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Patent Pending
Imprinting of the abbreviation "Pat Pend" or "Pat Pending" on the product indicates to the others that the product has been applied for obtaining patent from the government , though not yet granted, ...

: In process; not yet decided.
Perjury : A false statement made willfully and knowingly while under oath in a court proceeding.

pending: The status of a case that is not yet resolved by the court. (See also active status.) ...

Major Petitions
Minority Television Project, Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission
First Amendment rights of broadcasters
Mount Soledad Memorial Association v. Trunk ...

patent pending
n. often abbreviated to "pat. pend." or "pat. pending," the term is printed on a product to inform others that an application for a patent has been filed with the Patent Office, but the patent has not yet been granted.

A lawsuit. Typically a notice of lis pendens is filed of record with the court in which the suit is , if the subject matter of the lawsuit involves a dispute as to title to certain real estate.

A pending suit. Jurisdiction, power or control which courts acquire over property in a suit pending action and until final judgment.

suit. Also, legal notice that a dispute exists which may affect title to a certain piece of land.
Party to a lawsuit. ...

Stay pending appeal
A court order which temporarily suspends court proceedings or the effect of a judgment. Initiating an appeal does not stop the other party from enforcing a trial court judgment.

387. the issue of the petition for interdiction the judge may, if he deems it proper, appoint for the preservation of the movable, and for the administration of the immovable estate of the defendant, an administrator pro tempore.

patent pending
The status of an invention between the time when:a utility patent application has been filed and when it is issued or rejected, ...

A phrase that often appears on manufactured items. It means that someone has applied for a patent on an invention that is contained in the manufactured item.

Aleatory Depending on an uncertain event. Usually applied to insurance contracts in which payment is dependent on the occurrence of an uncertain event, such as injury to an insured person or fire damage to an insured building.
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In general, the of another action must be pleaded in abatement but in a penal action, at the suit of a common informer, the priority of a former suit for the same penalty in the name of a third person, may be pleaded in bar, ...

Lis Pendens - A pending suit. Jurisdiction, power, or control which courts acquire over property in a suit pending action and until final judgment.

lis pendensA suit.
litigantA party to a lawsuit.
locus delictiThe place of the offense.

pendente lite Pending, or during the progress of, a lawsuit; an order pendente lite is an order that gives temporary relief to one party until the final outcome of the case.
per curiam See opinion, per curiam.

In general, the of another action must be pleaded in abatement; 3 Rawle, 320; 1 Mass. 495; 5 Mass. 174, 179; 2 N. H. Rep. 36 7 Verm. 124; 3 Dana, 157; 1 Ashm. 4, 2 Browne, 175 4 H. & M.

Lis Pendens: A pending lawsuit. Jurisdiction or control that courts have over property in a case waiting for final disposition. A notice of lis pendens is filed on the land records.
Litigant: A party to a case.

: to be [the action s as to the third party]
: the quality, state, or period of being pendent [the of the contract renewal]
Pendent ...

Depending on what level of court, case law can be binding or just persuasive.Case ManagementA process that gives parties in dispute scheduled opportunities to discuss the case in order to streamline proceedings.

Expanded Legal Definition of Solicitor and Own Client CostsSolicitor's Lien A lawyer's right to retain client's document and property payment of the lawyer's bill.

Depending on the state, certain criminal records may not be eligible to be expunged.

consolidation of actions - The act or process of uniting several actions into one trial and judgment, by order of a court, where all the actions are between the same parties, in the same court, ...

A person to whom the court refers a pending case to take testimony, hear the parties, and report back to the court. A referee is an officer with judicial powers who serves as an arm of the court.
:. Rehearing ...

Generally this is a question of fact de on all the circumstances.
An employee may be able to bring a redundancy claim if they have worked for their employer for two years or more and are made redundant (e.g.

An action pending elsewhere: a plea that a suit is pending in another court for the same cause of action. Lis mota. A controversy begun. Lis pendens. A suit in progress: a suit pending. Pendente lite.

The Examiner conducts a limited search of existing trademarks and registrations to see if the mark conflicts with any prior rights. If so, the application is rejected.

Depending obviously on the level and severity of the crime, this may be accomplished by the death penalty, imprisonment, probation, or fines.

Depending on which relatives survive, the estate may go all, or in part to the surviving spouse, and down the line from a parent to children (or if none survive, to grandchildren), or up to surviving parents, or collaterally to brothers and sisters.

Temporary alimony is allowed pending the outcome of a suit for divorce or separation, or for a decree of nullity of marriage, whether initiated by husband or wife; permanent alimony may be granted after a divorce has taken effect.

DOCKET: A schedule of cases.
DOCKET NUMBER: A twelve character court reference number which identifies a criminal court case. The first four digits indicate the year in which the case was filed.

While a divorce is pending the court may grant temporary custody to one of the parents, require conferences or investigation (in some states, if the parents cannot agree, custody is automatically referred to a mediator, commissioner, ...

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Law  Pendente lite  Pension plan

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