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(n) Foreseeability is the ability to anticipate the future events, outcomes or results of an action based on the circumstances, past experiences, apparent riders or reasonable sense expected of a human being.
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n. reasonable anticipation of the possible results of an action, such as what may happen if one is negligent or consequential damages resulting from breach of a contract.

FORESEEABILITY - A key issue in determining a person's liability. If a defendant could not reasonably have foreseen that someone might be hurt by his or her actions, then there may be no liability.

Proximate Cause - Cause sufficiently closely related to its effect, in time and foreseeability, to justify imposing legal consequences.
Public Defender - Attorney employed by government or appointed by court to represent indigent criminal defendants.

Reasonable Man Doctrine or Reasonable Man Standard: The standard which a person must adhere to in order to avoid civil liability for negligence is the standard of the reasonable man under all of the circumstances, including the foreseeability of harm to other persons, including the plaintiff.

1 : the quality or state of being foreseeable [reasonable of probable consequences "Gerwin v. Southeastern Cal. Ass'n of Seventh Day Adventists, 14 Cal. App. 3d 209 (1971)"] 2 : the doctrine esp. of ...
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