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Pendente lite

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Pendente Lite definition:
Latin: during litigation.
While litigation is ongoing.

Pendente Lite
It is an order which is in effect awaiting the lawsyit.These are court orders which are in effect when the case is in trial , or rights which cannot be enforced until the lawsuit is over as in divorce cases for temporary child support.
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Administrator Pendente Lite Latin for "administrator pending litigation." The person appointed by a court to begin probate proceedings during a lawsuit that challenges the will.

Pendente Lite:
Latin: during litigation. For example, if the validity of a will is challenged, ...

Pendente Lite: Latin for "while litigation is going on."
Perjury: The act of lying under oath in court.
Personal Jurisdiction: The power of the court to make orders regarding an individual and have them enforced.

~: temporary arrangements for custody, child support, child visitation, alimony, us and possession of the family home, etc., until a final hearing.
PETITION: a legal paper that starts a case.
PLAINTIFF: the person who started the case.

~: Latin for "while litigation is going on."
Per Curiam: By the court.
Percocet: A prescription pain reliever containing oxycodone and acetaminophen. Classified in the same category as Oxycontin, Percocet contains no more than 5mg of oxycodone.

(pen-den-tay lee-tay) adj. Latin for awaiting the litigation (lawsuit). It is applied to court orders (such as temporary child support) which are in effect until the case is tried, or rights which cannot be enforced until the lawsuit is over.

~ order: A court order made before final orders are granted.
Peremptory Challenge: The rejection of a prospective juror by the attorneys in a case, without having to give a reason. State law defines the number of peremptory challenges available.

~ Pending, or during the progress of, a lawsuit; an order ~ is an order that gives temporary relief to one party until the final outcome of the case.
per curiam See opinion, per curiam.
per diem Per day, or by the day; a sum of money of so much per day.

~: Describes orders made during the actual progress of the lawsuit prior to final disposition; from the Latin for "during the suit."
pending: The status of a case that is not yet resolved by the court. (See also active status.) ...

~. Pending the continuance of an action, while litigation continues.
2. An administrator is appointed, ~, when a will is contested. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1557. Vide ddministrator.

~ literally means "pending the trial" and is another way of saying temporary. A ~ order is designed to meet the reasonable needs of a spouse, and maintain the status quo until a final determination is made at the conclusion of a case.

~ (pen DEN tee LYE teh)
During the progress of a lawsuit; contingent on the outcome of the suit.
per curiam (per KYUR ee uhm) ...

~: (Latin: during litigation) If the validity of a will is challenged, a court may appoint an administrator ~ with limited powers to preserve the assets of the deceased until a hearing on the validity of the will.

[New Latin] : during the suit : while litigation continues [awarded joint legal custody of the child ~] [~ child support]
Pending ...

~. While a suit pends; during the continuance of litigation. Lis pendens is said to be general notice to all the world.

Alimony is allowed to the wife, ~, almost as a matter of course whether she be plaintiff or defendant, for the obvious reason that she has generally no other means of living.

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