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Monochromatic (Fine arts)

HumanitiesWeb.org - Glossary definition: Monochromatic Monochromatic
A colour scheme that involves different values of a single colour.

Monochromatic: a color scheme limited to variations of one hue, a hue with its tints and/or shades.
Monochrome: painting done in a range of tones of a single color.

monochromatic. A color scheme involving the use of only one hue that can vary in value or intensity.
mood. The state of mind or feeling communicated in a work of art, frequently through color.

Monochromatic - Having only one color. Descriptive of work in which one hue - perhaps with variations of value and intensity - predominates.

monochromatic: consisting of only a single colour or hue; may include its tints and shades.

monochromatic: a color scheme that uses one color and all of the tones, tints, and shades that can be derived from it.
motif: a unit repeated to create visual rhythm.

Monochromatic: A single color in all it's values.
Motif: A term meaning "subject". Flowers or roses can be a motif.
Muted: Suppressing the full color value of a particular color.

MONOCHROMATIC - In a contemporary painting the colour scheme that involves using different degrees of a single colour.

Consisting of a single color and may include its tints and shades.
A single print produced by pressing paper on a flat surface over a design prepared with ink or paint.

Monochromatic Abstraction
Works of art that consist of variations of a single color to create luminous optical effects. Artists achieved this style by covering large areas of canvas with thinly painted colors.

MONOCHROMATIC - A painting or drawing of different shades of one color.

Monochromatic A color scheme that involves different values of a single color.
Mural A continuous painting which is designed to fill a wall or other architectural area.

A monochromatic painting, usually in gray, which can be used under colored glazes. Return to top
coating material, usually white, applied to a support to make it ready for painting. Return to top ...

Monochromatic painting done entirely in shades of gray, not unlike a black and white photograph. Grisaille is especially useful for representing, in two dimensions, relief sculpture.

Monochromatic colour scheme.
A colour scheme in which only one hue is used, along with its tints (i.e., hue plus white) and shades (i.e., hue plus black).

Monochromatic portrait sketch with Sepia watercolour.
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Uses only one hue and variations obtained from it's tints, shades, and tones.
A composite picture resulting from the placing of objects, materials, prints, or photographs in a preconceived design.

Pick Out- A monochromatic painting technique involving a paper towel and kneaded eraser for lifting tone and highlights.
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Monochrome/Monochromatic: Monochrome or monochromatic refers to any work done in gradations of a single color.
Monolith: A monolith is a sculpture or piece of architecture created from a single block of stone.

grissaille Monochromatic (single color) painting, shapes are defined by variations of tone, usually grey and white. This is similar, but not the same to certain kinds of trompe l'oeil.

Monochromatic-a color scheme that involves different values of a single color
Harmonious-colors, such as red and orange, that come next to each other on the color wheel. Seen side by side, they seem to blend together ...

Ink painting- A monochromatic style of painting developed in china using black ink with gray washes.
Inlay- To set pieces of a material or materials into a surface to form a design. Also material used in decoration formed by this technique.

A colour without hue is achromatic or monochromatic and will appear grey. Highly chromatic colours contain maximum hue with few impurities or additives such as white, grey or black.

Saint Theresa, the focal point of the chapel, is a monochromatic marble statue (a soft white) surrounded by a polychromatic marble architectural framing concealing a window to light the statue from above.

Many of them had been Minimalists, working with various monochromatic, geometric styles, and whose paintings publicly evolved into new abstract painterly motifs.

The expressive quality of both the forms and gestures in the basically monochromatic composition of Guernica found its way into Picasso's other work, ...

In 1951 Rauschenberg created his "White Paintings," in the tradition of monochromatic painting, whose purpose was to reduce painting to its most essential nature, and to subsequently lead to the possibility of pure experience.

"There's a recent work that goes farther into the past: a series - perhaps a triptych - of untitled paintings each with roughly the same composition and a monochromatic field: from left to right, an oil with a purple ground of 1991-94, ...

At first glance, Abstract Painting may appear to be a monochromatic black canvas, but a careful look reveals that this painting is a three-by-three grid with squares in varying shades of black.

The Boatyard (exh. Salon 1876; Cleveland, OH, Mus. A.), for instance, demonstrates the affinities between Cazin's muted colours and the monochromatic tones of the region itself.

In this period, they removed bright colors from their compositions, favoring monochromatic earth tones so that they could focus primarily on the structure.

de Ba"re reaches monochromatic tonalities unprecedented in her art. This Series has come to the attention of two Holocaust museums in the United States.

Sandy Skoglund is a photographer who consistently uses rooms, monochromatically painted furniture, actors, an excessive number of animals or objects and unusual media to create dreamlike scenes.

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