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Evil (Dreams)

Evil Dreams
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A dream about evil is probably a message from your dreaming mind that something is not right in real life.

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Dreaming that something evil, such as the devil, is trying to harm you or is coming after you can mean: ...

Dreaming that something evil, such as the devil, is trying to harm you or is coming after you can mean: ...

boding, bother, breach, bugbear, burden, calamitous, calamity, can of worms, carnality, cataclysm, catastrophe, catastrophic, catty, corrupt, corruption, crime, crime against humanity, criminal, criminality, crooked, crushing burden, crying evil, ...

Evil is often a symbol of people who are really out to get you? Do you feel you are relentlessly the target of someone who will just not give up?

Dream Interpretation/evil spirit visited
I recently went to a fortune teller.. She pretty much right on evrything with my life..she even told me that I am able to sense things.. She is not the first that has told that..

Evil presence
Did you feel an evil presence in your dream? This is often not a dream at all, but a confusional arousal! Sleep with a nightlight on in your bedroom to eliminate bad dreams in the first few hours of sleep.

Evil or Bad person around The blood-sucking vampire is such a frightening creature that he is commonly regarded as an embodiment of the evil. Ancient Indian dream books understand him as a warning before own gentleness which is used from other.

Sensing evil in a dream is usually a reflection of something within the dreamer they do not wish to acknowledge. This maybe either something they have done or something that was done to them.

evil a part missing; do the opposite and live; bad company; someone speaking evil of another; being given 'the evil eye'. What are you afraid of?

To dream that someone or something is evil, denotes a repressed and/or forbidden aspect of your self. This part of your self may be seeking recognition and acknowledgment.

Human beings receive both physical and mental nourishment. As you grow, you are trained to express behavior that is ‘correct and good.

To dream that someone or something is evil represents a negative aspect of your personality. Negative thinking patterns or situations in your life. It may reflect fears, desires, hate, anger, jealousy, or guilt that you need to confront.

Evil. A dream involving an evil atmosphere or evil spirits predicts unaccountable obstacles to your current ambitions; you would do well to consider a change of direction and/or objectives.

Dream dictionary definition for evil: Dreaming that something is evil represents feelings, emotions, beliefs, experiences, etc. which you have repressed in your waking life.

Evil pursues the unfortunate dreamer if you are banished to foreign lands. To banish a child, means perjury of business allies.
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Evil. Black magic. Intuition and wisdom. Fear of power.
Magic. Skillful. Looking for knowledge to increase your power.

Evil pursues the unfortunate dreamer. If you are banished to foreign lands, death will be your portion at an early date. To banish a child, means perjury of business allies. It is a dream of fatality.
Banjo ...

Evil - ignorance, lack of awareness; something about yourself that can be destructive.

Evil or righteous acts recently committed will more acutely affect the present waking mind than those enacted at a more remote period.

An evil bear or terrifying bears; such as bears that are trying to kill you and are chasing you, could speak of a fear of something in your life, like a fearful or painful situation of the present or past.

This is an evil dream that denotes bad tidings for the dreamer. To dream of seeing someone with gangrene foretells sorrow... Continue dream interpretation - Gangrene"continue dream interpretation
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This is-an evil dream, denoting warring disputes between nations, and much bloodshed therefrom. Shipwrecks and land disasters will occur, and families will quarrel and separate; sickness will work damage also. Your affairs will go awry, as well.

Flies - evil spirits, filth of Satan's kingdom; Beelzebub -'Lord of the flies'; live on dead things; occult
Grasshopper - destruction; drought, pestilence
Moth - symbol of destruction; deception (as a moth drawn to the flame) ...

If you felt an evil power in dream you should change your plans. If you saw an evil person you will get help. If you were evil you must get better control of your temper. See also fear.

Alms will bring evil if given or taken unwillingly. Otherwise, a good dream.
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Are you good or evil?
We all have a naughty side, but is yours taking over?
What intuitive power do you have?

Dark path-an evil place or the way of the wicked, Ps.35:6
Darkness-symbolic of being surrounded by evil or in need of God’s light, Joel 2:2
Dart (see poison arrow) ...

It is considered evil, yet it is the snake, created by God, that tempts man to gain knowledge. Sometimes snakes can symbolise the poisonous words and innuendo of the people around you.
Mystical Meaning of Snake Dreams: ...

It is a place of evil and a place where the enemy and his evil works abound.
Revelation 18:2 ".and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." (GMR)
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To dream of snakes, is a foreboding of evil in its various forms and stages.
To see them wriggling and falling over others, foretells struggleswith fortune and remorse.

To dream that you are having trouble getting dressed, signifies that some evil person will preoccupy your mind to the point where you are not able to enjoy your daily life and its pleasure.

To hear evil, demonic laughing in your dream represents feelings of humiliation or helplessness. Learning If you dream of learning something, you will take great interest in acquiring knowledge.

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