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In Camera interview with the Child
An in camera interview with a child is the judge speaking with the child in chambers, with the child's attorney (formerly called the law guardian) present. A court reporter must also be present to take down all statements and testimony.

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Eligibility Interview search for term
An officer from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will interview you to decide if you are eligible to make a claim.

In this five-part interview, Orin Kerr of the George Washington University Law School discusses his background in mechanical engineering and the law; clerking for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and Judge Leonard I.

Expanded Legal Definition of Actus Reus Non Facit Reum Nisi Mens Sit ReaAdministration of Justice The personnel, activity and structure of the justice system - courts and police - in the detection, investigation, apprehension, interviewing and trial of persons suspected of crime.

The letter and documents that tell an applicant of the date of the immigrant visa ~. It includes forms that the applicant must complete before the ~ and instructions for how to get ...
Apportion ...

Articles, Papers, and ~s
The Law of Intellectual Property: or an essay on the right of authors and inventors to a perpetual property in their ideas. by American individualist anarchist Lysander Spooner, 1855 ...

used against you in a court of law; You have the right to consult with a lawyer and have that lawyer present during any questioning; If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you if you so desire; If you choose to talk to the police officer, you have the right to stop the ~ at ...

ProbateA legal permission provided by a Probate Registry for someone to deal with someone else's estate after they die: A Probate Registry is an office where someone can be ~ed in order to be provided with a probate permission.

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A rejection letter sent after a job ~ or one which denies you the chance to ~ with an employer. Sometimes called a ding letter.
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Being incompetent can be the basis for appointment of a guardian or conservator (after a hearing in which the party who may be found to be incompetent has been ~ed by a court investigator and is present and/or represented by an attorney) to handle his/her person and/or affairs (often called ...

Fact-finding - A methodology employed to expose human rights violations by extensive investigation and ~ing of concerned officials and alleged victims, seeking accountability from responsible parties, identifying and securing a remedy for those whose rights have been violated, ...

Interrogation is the professional police and military technique of ~ing people, often without a signed consent, in order to obtain information regarding crimes or military operations.
Psychological or physical torture could be used during interrogation.
Source : LawyerIntl.com ...

Precognition - An ~ of a witness by a procurator fiscal or defence lawyer to help them find out more about a crime and prepare for a court case.

The process where police officers ~ witnesses, neighbors and others close to a crime scene to learn more about the crime.
Having legal authority or mental ability. Being of sound mind.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE AGENCY (CJA): A New York City agency that ~s defendants after arrest and makes recommendations concerning bail. New York City Criminal Justice Agency ...

Discovery: Procedures used to absorb information that pertains to the credibility of the opposing party's case. The term may also be used for the ~ procedure between the attorney and the client at the initial meeting. (See legal process and or the attorney section in your state) ...

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At the request of the judge, a family relations counselor may evaluate a family situation by ~ing each parent and the children in the family. The family relations counselor then writes a report for the judge, making recommendations about custody and visitation.

They will not have been involved with the actual incident but will look at all the paperwork, may see a patient for example, or visit a scene and ~ others. They will have a specialist field. In court, they are there to assist the court in understanding the case.

the condition of lacking the ability to handle one's affairs due to mental or physical incapacity. Before a condition of incompetency is officially declared by a court, a hearing must be held with the person who is involved ~ed by a court investigator; ...

VOIR DIRE - A French phrase that means "to speak the truth." The process of ~ing prospective jurors. Pronounced "vwa dear."
-W- ...

(v) Voir dire is the opportunity to examine the jurors before their appointment as regards to their integrity and balanced approach. Voir dire means to see the person and talk to him personally with a purpose to evaluate him. Jurors are ~ed by judges and attorneys before assigning the case ...

Pre-sentencing report: A report prepared by a probation department for a judicial officer to assist in the sentencing. Typically contains information about prior convictions, arrests, work history, family details and ~ between the probation department and the defendant.

District Offices are responsible for providing certain immigration services and benefits to people resident in their service area, and for enforcing immigration laws in that jurisdiction. Certain applications are filed directly with District Offices, many kinds of ~s are conducted at these ...

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