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(n) Moitee is the half of the total involved in a right, event, activity etc to quantify the percentage of right or involvement. The Latin word ( moy-et-ee) means half.
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Half of something. For example, it can be said that joint tenants hold a moiety in property.
Also called a "moot point": a side issue, problem or question which does not have to be decided to resolve the main issues in a dispute.

Half of something. For example, it can be said that joint tenants hold a moiety in property. In old criminal law, there were "moiety acts" which allowed half of the fine money to be handed over to the informer.
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(moy-et-tee) n. half. Generally a reference to interest in real property, moiety is seldom used today.

Moiety: Half of anything. For example, joint tenants each hold a moiety of the property.
Mortgage: An interest given on land, in writing, to guarantee the payment of a debt or the execution of some action. It automatically becomes void when the debt is paid or the action is executed.

pl: -ties 1 : the state of being entire or complete [in its ] 2 : an undivided whole ;specif : an interest in real property that cannot be divided compare ~ by the entirety also by the ...
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hundred and forty-three, the house of representatives shall be composed of members elected agreeably to a ratio of one representative for every seventy thousand six hundred and eighty persons in each state, and ofone additional representative for each state having a fraction greater than one ~ ...

- Advowson of the ~ of the church, where there are two several patrons and two incumbents in the same churcb.
- A ~ of advowson, where two must join the presentation, of one incumbent.
- Advowson of religious houses, that whicb is vested in the person who founded such a house.
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One equal part of a thing divided into two parts, either in fact or in contemplation. A ~. This word is used in composition; as, half cent,... more
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Eng. practice, remedies. A writ of execution directed to the sheriff, commanding him to make delivery of a ~ of the party's land, and all his goods, beasts of the plough only excepted.

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