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Conditional release

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conditional release
"Conditional release" includes but is not limited to the monitoring of mental and physical health treatment.
Oregon Legislature 1 ...

conditional release
A release from custody which imposes regulations on the activities and associations of the defendant. If a defendant fails to meet the conditions, the release is revoked.
Source : Utah State Courts ...

Unconditional Release: Also called a 'Discharge,' used in the same way in criminal courts as in mental health facilities.
Vacate Order: An order entered by the court which cancels an earlier court order.

An early and conditional release from incarceration in which the prisoner promises to heed certain conditions (usually set by a parole board) and under the ongoing supervision of a parole officer.
Any violation of those conditions would result in the return of the person to prison.

parole A conditional release from incarceration in the county jail or a state prison; upon violation of the conditions, parole may be revoked and the violator returned to incarceration.

parole: A conditional release from prison that allows the person being released to serve the rest of the sentence out of prison if all conditions of release are met.
partner support: In family law, court-ordered support of a registered domestic partner or ex-partner.

Supervised, conditional release of a prisoner before expiration of his/her sentence.
One who files a lawsuit or against whom a lawsuit is filed. ...

The supervised conditional release of a prisoner before the expiration of his/her sentence. If the parolee observes the conditions, he/she need not serve the rest of his/her term.
Parole Evidence:
Oral or verbal evidence; evidence given by word of mouth in court.

Parole - The conditional release from prison of a convict before the end of his sentence. If he observes the conditions, the parolee need not serve the remainder of his sentence.
Parties - The persons who are actively participating the legal proceeding.

[Old French, speech, word, prisoner's word of honor to fulfill stated conditions, from Late Latin parabola speech, parable, from Greek parabolÄ" comparison] : a conditional release of a prisoner ...
: a prisoner released on parole
Parricide ...

A Hezbollah cabinet minister rejects a call by Kofi Annan for the unconditional release of the two Israeli soldiers, in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701.(Haaretz) ...

DIVISION OF PAROLE: The agency that is responsible for the community supervision and reintegration of offenders released from prison by action of the Board of Parole, by conditional release, or those sentenced directly to parole supervision.

corrections: Public or privately operated community-based programs holding defendants in the community while providing them opportunities to work, attend school, or perform community services. The defendants may be there as part of a sentence or probation, or may be there as a conditional release ...

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