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Presumption of fact

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PRESUMPTION OF FACT - An inference as to the truth or falsity of any proposition of fact, drawn by a process of reasoning in the absence of actual certainty of its truth or falsity, or until such certainty can be ascertained.

A presumption of fact.
In some cases, there can be some evidence that can not be proven directly, such as with an eye-witness (known as direct evidence). And yet that evidence may be essential to completely prove a case.

(n) Legal fiction is the presumption of facts arrived based on the circumstantial evidence or situation prevailing in that case, with an objective to achieve justice.
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legal fiction
n. a presumption of fact assumed by a court for convenience, consistency or to achieve justice. There is an old adage: "Fictions arise from the law, and not law from fictions." ...

" Evidence that is sufficient or plain enough on its face to raise a presumption of fact or to establish the fact in question unless rebutted. So far as can be judged from the disclosure, an accurate fact, presumed to be true unless disproved by some evidence to the contrary.

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