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The Latin term "Verbatim " means, in a UK legal context: "word by word, exactly".
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Takes verbatim record of court proceedings using a stenotype machine which records stenographic symbols on paper.
See Corroborating Affidavit.

Expanded Legal Definition of Law of the FlagLaw Report A serial publication which publishes, verbatim, judgments of a court of law.

Some minutes include a summary (not verbatim) of the discussion along with any resolutions. Other minutes just contain a record of the decisions. Minutes start off with the name of the organization, the place and date of the meeting and the name of those person's present.

The generality of defendants, in times of simplicity, being supposed incapable to read, the whole of an instrument sued upon was entered verbatim on the record. The defendant could then take advantage of any part not stated in the declaration. 3 Bl. Com. 299.

Court recorder A deputy clerk who maintains the ~ record of court proceedings on tape. Court reporter A privately employed court person who maintains the ~ record of court proceedings.

A court reporter is a person trained to take down a ~ account of all proceedings in the courtroom (but usually not in the judge's chambers unless a party requests it). Most court reporters today use special machines that enable them to get down every word.

Person who records and transcribes ~ reports of all proceedings in court. Also called a stenographer.
Type of behavior defined by law as deserving punishment, including imprisonment or fine or both, upon conviction. Crimes are classified as either felonies. ...

QUID PRO QUO. This phrase signifies ~, what for what. It is applied to the consideration of a contract. See Co. Litt. 47, b; 7 Mann. & Gr. 998.
QUIDAM, French law. Some, one; somebody. This Latin word is used to express an unknown person, or one who cannot be named.

COURT REPORTER: A court employee who creates and keeps a ~ record of all court proceedings using a stenotype machine and prepares transcripts of the proceedings upon request.
CPL: See Criminal Procedure Law.

A deputy clerk who maintains the ~ record of court proceedings on tape.
Court Rules:
Regulations governing practice and procedure in the various courts.

Transcript - A written, ~ record of a legal proceeding. Generally, transcripts are created only in circuit court and in some administrative hearings.

The above warnings, however, do not have to be read ~, but simply must reasonably convey to a suspect his rights.[36] ...

(1) To preserve in writing, print or by film, tape, etc. (2) History or a case. (3) The word-for-word (~) written or tape recorded account of all proceedings of a trial.

Members take it in turns to speak on the subject concerned and the debate is strictly controlled by a set of rules. Debates are reported in the Official Report (Hansard) which is the edited ~ report of proceedings in both Houses.

COURT RECORDER -- A court official who records the activities of a court using an electronic recording device, usually for the purpose of preparing a ~ transcript.

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