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HRmax (Fitness)

5. HRmax Does Not Reflect Your Level of Fitness
Don't stress about this number! Your HRmax is used to determine many other variables in your body. It's a means by which we measure your actual fitness level, and since it doesn't change, we use it to determine progress.
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85%-90% HRmax
8-9 RPE
There are some hurdles to overcome prior to using this system in your indoor cycling class. You must convince participants why all the zones are important. Each zone has a physiological as well as a psychological benefit, but participants are conditioned to go “all out.

Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax)
The highest number of contractions your heart can make in one minute
The inner side (or arch side) of a shoe ...

HRmax= 220- age in years
For a cardiovascular response:
Target heart rate = (.70)(HRmax) (low end)
Target heart rate = (.90)(HRmax) (high end)

EXAMPLE: Let's say You are 25 years old, and You want to work out to gain muscular endurance and improve Your heart health. Here are calculations: ...

A percentage of the maximum heart rate (HRmax), METs, or maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) can be used to prescribe exercise intensity. Heart rate reserve (HRR) which takes into account the resting heart rate can also used to prescribe exercise intensities (See Target Heart Rate Calculator).

Aerobic training heart rate zones - Includes the three lowest heart rate training zones: Light Intensity zone (50-60 % ~), Light to Moderate Intensity zone (60-70% ~) and Moderate Intensity zone (70-85% ~). See also Target heart rate zone.

The VO2max calculator that is based on resting heart rate is derived from Uth N, Sørensen H, Overgaard K, Pedersen PK. Estimation of VO2max from the ratio between ~ and HRrest--the Heart Rate Ratio Method. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2004 Jan;91(1):111-5.

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