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Incompetent Evidence
Any evidence in form of documents or witness which is not admissible by the court because of its nature or because of its irrelevancy to the issue in the lawsuit and which has been strongly objected or opposed by the opposition ...

Incompetent - One who lacks ability, legal qualification, or fitness to manage his own affairs.

adj. 1) referring to a person who is not able to manage his/her affairs due to mental deficiency (low I.Q., deterioration, illness or psychosis) or sometimes physical disability.

Incompetent: A person lacking the capacity, legal qualification, or fitness to manage personal affairs or to discharge a required duty. A guardian may be appointed to conduct the affairs or protect the interests of an incompetent person.

INCOMPETENT EVIDENCE -- Inadmissible evident.
INCOME WITHHOLDING ORDER -- An order entered by the circuit court providing for the withholding of a person’s income to enforce a child support order.

incompetent evidence
n. testimony, documents or things which one side attempts to present as evidence during trial, ...

Incompetent: Lacking legal ability in some respect.
Indigent: An individual who is unable to afford the fees and costs related to a case.

The term incompetent is also used to describe a person who, by reason of youth or some other cause, is unable to testify as a witness.

inadmissible/incompetent evidenceInformation which is so unreliable it cannot be admitted under the established rules of evidence.
in cameraIn a judge's chambers; in private.

: the entrusting of a dangerous article (as a motor vehicle) to one who is reckless or too inexperienced or incompetent to use it safely ;also : a theory or doctrine making one liable for injury ...
Negligent Homicide
see homicide
Negotiable ...

Power of AttorneyA document that grants a person of your choice (usually called your agent or attorney-in-fact) legal authority to manage your financial affairs, effective immediately and whether or not you are incapacitated or incompetent.

" (A) physician (is) not incompetent to testify as an expert merely because he is not a specialist in the particular branch of his profession involved.

Historically, reasons for deeming a potential witness incompetent included past criminal convictions, religious beliefs (or lack thereof). Most of these disqualifications, however, have been abolished.

In some jurisdictions such witnesses are incompetent to testify (cannot testify). Witnesses are further protected by the Fifth Amendment privilege of withholding evidence that might be self-incriminating.

1 : a person, official, or institution appointed by a court to take over and manage the estate of an incompetent
compare committee curator guardian receiver tutor ...

Final Order: Under 730 CPL, an order of a judge committing someone found incompetent to stand trial for treatment of up to 90 days.

A court proceeding directing confinement of a mentally ill or incompetent person for treatment. The commitment proceeding may be either civil or criminal as well as voluntary or involuntary.
Oregon Secretary of State Archives Division 1 ...

" A person who files a lawsuit for a minor child or for a person who is incompetent acts as "guardian at litem" (guardian just for the purposes of the lawsuit).

A person, usually a relative, who appears in court on behalf of a minor or incompetent plaintiff, but who is not a party to the lawsuit. For example, children are often represented in court by their parents as "next friends."
next of kin ...

A court may declare that a person is incompetent after a hearing at which the person is present and/or represented by an attorney. A finding of incompetence may lead to the appointment of a conservator to manage the person's affairs.

Guardian: A person appointed by will or by law to assume responsibility for incompetent adults or minor children. If a parent dies, this will usually be the other parent. If both die, it probably will be a close relative.

Slang term for a court of law where a judge is either incompetent or biased to the point that justice is clearly being denied.
Source : LawyerIntl.com
Language : English ...

Guardian ad litem - A person appointed by a court to manage the interests of a minor or incompetent person whose property is involved in litigation.
Hearing - An in-court proceeding before a judge, generally open to the public.

Two persons appointed by the court to return a jury, when the sheriff and the coroner have been challenged as incompetent; in this case the elisors return the writ of venire directed to them, with a panel of the juror's names, ...

CONSERVATOR - A person or entity appointed by a court to manage the property and financial affairs of another person (usually someone who is incompetent).

Supreme Court case in which the Court held that family members could not refuse life-sustaining medical treatment -- such as a feeding tube -- on behalf of incompetent patients, ...

guardian ad litem: person appointed by a court to represent a minor or incompetent for purpose of some litigation
H ...

Guardian ad Litem - a person appointed by the court to represent the interest of a minor or incompetent during the litigation.

GUARDIAN - Person assigned by the court to take care of minor children or incompetent adults. Sometimes called a conservator.

Next Friend - One acting without formal appointment as guardian for the benefit of an infant, a person of unsound mind not judicially declared incompetent, or other person under some disability.

Guardian Ad Lietem
One appointed by a court in which litigation is pending to represent a ward (e.g., a minor or incompetent).
H ...

guardian ad litem: A court-appointed adult that represents a minor child or legally incompetent person. (See also ad litem.) ...

Term: Guardian Ad Lietem
Definition: One appointed by a court in which litigation is pending to represent a ward (e.g., a minor or incompetent).

the area of law dealing with the validity of wills, administration of estates and sometimes over the affairs of minors and persons adjudged incompetent.
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the child for a substantial period of time (at least 1 hour) in an isolated place by the use of physical force or threat of bodily harm without lawful authority or parental permission, or (2) an episode in which a minor child, a mentally incompetent ...

pattern among nations on a particular normative issue it is called customary international law or a customary international norm, and it attains the force of international law (for example, that countries should outlaw executing mentally incompetent ...

which the Crown assumed the protection of certain minors, orphans, and other persons in need of protection. It is a concept used by courts when acting on behalf of the states to protect and control the property and custody of minors and incompetent ...

See also: See also: Person, Court, Law, Attorn, Attorney

Law  Incompetence  Incompetent evidence

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