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Limine: (See "in limine" in Foreign Words Glossary).
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In Limine
Latin word meaning " at the threshold " or "at the outset". It is legal term used to pass a motion before the trial begins.

In limine
The Latin term "In limine" means, in a UK legal context: "at the outset, on the threshold".
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Limine - (See "in limine" in Foreign Words Glossary).
Limited Jurisdiction - Refers to courts that are limited in the types of criminal and civil cases they may hear.

A motion requesting that the court not allow certain evidence that might prejudice the jury.
Liquid Damages: ...

in limine
Motion in limine (Latin: "at the outset") is a motion, raised before or during trial, to exclude the presentation of certain evidence to the jury. If a question is to be decided in limine, it will be for the judge to decide.

In limine
Translated from the Latin as ’preliminary’, for example, when a writ petition is dismissed in limine, it is dismissed at the admission stage.
In pari delicto
When both the parties are equally in fault.

In limine
Latin: at the beginning or on the threshold. A motion "in limine" is a motion that is tabled by one of the parties at the very beginning of the legal procedures.
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In limine - At the outset, on the threshold
In loco parentis - In place of the parent
In omnibus - In every respect ...

in limine
(in lim-in-ay) from Latin for "at the threshold," referring to a motion before a trial begins. A motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence is such a motion.

in limine: Latin for "at the beginning" or "at the threshold," such as a motion in limine at the beginning of trial to ask that certain evidence be excluded.

in limine
(in lim-in-ay) from Latin for "at the threshold," referring to a ...
in loco parentis
prep. (in loh-coh pah-rent-iss) Latin for "instead of a parent" o...

in limine (LIM ih nee)
Motion requesting that court exclude certain evidence that might prejudice jury.
in personam (in per SO nam) ...

motion in limine - A written motion which is usually made before or after the beginning of a jury trial for a protective order against prejudicial questions and statements.

Motion in limine - Motion for order against admission or prejudicial statements or questions.
Motion to mitigate sentence - A motion to reduce the sentence.
Motion to seal/expunge - A motion to close records to public inspection.

Motion in Limine - A motion made by counsel requesting that information which might be prejudicial not be allowed to be heard in a case.

motion in limineA written motion for a protective order against prejudicial questions and statements.
multiplicity of actionsNumerous and unnecessary attempts to litigate the same issue.

Motion in Limine
A pretrial motion requesting the court to prohibit the other side from presenting, or even referring to, ...

Motion in Limine - A motion made outside the presence of a jury requesting that the court not allow certain evidence that might prejudice the jury. Usually heard before trial begins.

in limine - On or at the threshold; at the very beginning; preliminarily. Any motion, whether used before or during trial, by which exclusion is sought of anticipated prejudicial evidence.

See also acquittal, admissible, bench trial, evidence, in camera, indictment, jury instructions, mistrial, motion in limine, panel, pretrial conference, verdict, voir dire, witness
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PLEADING - A formal statement, generally written, propounding the case of action or the defense of a legal case. Pleadings may also have specific titles such as "Motion to Suppress," "Motion in Limine" or "Discovery Motion, ...

Motion In Limine
see motion
Motion To Lift The Automatic Stay
A request by a creditor to allow the creditor to take action against the debtor or the debtor's property that would otherwise be prohibited by the automatic stay.
Motion To Suppress ...

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Law  Life tenant  Limitation

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