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Patent Pending
Imprinting of the abbreviation "Pat Pend" or "Pat Pending" on the product indicates to the others that the product has been applied for obtaining patent from the government , though not yet granted, ...

pending: The status of a case that is not yet resolved by the court. (See also active status.) ...

Major Pending Petitions
Minority Television Project, Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission
First Amendment rights of broadcasters
Mount Soledad Memorial Association v. Trunk
Constitutionality of a veteran's memorial cross under the Establishment Clause
Family Dollar Stores, Inc. v. Scott ...

patent pending
n. often abbreviated to "pat. pend." or "pat. pending," the term is printed on a product to inform others that an application for a patent has been filed with the Patent Office, but the patent has not yet been granted.

A pending lawsuit. Typically a notice of lis pendens is filed of record with the court in which the suit is pending, if the subject matter of the lawsuit involves a dispute as to title to certain real estate.

A pending suit. Jurisdiction, power or control which courts acquire over property in a suit pending action and until final judgment.

Pending suit. Also, legal notice that a dispute exists which may affect title to a certain piece of land.
Party to a lawsuit. ...

Stay pending appeal
A court order which temporarily suspends court proceedings or the effect of a judgment. Initiating an appeal does not stop the other party from enforcing a trial court judgment.

387. Pending the issue of the petition for interdiction the judge may, if he deems it proper, appoint for the preservation of the movable, and for the administration of the immovable estate of the defendant, an administrator pro tempore.

patent pending
The status of an invention between the time when:a utility patent application has been filed and when it is issued or rejected, or a provisional patent application has been submitted and when a subsequent patent application (filed within one year) is issued or rejected.

patent pending
A phrase that often appears on manufactured items. It means that someone has applied for a patent on an invention that is contained in the manufactured item.

Aleatory Depending on an uncertain event. Usually applied to insurance contracts in which payment is dependent on the occurrence of an uncertain event, such as injury to an insured person or fire damage to an insured building.
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In general, the pending of another action must be pleaded in abatement but in a penal action, at the suit of a common informer, the priority of a former suit for the same penalty in the name of a third person, may be pleaded in bar, because the party who first sued is entitled to the penalty.

Lis Pendens - A pending suit. Jurisdiction, power, or control which courts acquire over property in a suit pending action and until final judgment.

lis pendensA pending suit.
litigantA party to a lawsuit.
locus delictiThe place of the offense.

pendente lite Pending, or during the progress of, a lawsuit; an order pendente lite is an order that gives temporary relief to one party until the final outcome of the case.
per curiam See opinion, per curiam.
per diem Per day, or by the day; a sum of money of so much per day.

In general, the pending of another action must be pleaded in abatement; 3 Rawle, 320; 1 Mass. 495; 5 Mass. 174, 179; 2 N. H. Rep. 36 7 Verm. 124; 3 Dana, 157; 1 Ashm. 4, 2 Browne, 175 4 H. & M.

Lis Pendens: A pending lawsuit. Jurisdiction or control that courts have over property in a case waiting for final disposition. A notice of lis pendens is filed on the land records.
Litigant: A party to a case.

Lis Pendens - A pending lawsuit. Generally, the purpose of filing a notice of lis pendens on public records is to warn all persons that the title to certain property is in litigation, the outcome of which may affect the title to, any lien on, or possession of the property.

: to be pending [the action s as to the third party]
: the quality, state, or period of being pendent [the of the contract renewal]
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Depending on what level of court, case law can be binding or just persuasive.Case ManagementA process that gives parties in dispute scheduled opportunities to discuss the case in order to streamline proceedings.

Expanded Legal Definition of Solicitor and Own Client CostsSolicitor's Lien A lawyer's right to retain client's document and property pending payment of the lawyer's bill.

Depending on the state, certain criminal records may not be eligible to be expunged.

consolidation of actions - The act or process of uniting several actions into one trial and judgment, by order of a court, where all the actions are between the same parties, pending in the same court, and involving substantially the same subject-matter, issues, and defenses; ...

A person to whom the court refers a pending case to take testimony, hear the parties, and report back to the court. A referee is an officer with judicial powers who serves as an arm of the court.
:. Rehearing ...

Temporary relief - Any form of action by a court granting one of the parties an order to protect its interest pending further action by the court.

Generally this is a question of fact depending on all the circumstances.
An employee may be able to bring a redundancy claim if they have worked for their employer for two years or more and are made redundant (e.g. closure of workplace or surplus labour situations).
Rescission ...

An action pending elsewhere: a plea that a suit is pending in another court for the same cause of action. Lis mota. A controversy begun. Lis pendens. A suit in progress: a suit pending. Pendente lite. While a suit pends; during the continuance of litigation.

referee A person to whom a case pending in a court is referred by the court to take testimony, hear the parties and report thereon to the court. An officer exercising judicial powers and an arm of the court for a specific purpose. relevant Evidence that helps to prove a point or issue in a case.

The Examiner conducts a limited search of existing trademarks and pending registrations to see if the mark conflicts with any prior rights. If so, the application is rejected. The Examiner also reviews the mark for its adequacy for registration as a trademark.

Depending obviously on the level and severity of the crime, this may be accomplished by the death penalty, imprisonment, probation, or fines. Other goals of criminal law include retribution (i.e., to get-even or payback), deterrence, and rehabilitation.

Depending on which relatives survive, the estate may go all, or in part to the surviving spouse, and down the line from a parent to children (or if none survive, to grandchildren), or up to surviving parents, or collaterally to brothers and sisters.

DOCKET: A schedule of pending cases.
DOCKET NUMBER: A twelve character court reference number which identifies a criminal court case. The first four digits indicate the year in which the case was filed.

The limits are calculated each fiscal year depending on the total number of family-sponsored and employment-based visas available.

The parties are often given special names in administrative hearings, depending on their roles. These names might be claimant , petitioner , appellant , or respondent , depending on the type of hearing.

MOTION - An application to the court requesting action or some type of "relief" in a pending case. Usually, a motion addresses an issue that is within the court's discretion to order some form of guidance as to how the trial will proceed.

BENCH WARRANT: A document issued by a criminal court in which a criminal action is pending, directing a police officer to take into custody a defendant in the action who has previously been arraigned and to bring him/her before the court.

Depending on the type of bankruptcy filed, the debts may be wiped clean, subject to certain restrictions, or the repayment terms on existing debts may be restructured.

There may be exceptions to this rule, depending on the nature of the work, whether it was created in the course of employment and the purposes for which the work was created.

The sub judice rule prevents MPs or Lords from referring to a current or impending court case. Although the House is entitled under parliamentary privilege to discuss any subject, sub judice applies to avoid the House from debating a subject and possibly influencing the legal outcome of the case.

A conditional dismissal of a case pending law-abiding behavior of the defendant. An ACD case may be restored to the court's calendar if the defendant commits any new crimes. A defendant is not required to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Arraignment: The occasion on which a defendant appears before the court in which the criminal action is pending for the purpose of having the the court acquire control over the individual with respect to the accusatory instrument and set the course of further proceedings.

A common law rule that prevents suspending the transfer of property for more then 21 years or a lifetime plus 21 years.

Proposed Budget Cut: Private Contract Overspending!Huffington Post (blog)Last fall, I introduced legislation into the New York City Council that required New York City agencies to report cost overruns on large contracts.

Lis pendens: (Latin: pending action) Registration of a pending action against the owner of land. It does not bind any subsequent purchaser of the land until a memorandum is registered in court.
Locus standi: (Latin: place of standing) Person's right to take an action or be heard by a court.

In pleading, a single material point of law or fact depending in the suit, which, being affirmed on the one side and denied on the other is presented for determination. At issue, in controversy; disputed; opposing or contesting; hence, at variance; disagreeing; inconsistent.

Calendar - A list of all pending cases, or all pending issues ready for trail in court. A court’s complete trial (etc.) schedule. Often used interchangeably, but improperly, with "docket." ...

A writ of prohibition issues to prevent a judicial authority subordinate to the High Court from exercising jurisdiction over a matter pending before it.

Lis pendens
Latin: a dispute or matter which is the subject of ongoing or pending litigation. Politicians will sometimes refuse to discuss a matter or an issue which is "lis pendens" because they do not want their comments to be perceived as an attempt to influence a court of law.
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The process whereby RUPPs on the Definitive map are reconsidered by the Highway Authority and reclassified as BOAT, Bridleway or Footpath, depending on the evidence. Such changes do not remove any higher rights which may exist.

(a) Depositing money or its equivalent in escrow or with an agent, pending investments in real estate or securities for or on account of a principal;
(b) The business of a savings and loan association or a credit union; ...

CONSENT: An agreement of the parties resolving pending matters before the court.
CONTEMPT: The action of a person who willfully disobeys a court order or fails to comply with a court decision.

A writ from a superior court suspending the power of a lower court to issue an execution upon a judgment issued by it.
To exclude evidence based on a violation of constitutional rights, rule of law or procedure.

Rolls Official lists of cases as set down for hearing, depending on the type of case or the stage of the proceedings. For example, the Motion Roll, Single Bills, Summar Roll, Options hearing.
ROLO See Restriction of liberty order.
Roup Public auction.

Chemical composition of particulates varies widely, depending on location and time of year. Airborne particulates include: windblown dust, emissions from industrial processes, smoke from the burning of wood and coal, and motor vehicle or non-road engine exhausts. exhaust of motor vehicles.

Point of Personal Privilege
A statement by a legislator that is not relevant to pending business, such as a request to be recorded as voting "aye" or "nay" on a previous roll call or a request to recognize visitors in the gallery.

Classified property tax: A tax that varies in rate depending on the use of the property.
Clause: A paragraph or subdivision of a legal document such as a contract.

ESCROW - Money or documents, such as a deed or title, held by a third party until the conditions of an agreement are met. For instance, pending the completion of a real estate transaction, the deed to the property will be held "in escrow." ...

A debt that should have been listed by the debtor in the schedules filed with the court but was not. (Depending on the circumstances, an unscheduled debt may or may not be discharged.)
Unsecured claim ...

TEMPORARY SUPPORT: payments made by one spouse to the other for financial support while the divorce action is pending.
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BURDEN OF PROOF: The duty of a party in a lawsuit to persuade the judge or the jury that enough facts exist to prove the allegations of the case. Different levels of proof are required depending on the type of case.

Permanent Injunction - A final order of a court that a person or entity refrain from certain activities permanently or take certain actions until completed. A permanent injunction is distinguished from a 'preliminary' injunction which the court issues pending the outcome of a lawsuit or petition ...

time stamp - "'Time-stamp' means either: (a) to append or attach to a message, digital signature, or certificate a digitally signed notation indicating at least the date and time the notation was appended or attached, and the identity of the person appending or attaching the notation; ...

In addition, attorneys and parties have increased access to their own cases. The clerk has created different levels of access depending on the user. Except for Public Internet access, all users must enter into a subscription agreement and access court records through secure login and password.

So "onus" refers both to the party with the burden, and to the scope of that burden, the latter depending whether the context is criminal or civil.

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