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Latin for "that you take". A capias is a writ issued by a judge requesting that the sheriff take someone into custody, and hold the person until he or she may be brought into court.
Source : Delaware State Courts - First State Judiciary ...

: A writ requiring the marshal to take a defendant into custody.

Capias: An arrest warrant ordering the sheriff or another police officer to take a person into custody because he or she refuses to show up to court.
Capitalization: The conversation of income into value.

. That you take. A common-law writ commanding the sheriff to take a defendant into custody. Named from the emphatic word in the writ when expressed in Latin.

CAPIAS: An order issued by a Court to take an individual into custody. It is generally issued when a litigant fails to appear for a court hearing or trial.

, practice. This word, the signification of which is " that you take," is applicable to many heads of practice. Several writs and processes, commanding the sheriff to take the person of the defendant, are known by the name of .

Capias Mittimus: A civil arrest warrant used to get a person physically into court to respond to a specific case or claim.
Capital Felony: A criminal offense in which the death penalty may be imposed (C.G.S. '53a-54b).

(instanter) - Issuance of the arrest order with court direction to bring the named person before the court immediately, with no bond.
- A writ to the sheriff or other authorized agent to arrest the named person (nationwide).

CAPIAS(Latin): A class of writs that authorize a court officer to take a defendant into custody, or in other words, to arrest him/her.
CAPITAL OFFENSE: Offense that has death as a penalty.

An order, in the form of a legal document issued by a judge, to arrest an individual.
Capital Crime: ...

Capias - A bench warrant, issued when a defendant does not appear in court when required to do so; court-issued warrant for arrest.

ad satisfaciendum
Definition - Noun
[Medieval Latin, you may seize (the person) to (make him/her) satisfy (the claim)] ...

Engl. law. The name of a writ which lies for a person taken upon a capias or exigent and committed to prison, for another man of the... more ...

Recall Order - Court order recalling a warrant or (writ requiring an officer to take a named defendant into custody).
Record - All the documents and evidence plus transcripts of oral proceedings in a case.

By neglecting to sue the principal at the request of the surety, the latter is discharged. 18. By the discharge of a defendant, who has been arrested under a capias ad satisfaciendum. 19. By a certificate and discharge under the bankrupt laws.
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Law  Capacity  Capital case

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