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Limited jurisdiction

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Limited Jurisdiction - Refers to courts that are limited in the types of criminal and civil cases they may hear. For example, traffic violations generally are heard by limited jurisdiction courts.

Limited Jurisdiction
(n) Limited jurisdiction is the statutory limit of authority as regards to the quantum of dispute, type or magnitude of crime, parties involved in the dispute etc within which a court can accept a law suit to do a trial.

limited jurisdiction
n. courts' authority over certain types of cases such as bankruptcy, claims against the government, probate, family matters, ...

Limited Jurisdiction - Courts with limited jurisdiction may hear only certain kinds of cases and are precluded from hearing anything else.

Limited Jurisdiction Court
A Court which may hear and decide limited types of cases, in Arizona, these are the justice of the Peace and Municipal Courts.
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limited jurisdiction
Courts limited in types of cases they may hear. In Pennsylvania these courts include district justice courts, Philadelphia Municipal Court, Philadelphia Traffic Court and Pittsburgh Magistrates Court. Also called minor courts.

court of limited jurisdiction - LawyerIntl.com - English
omnis definitio in jure periculosa est - William C. Anderson, A Dictionary of Law (1893) - English ...

court of limited jurisdiction: A City Court, District Court or other court that has jurisdiction only over actions authorized by law.

Courts of limited jurisdiction - Includes district, municipal and police courts.
Crime - Conduct declared unlawful by a legislative body and for which there is a punishment of a jail or prison term, a fine or both.

Courts of Limited Jurisdiction In Washington, a general term referring to the district courts and municipal courts.

A court with limited jurisdiction over certain property cases, usually involving code violations and landlord-tenant issues.
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A trial court of limited jurisdiction. For more information, visit the Alaska Court System webpage.
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: a court established for each Louisiana parish and having limited jurisdiction over civil and less serious criminal matters
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magistrate's courts - The jurisdiction of these courts of limited jurisdiction differs from state to state. Such may be divisions of courts of general jurisdiction, and may have concurrent jurisdiction with other courts.

Family Court in New York is a court of limited jurisdiction. Family Court is created by statute, the Family Court Act, and as such, its authority is limited to what was specifically conferred by the Family Court Act.

Limited jurisdiction refers to monetary confines-such as cases under a certain amount (e.g., $5,000); specialized refers to types of cases-such as domestic relations cases or trusts and estates cases.

: a local court of limited jurisdiction usu. over minor civil and criminal actions, small claims, and some felony preliminaries which is presided over by a justice of the peace and which usu. follows summary procedure ...

Since admiralty courts, however, are courts of limited jurisdiction (which does not extend to nonmaritime matters), 28 USC ยง 1333(1), the "Savings to Suitors Clause, ...

Court inferior or inferior court. A court subordinate to another; or, a court of limited jurisdiction.
Court of law or of common law. Any court which administers justice according to the principles and forms of the common law.

The plaintiff can file either a small claims case or a regular civil (of limited jurisdiction) case in superior court. Small claims court is designed to be simple, quick, and less costly than a regular civil lawsuit.

Small Claims Court
A court of limited jurisdiction that hears and tries claims involving lesser sums of money.

Term: Small Claims Court
Definition: A court of limited jurisdiction that hears and tries claims involving lesser sums of money.

general jurisdictionJurisdiction which extends to all controversies brought before a court. In contrast, special or limited jurisdiction covers only a particular class of cases.

Such a court has not jurisdiction over a citizen of the United States not employed in military service. It has merely a limited jurisdiction, and to render its jurisdiction valid, it must appear to have acted within such jurisdiction.

By this term are understood all courts except the supreme courts. An inferior court is a court of limited jurisdiction, and it must appear on the face of its proceedings tliat it has jurisdiction, or its proceedings. will be void. 3 Bouv. Inst. n.

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