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No true bill

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No true bill: Finding by a grand jury that an indictment is not justified by the evidence.
Nolle prosequi: The notice that a prosecutor will no longer pursue charges, i.e., the dropping of charges.

No true bill - A finding by a grand jury that there is no probable cause to decide that a crime has been committed.
Nolle prosequi - The State Attorney declines to prosecute but may still initiate prosecution within one year.

No True Bill:
This phrase, endorsed by a grand jury on the written indictment submitted to it for its approval means that the evidence was found insufficient to indict.
No-Contest Clause: ...

If a Grand Jury rejects a proposed indictment, decided not to indict, it is known as a "no bill", "no true bill" or an "ignoramus".
If they accept to endorse a proposed indictment it is known as a true bill and the accused must then face a criminal trial on the charge(s) so returned.

No True Bill
: no bill at bill
No-Action Clause
: a clause in an insurance contract providing that the insurer does not have to pay unless and until a judgment against the insured is obtained
No-Action Letter
see letter
No-Asset Case ...

They hear evidence. In cases where they believe a trial is warranted they file indictments. In cases, where they believe a trial is not warrant and there is not probable cause they file a no true bill and the case ends prior to trial.

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