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Above the line (ATL): an advertising technique using mass media to promote brands. Major above-the-line techniques include TV and radio advertising, print and outdoor media, web and internet banner ads.
Account: Agency term for the brand they are working on.

Above the line
Advertising for which a payment is made and for which commission is paid to the advertising agency. See also 'below the line' and 'push promotion' .

Above the Line Advertising
Above the line advertising refers to traditional mass media advertising, that which is conducted in newspapers, on television, the radio, and on the internet. It is, simply, what people think of when they think of advertising.

Above the line
Above the Line' is the term commonly used for advertising for which a payment is made and for which commission is paid to the advertising agency. Methods of above the line advertising include television and radio, magazines, newspapers and Internet.

Above the line (ATL): advertising that delivers brand messages to the consumer that doesn't aim to start a dialogue with the consumer and is not interactive - such as billboards, TV, radio and a lot of print ads
Through the line (TTL): a mix of above the line and below the line advertising ...

A traditional term for mass media promotion such as TV or cinema ads
Account manager ...

~ (ATL)
Any advertising technique that focuses on general media such as TV, cinema, radio, print and Internet.
Ad ...

Some advertising agencies where traditionally ~ while some advertising agency companies traded purely below the line. Full service marketing services agencies such as thinktank or provide both below the line and ~ marketing services.

Below the line advertising is one of the two key categories of advertising (the other is ~ advertising). Typically this form of advertising involves more direct contact with… Read More
Consumer Promotion Strategies ...

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