings. Spacer: A type of bead or bar that is threaded on a multi-strand necklace or bracelet to ensure that the strands remain separated and equally spaced.

Even though the solitaire is the traditional engagement style, there are no rules. Take a look at some settings with accent stones, or even a diamond pave. Why not make your engagement as individual as she is?

We have hundreds of solitaire, three-stone and multi stone settings to choose from. Or, if you've seen something you especially like elsewhere, send us a photo, or even a drawing of the setting and we can make it for you. Contact Us.

Usually refers to a solitaire mounting with a four or six prong head to hold the diamond. The shank is usually quite simple and narrow.
Treated Diamond
Any diamond that has been lasered, filled, coated or bombarded in a reactor to change the color or improve the appearance of the stone.

Lifetime Guaranteed Trade-In Value on Bridal Sets and Diamond Solitaires ...

A simple but elegant Diamond solitaire necklace can be made with any size or quality Diamond, creating price ranges from under $300 to over $10,000 dollars. If you own a Diamond that you do not wear, having it set in a solitaire necklace is very inexpensive.

'Colorless' or 'white' diamonds - the diamonds traditionally used for engagement rings, stud earrings and solitaire pendants - are evaluated on a color-grading scale developed by the GIA. It spans the alphabet from D to Z with D being colorless, and Z representing a light yellow tint.

Engagement Ring: Traditionally, this is a "solitaire" diamond, meaning that it consists of a single diamond set in a simple band. However, this diamond can be augmented with smaller diamonds on each side, forming a popular "three stone" setting.

This is a popular style when set in a solitaire engagement ring setting. A princess cut diamond will have anywhere from 45 to 58 facets. The four corners of a princess cut diamond must always be covered with prongs for protection against chipping.

Purchasing a diamond heart pendant is very different from purchasing a diamond solitaire ring where the main focus is the diamond. With a diamond heart pendant, the focal point is often the setting -- that which shapes the actual heart.

Also, it also comes in various forms and natures and can be place by themselves as solitaire gemstones or can have tiny diamonds and other faceted and coloured gemstones inserted as accessories to the main attribute stone, which of course is valuable opal.

Heart shaped diamonds are very popular in solitaire pendants as well as rings. When choosing a heart, symmetry is a very important characteristic, since it is critical that the two halves of the heart are identical.

The focus has moved away from traditional single-stone solitaires to bolder rings with fashion-forward accent stones studding the band.

A six-prong setting for solitaire diamonds introduced to the trade by Charles L. Tiffany in 1886.
Titanium's durability, lightweight, and resistance to denting and corrosion make it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

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A ring designed with two shanks assembled so that a solitaire ring may be inserted into it.
Rolling Ring
A ring usually consisting of three or more bands. As the ring is slid on and off the finger, the bands roll over one another.
Scalloped Set ...

Tiffany Setting
A solitaire (single-stone) setting for a facetted stone consisting of six long, slender prongs.
The relative lightness or darkness of a color.

A six prong setting that is generally used for round solitaire stones. Costume jewelry refers to most prong set solitaires as Tiffany settings.
Tiger's eye ...

The Tiffany setting is a ring with a high, six-pronged solitaire diamond on a simple circular band. This design was introduced by Tiffany & Co. in 1886.

However, it is also a very popular choice for solitaire rings. Due to its unbalanced shape, it is rare that it is set with side stones. Pear shaped diamonds vary in shape; an ideal pear shaped diamond is falls between a 1.5 and 1.0 length to width ratio.

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The Tiffany setting is a ring with a high, six-pronged solitaire diamond on a simple circular band. This design was introduced by Tiffany & Co. in 1886.

Ring or rings worn on each side of a solitaire, also sometimes fastened together at the bottom.
Hardness: ...

Trapezoid shaped cut diamonds, usually placed at the sides of a solitaire, or in ensembles of diamonds on a jewel.
White light ...

WRAPS: Rings designed to fit around a solitaire creating a unique look.
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The high pronged setting most common today for large stones such as a diamond solitaire, this setting was introduced by Tiffany & Co. in 1886.
Tortoise shell ...

Head refers part of the setting that holds the center stone or solitaire in place.
Heart Cut ...

The premier, most centrally located and usually largest stone in a jewelry setting with multiple stones. In settings with only one stone, the center stone also is called a solitaire.
One hundredth part of a meter or 10 millimeters.

Marquise diamonds are in a shape of a football; an elongated shape with pointed ends. This diamond is extremely gorgeous when displayed as a solitaire.

Our stores will provide you with warranty and service information appropriate for the item that you purchase. This information could include topics like cleaning and inspection, trade-in value on bridal sets and diamond solitaires, refund/exchange privilege, and general warranty conditions.

Tiffany Setting - Usually round and elevated setting with six long slender prongs that flare from the base. Commonly used for large stones such as diamond solitaires.

Tiffany setting - normally a rounded 6 pronged setting with thin prongs which flare out from the base. Introduced by Tiffany and Co. in 1886. Often used for large diamond solitaires today.

Fancy sapphires are pure individualism and are just made for lovers of individualistic coloured stone jewellery. They are currently available in a positively enchanting variety of designs - as ring stones, necklace pendants or ear jewellery, as solitaires, ...

Tiara (n) The word "tiara" is of Persian origin, meaning a decorative, flowered or jeweled headband, worn in the front of the hair, for special occasions.
Tiffany Mounting (n) Refers to a solitaire mounting with a four or six prong head to hold the diamond.

Tiffany Setting The high pronged setting most common today for large stones such as a diamond solitaire, this setting was introduced by Tiffany & Co. in 1886. Tortoise ShellA popular material for 19th century jewelry and haircombs, tortoiseshell was banned and is no longer used for these items.

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