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Mittimus - The name of an order in writing, issuing from a court and directing the sheriff or other officer to convey a person to a prison, asylum, or reformatory, ...

Mittimus Judgment: Also called a Mitt. The formal document prepared by the court clerk to present a convicted defendant in a criminal case to the Department of Correction for incarceration.

Mittimus:Latin meaning, "we send". The name of a order issued from the court, directed to the sheriff or other law enforcement commanding him to receive and safely keep such person as listed with the conviction charges and sentence.

mittimus (MIT ih mus)
Written court order directing a jailer to receive and safely keep a person until ordered otherwise.
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it is bailable the jailer should be directed to keep the prisoner in his 'said custody for want of sureties, or until he shall be discharged by due course of law.' When the commitment is not final, it is usual to commit the prisoner 'for further hearing.' The commitment is also called a mittimus.

[Latin, we send] : a warrant issued to a sheriff commanding the delivery to prison of a person named in the warrant
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