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Under seal

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Under Seal
A procedure allowing sensitive or confidential information to be filed with a court without becoming a matter of public record. The court generally must give permission for the material to remain under seal.
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In all contracts under seal, there must be some designatio personae. In general, the names of the parties appear in the body of the deed, 'between A B of, etc., of the one part, and C D of, etc., of the other part,' being the common formula.

1 : oral or written but not under seal or of record 2 : not extreme, aggravated, or complicated [ kidnapping] 3 : having no limitations or restrictions see also fee simple simĀ-ply adv
Simple Assault
see assault
Simple Battery
see battery
Simple Contract
see contract
Simple Interest ...

Power of attorney: Document under seal which gives a person the right to make binding decisions for another, as an agent. A power of attorney may be specific to a certain kind of decision or general, in which the agent makes all major decisions for the subject of the power of attorney.

Dett, B Holt, 206; or upon simple contracts, express or implied, whether verbal or written, or upon contracts under seal, or of record, or by a common informer, whenever the demand for a sum is certain, or is capable of being reduced to certainty. Bull. N. P. 167.

Townsend, 2 Hill 551 (1842); - a written instrument ~, containing a contract of agreement which has been delivered by the party to be bound and accepted by the obligee or covenantee. McMurty v. Brown, 6 Neb. 376 (1877).

"(1) A simple acknowledgment ~ of the debt; (2) an instrument acknowledging the debt and charging the property of the company with repayment; (3) an instrument acknowledging the debt, charging the property of the company with repayment, ...

The certificate, which is ~, shows the name and address of the holder and the number and type of shares held. It is evidence of the registered person's title to the shares.

3. It differs from a warrant of attorney, which is given before the commencement of any action, and is ~. A cognovit actionem is an acknowledgment and confession of the plaintiff's cause of action against the defendant to be just and true. Vide 3 Ch. Pr. 664; 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 8299.

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