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Remand - To send a dispute back to the court where it was originally heard. Usually it is an appellate court that remands a case for proceedings in the trial court consistent with the appellate court's ruling.

(v) Remand is defined as returning to the lower authority for further action like re-trial, questioning, evidencing, witnessing etc. For example upper court remanding the case to trial court for revision of decision. Judge remanding an accused to the police custody
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Remand: The decision of an appellate court to send a case back to the trial court with instructions on how to correctly decide the case; often used with the term "reversed." Reversed means that the appellate court overturned the trial court's decision.

RemandTo adjourn a hearing to a future date, most often used in criminal cases when the accused is in custody.
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Remand: The act of sending a case back to the judge to be retried because of a significant mistake made by the judge during the first trial.

~ - To send back. A disposition by an appellate court that results in sending the case back to the original court from which it came for further proceedings.
Reply - Pleading by the plaintiff in response to the defendant's written answer.

The act of an appellate court sending a case to a lower court for further proceedings.

~: The term "~" means "to send back," and refers to just that "' a decision by the Supreme Court to send a case back to the lower court for further action.

~/~ed in custody - When a person is kept in a police cell or prison before a court appearance.
Remote site - A place where a person can give evidence by video link to a court.
Safeguarder - An independent person appointed to look after a child's interests.

~ - To send back. In the even of a decision being ~ed, it is sent back by a higher court to the court from which it came for added action.
Rest - A party is said to "rest" or "rest his case" when he has presented all the evidence he intends to offer.

~: an order made by an appellate court whose decision that does not end the case. The case is sent back (~ed) to the trial court to do whatever is necessary to be consistent with the appeals court's decision.

v. to send back. An appeals court may ~ a case to the trial court for further action if it reverses the judgment of the lower court, ...

~"To send back". For example, an appellate court may ~ a case to a lower court for retrial.
removal, order ofAn order by a court directing the transfer of a case to another court.
replyA written pleading containing the plaintiff's allegations in response to a counterclaim.

~: to send a case back from an appellate court to the lower court from which it came, for further proceedings ...

~: To send back for further deliberation. Often when an appellate court reverses a lower court decision, the case will be ~ed to the lower court for reconsideration in light of the principles announced in the appellate court's decision.

~: The holding in custody of a defendant without bail.
RESTITUTION: A sentence that requires the payment of money to a victim.

The act of a court setting aside the decision of a lower court. A reversal is often accompanied by a ~ to the lower court for further proceedings.

~ (verb or noun) (1) to return a prisoner to custody to be kept until proceedings are resumed; (2) to refer a case on appeal back to the lower court.
remedy Broad term referring to the relief that the law allows for a particular kind of harm or injury.

To extradite a fugitive or suspect who has fled to another state or country. The term means to "surrender" or "turn over" from one jurisdiction to another and can apply to people or property.

~: (1) When an appellate court sends a case to a lower court for further proceedings; (2) to return a prisoner to custody.
~ing order: An order to the sheriff to hold a defendant in custody until his or her next court appearance, or until bail is posted.

~ING A CAUSE, practice. The sending it back to the same court out ofwhich it came for the purpose of having some action on it there. March, R. 100.

~: To send a prisoner or defendant back into custody to await further court action or transfer to another institution; to send a case back to a lower court for additional proceedings.

In serious cases when the court determines that a defendant is likely to flee the jurisdiction of the court, the court may determine that bail should not be offered. ~ed defendants remain in custody.

Reply brief
This brief is the third brief in the appellate case that the appellant may file. The reply brief addresses issues that were raised previously in either the appellant's opening brief or appellee's brief, but should not raise any new issues.

Reopening of a case permits the introduction of new evidence and to permit a new trial.

To send a case back to court where originally heard for further action. Also, to send an individual back into custody after a preliminary examination.
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~ - To send back. The act of an appellate court when it sends a case back to the trial court and orders the trial court to conduct limited new hearings or an entirely new trial, or to take some further action.

[Anglo-French ~er, from Middle French, to order back, from Late Latin ~are to send back word, from Latin re- back + mandare to order] vt 1 : to return (a case or matter) from one court to ...
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The Court ~ed the case for an analysis under the Excessive Fines Clause, finding that the court of appeals had failed to distinguish between the defendant's excessive fines claim and his claim under the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause: '[T]he court lumped the two together, ...

The judge can either affirm or deny the objections, modify the support order if appropriate, or ~ it back to the Support Magistrate. An appeal can be taken from the Family Court Judge who heard the objections. No direct appeal lies from a support order issued by a Support Magistrate.

District of Pennsylvania to manage personal injury and wrongful death cases arising out of asbestos-related illnesses and ailments. In the two decades since its inception, over 121,000 cases have been transferred into MDL No. 875, and nearly 90% of these have been settled, dismissed, or ~ed.

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