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Stay - A court order halting a judicial proceeding.
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Stay: A court order halting a judicial proceeding.
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Stay definition:
To stop; to suspend; also known as a stay of proceedings; when a law suit is suspended either indefinitely or until the occurrence of a condition imposed by the court.

Stay Of Execution
(n) Stay of execution is the order issued by a court postponing the execution of a person sentenced for death penalty on any ground requiring the re-opening of the case.
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Automatic Stay An injunction that goes into effect automatically when a debtor files for bankruptcy.

automatic stay
An injunction that automatically stops lawsuits, foreclosure, garnishments, and most collection activity against the debtor the moment a bankruptcy petition is filed.
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Stay Order
A party filing a petition may require some immediate relief, even before the respondents can be heard or a final decision given.

Stay - Halting of a judicial proceeding by order of the court.
Stipulation - Agreement by the attorneys or parties on opposite sides of a case regarding any matter in the trial proceedings.

Stay of Proceedings:
The stopping or preventing of legal actions undertaken. In the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, there is a stay of proceedings in the case of a bankruptcy or in the case of a proposal.

Stay - A court order halting a judicial proceeding.
Stipulation - An agreement between the parties involved in a suit regulating matters incidental to trial.

Stop an order or action from taking immediate effect.
An agreement between all parties to a hearing.

stay: a stopping or suspension of procedure or execution by judicial or executive order ...

STAY - A stopping or arresting of a judicial proceeding by order of the Court.

A temporary suspension of legal proceedings by court order.
A voluntary agreement on an issue of fact or procedure reached between parties in a lawsuit.

Stay: Temporarily stopping a judicial proceeding.
Stipulation: Also called a "stip." A written agreement by the parties or their attorneys.
Subpoena: A command to appear in court to testify as a witness.

stay away order
n. a court order that a person may not come near and/or contact another.
stay of execution
n. a court-ordered delay in inflicting the death penalty.

Stay: An order stopping a judicial proceeding or execution of a judgment.
Stipulation: An agreement by opposing lawyers on any matter. Most stipulations must be in writing.

stay (verb and noun) (1) To halt a judicial proceeding by court order; similar to suspend; e.g., to stay further proceedings pending appeal; (2) as a noun, the term refers to that which results from a stay or suspension; e.g.

stay order: An order issued by a court stopping court proceedings until a further, specified event takes place.

STAY OF EXECUTION, practice. A term during which no execution can issue on a judgment.

stay of execution
n. a court-ordered delay in inflicting the death penalty.
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Stay: A court order to suspend or postpone all or part of a judicial proceeding.

Stay pending appeal
A court order which temporarily suspends court proceedings or the effect of a judgment. Initiating an appeal does not stop the other party from enforcing a trial court judgment.

Court order halting a judicial proceeding or the action of halting such proceeding.
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automatic stay
An injunction automatically issued by the bankruptcy court when a debtor files for bankruptcy.

Automatic stay. US law imposes an automatic stay that comes into effect at the time a bankruptcy petition is filed; generally, this stay prohibits commencing, enforcing, ...

Under section 362 of the code, the filing of a bankruptcy petition automatically stops most collection and enforcement actions by creditors. Certain criminal matters and matters arising after the filing are not stayed.

stay - n. A stopping; the act of arresting a judicial proceeding by the order of a court. A stay is a suspension of the case or some designated proceedings within it.

Statute(see Act)Stay of ProceedingsAn order suspending a legal proceeding.

Sist (1) To stay or stop proceedings from continuing in the meantime.
(2) To summon or call someone as a party, e.g,sisting a mandatory, or a person seeking to become a party to civil proceedings.

stayed stay-ing : to temporarily suspend or prevent by judicial or executive order [may not grant an injunction to proceedings in a state court "U.S. Code"]
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CCivil Protection Orders(CPO) An order issued by the court intended to help protect victims of domestic violence and children who have been abused, by requiring that the person who committed the violent act stay a certain distance from the ...

French demourer, to tarry, stay, hesitate: Latin de-morari, to delay fully, rest: mora, delay.

by non-United States citizens must be authorized by a CBP officer at the port-of-entry, who determines whether you can enter and how long you can stay here, on any particular visit.

Whilst the authorities did their best to stay on top of illegal pornography they found that juries, whilst not particularly liking the material, ...

In all actions in which the plaintiff declares generally, without specifying his cause of action, a judge upon application will order him to give the defendant a bill of the particulars, and in the meantime stay proceedings.

The fugitive had to remain within the walls of the sanctuary and in some cases had to stay within a specific area of the building.

Usually it is paid by the male to his ex, but in some cases a wealthy woman may have to pay her husband, or, in same-sex relationships the "bread winner" may pay to support his/her stay-at-home former partner.

While they have no legal or constitutional rights to remain within the country, they may stay provided that the government renews their visas at the expiration of the previous visa. In return for the U.S.

A state distinguishes between aliens who are merely traveling or living there temporarily and those who have come to stay or work; wider powers are assumed over the second group.

You can apply if you think there are other reasons for you to stay in Canada, for example, because it is in the best interests of children or for medical reasons.
You cannot make an H&C Application and a refugee claim at the same time.
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Permit that allows either temporary or permanent stay in a country.
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols)
A general term for a family of transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over the internet or other networks.

Support person - A person who can stay with a witness when they come to court.
Trial - The legal action in a criminal court case.

Definition: "Birds' nest custody" is when the children stay at one home and the parents rotate in and out according to a predetermined schedule.

Incompatibility: The state of a marriage in which the spouses no longer have the mutual desire to live together and/or stay married, and is thus a ground for divorce (dissolution) in most states even though the other spouse may disagree.

HOME CONFINEMENT: Program through Probation and Parole ordered by the court where a person is committed to stay at home. Individuals subject to home confinement are monitored electronically through an ankle bracelet using the person's telephone.

ORDER OF PROTECTION: A court order requiring the defendant to stay away from a the complainant or refrain from certain conduct for a specified period of time.
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Term: Continuance
Definition: A temporary stay or postponement of a legal proceeding.

NONIMMIGRANT VISA - Visa granted to a foreigner who does not intend to stay in the U.S. permanently.
NOTARY PUBLIC - A person authorized to witness the signing of documents.

Work Furlough: A program in which an institutionalized offender is released daily to work in the community and is incarcerated overnight; typically the offender is charged a daily fee for his/her stay at the work furlough facility, ...

Definition -
: an order from a court or quasi-judicial tribunal to stop engaging in a particular activity or practice (as an unfair labor practice)
compare injunction mandamus stay
Pronunciation"sEs-&nd-di-'zist-, -'sist- ...

The standard used in Arizona by the court to decide if a divorce should be granted. It means that there is no reasonable chance that the spouses will agree to stay married.
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In the simplest of terms, this means that the plaintiff has suffered actual injury, is alleging that the defendant is the 'cause' of the injury, and is asserting a claim and request for relief that will 'redress' the injury. Stay - A court-ordered ...

Contempt of court can be direct (swearing at a judge or violence against a court officer) or constructive (disobeying a court order). The punishment for contempt is a fine or a brief stay in jail (i.e. overnight).
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that allows nationals from certain countries to come to the United States without a visa as tourists for 90 days. Persons coming to the United States under this program receive green-colored I-94 cards. They are not permitted to extend their stay or ...

The application may stay in the FMF for approximately 1-2 weeks. However, if all requirements are not yet fulfilled the application will remain at the FMF until the requirements are met.

For this reason, it is probably a good idea to stay away from terms that falsely suggest qualities of a geographic region such as SWISS for watches not made in Switzerland, and WISCONSIN for Cheese not made in that state. Finally, after the U.S.

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