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Latin for "that you take". A capias is a writ issued by a judge requesting that the sheriff take someone into custody, and hold the person until he or she may be brought into court.
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Capias: A writ requiring the marshal to take a defendant into custody.

Capias: An arrest warrant ordering the sheriff or another police officer to take a person into custody because he or she refuses to show up to court.
Capitalization: The conversation of income into value.

Capias. That you take. A common-law writ commanding the sheriff to take a defendant into custody. Named from the emphatic word in the writ when expressed in Latin.

CAPIAS: An order issued by a Court to take an individual into custody. It is generally issued when a litigant fails to appear for a court hearing or trial.

CAPIAS, practice. This word, the signification of which is " that you take," is applicable to many heads of practice. Several writs and processes, commanding the sheriff to take the person of the defendant, are known by the name of capias.

Capias Mittimus: A civil arrest warrant used to get a person physically into court to respond to a specific case or claim.
Capital Felony: A criminal offense in which the death penalty may be imposed (C.G.S. '53a-54b).

Capias (instanter) - Issuance of the arrest order with court direction to bring the named person before the court immediately, with no bond.
Capias - A writ to the sheriff or other authorized agent to arrest the named person (nationwide).

CAPIAS(Latin): A class of writs that authorize a court officer to take a defendant into custody, or in other words, to arrest him/her.
CAPITAL OFFENSE: Offense that has death as a penalty.

An order, in the form of a legal document issued by a judge, to arrest an individual.
Capital Crime: ...

Capias - A bench warrant, issued when a defendant does not appear in court when required to do so; court-issued warrant for arrest.

Capias ad satisfaciendum
Definition - Noun
[Medieval Latin, you may seize (the person) to (make him/her) satisfy (the claim)] ...

Engl. law. The name of a writ which lies for a person taken upon a capias or exigent and committed to prison, for another man of the... more ...

Recall Order - Court order recalling a warrant or capias (writ requiring an officer to take a named defendant into custody).
Record - All the documents and evidence plus transcripts of oral proceedings in a case.

By neglecting to sue the principal at the request of the surety, the latter is discharged. 18. By the discharge of a defendant, who has been arrested under a capias ad satisfaciendum. 19. By a certificate and discharge under the bankrupt laws.
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Law  Capacity  Capital case

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