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A law or a statute; a document which is published as an enforceable set of written rules is said to be "enacted".

A document which is published as an enforceable set of written rules, creating a law or statute.

Enactment of a legislative body continuing for an indefinite period of time.
Per Se Doctrine:
Under this doctrine and activity such as price fixing can be declared as a violation of the antitrust laws without necessity of a court inquiring into the reasonableness of the activity.

Expanded Legal Definition of Emptio or EmtioEnactment A law or a statute; a document which is published as an enforceable set of written rules is said to be enacted.
Expanded Legal Definition of EnactmentEndorsement Something written on the back of a document.

: a veto of legislation that occurs indirectly when an executive refrains from signing the legislation and the adjournment of the legislature prevents its automatic enactment (as upon expiration of ...
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In Roman law, often synonymous with jus; also, a written law, a statute, an ~; the law of the Twelve Tables. In old English law, a collection of laws; as, the Roman or civil law.

propter defectum, on account of some personal objection, as alienage, infancy, old age, or the want of those qualifications required by legislative ~. 2d.

~ of the Hague Rules. Some of its key features is that a shipowner is liable for cargo damaged from "hook to hook", meaning from loading to discharge, unless it is exonerated under one of 13 exceptions to liability such as "Act of God", inherent nature of the goods, ...

Regulations: Rules and ~s of an administrative agency.
Rehabilitation mortgage: A mortgage that provides for the costs of repairing and improving a resale home or building.
Rehearing: A re-trial or reconsideration of a case or an issue by the court at the request of a party.

Statute - Legislative ~; it may be a single act of a legislature or a body of acts which are collected and arranged for a session of a legislature. (See statutory law.)
Statute of frauds - A statutory requirement that certain contracts must be in writing.

The construction of a law, made shortly after its ~, when the reasons for its passage were then fresh in the minds of the judges, is considered as of great weight: contemporanea expositio est optima et fortissima in lege. 1 Cranch, 299.
Source : Bouvier 1856
Language : English ...

Bill, Revisory
A bill that combines multiple ~s, corrects technical errors, and revises, renumbers, and rearranges the law.
Bill, Shell/Vehicle
A bill that makes no substantive change in the law.

Ex Post Facto: After the fact. The Constitution prohibits the ~ of ex post facto laws. These are laws that permit conviction and punishment for a lawful act performed before the law was changed and the act made illegal.

Bill 1) A statement of what is owed. 2) A legislative proposal for ~ of a law. 3) An old-fashioned term for various documents filed in lawsuits or criminal prosecutions.
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Rules and ~s of an administrative agency.
A re-trial or reconsideration of a case or an issue by the court at the request of a party.

Term: Regulations
Definition: Rules and ~s of an administrative agency.
Term: Rehearing
Definition: A re-trial or reconsideration of a case or an issue by the court at the request of a party.

(1) The act of legislating; preparation and ~ of laws; the laws enacted. (2) Law which has been enacted by legislature or other governing body.

n. 1) what is commonly called a "check" by which the signer requires the bank to pay a third party a sum of money. This is a holdover from the days when a person would draw up a "bill of exchange." 2) a statement of what is owed. 3) any paper money. 4) a legislative proposal for ~ ...

ex post facto After the fact; a statute is termed ex post facto if it purports to affect situations in existence at the time of its ~.
excerpt A portion of the record in a case, extracted and certified by the clerk for a specified purpose; the record is certified as an excerpt only.

A law which derives its authority from the common consent of the people, without any legislative ~. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 120. ... more ...

Common Law - The body of principles and rules based on judicial precedent rather than on legislative ~s.

CONSTABLE - An officer, generally elected by the people, who possesses power as a conservator of the peace at common law, and by virtue of various legislative ~s.

These acts also establish the procedure by which such claims are made. Before the ~ of tort claims acts, government bodies could not be sued without the specific permission of the government. The federal version is the Federal Tort Claims Act.

holds a person liable for the loss or suffering caused to a child, by making or causing to make a situation or event which may attract a child consequently leading to an accident, loss or damages. Eg. Leaving a pit uncovered or unfenced.2. Carelessly leaving a harmful object. Recent ~s ...

A formal written ~ of a legislative body, whether federal, state, city, or county.
stay - n. A stopping; the act of arresting a judicial proceeding by the order of a court. A stay is a suspension of the case or some designated proceedings within it.

The number required is determined by a fixed percentage of the votes cast for all candidates for governor at the general election preceding the filing of the petition. Initiative petitions for statutory ~s require six percent, currently 66,786 signatures. (See also: Referendum) ...

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