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Quantum meruit
A lawsuit that is based on an implied contract, rather than a written one, to recover the value for what was provided
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Quantum Meruit definition:
Latin: as much as is deserved.
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Quantum Meruit
(n) Quantum merit is the determination of value of the services extended based on the amount of work and the rate of work existing there for similar work, when an agreement or contract is not existing between the parties.

The Latin term "Quantum" means, in a UK legal context: "how much, an amount".
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quantum meruit
(kwahn-tuhm mare-ooh-it) n. Latin for "as much as he deserved," the actual value of services performed.

Latin: amount or extent.
Latin for "as much as he deserved," the actual value of services performed.

Quantum Meruit:
Latin for "as much as is deserved.

Quantum damnificatus. How much is he injured.
Non damnificatus. He is not injured.

Quantum - How much, an amount
Quid pro quo - Consideration. something for something
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QUANTUM MERUIT, pleading. As much as he has deserved. When a person employs another to do work for him, without any agreement as to his compensation, the lawimplies a promise from, the employer to the workman that he will pay him for his services, ...

Quantum Meruit
The equitable value of the goods or services in question.

QUO WARRANTO: An extraordinary writ usually issued by a higher Court to prevent continued assertion of unlawful authority by a public officer.
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Quantum How much, the extent. The amount of money sought in a claim for damages.
Quantum valeat For as much as it is worth.
Quasi As if; as though.

The amount of money or compensation awarded as damages (q.v.).
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q quantum meruit"What he deserves". It describes the extent of liability on a contract.
quashReverse or nullify.
quid pro quoTit for tat.

Term: Quantum Meruit
Definition: The equitable value of the goods or services in question.

Quantum meruit
Definition - Noun
[Latin, as much as he/she deserved]
1 : a claim or count grounded on an implied contract that the defendant would pay the plaintiff as much as deserved for services or materials provided
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Quantum meruit
Subsets: Conflict of law
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quantum meruit
The reasonable value of services provided, which a winning party may be able to recover from an opponent who broke a contract.
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Quantum: Latin: amount or extent.
Quantum meruit: (Latin: as much as he has deserved) Principle stating that a person should not be obliged to pay (nor another allowed to receive) more than the value of the goods or services provided.

for the recovery of money than assumpsit or covenant, for it lies to recover money due upon legal liabilities, such as for money lent, paid, had and received, due on an account stated for work and labor, or for the price of goods, and a quantum ...

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Law  Qualified immunity  Quantum damnificatus

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